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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 1
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    • into physical existence, And for reasons that we can easily recognise,
    • the external physical world. By slowly and gradually applying to his
    • ordinary thinking on the physical plane. When a man lives on the
    • physical plane he judges things and forms opinions about them. After a
    • things. On the physical plane we are forced to form judgments and to
    • a truly sound power of judgment for the physical plane, holding all
    • we develop so assiduously for the physical plane can be only a means
    • picture. In ordinary physical life thoughts and ideas are an end in
    • physical plane; and a world in which a man can live only when he knows
    • as to what a man lives in while he is on the physical plane. On the
    • physical plane he lives in his sense-impressions and in the ordinary
    • physical world cease, are no longer there; the experience of touch
    • physical body is an instrument. All that a man goes through in his
    • suddenly to become conscious without waking up again in his physical
    • in a certain sense an extra-physical experience, but the consciousness
    • physical experience. This intensity of consciousness, “Thou
    • standest outside all physical life”, is not produced until
    • when a man confronts his physical body, whose hands he can move during
    • though his whole physical body were petrified, as though it were
    • then comes when he knows that there are eyes in this physical body,
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • independent of the physical body in ordinary life, i.e. in sleep, it
    • maintain consciousness when, as in sleep, the physical and etheric
    • when they are separated from the physical and etheric bodies, as in
    • So now, after having left behind him the physical sense-world in this
    • way. We can begin from an ordinary experience on the physical plane.
    • are subject to moral laws. When in ordinary physical life we observe
    • As already said, we regard the facts of the physical world as enmeshed
    • doing well in our estimate of the physical plane if we mix up these
    • two sets of facts. We are accustomed on the physical plane to judge
    • ascribed to natural laws, as with natural events on the physical
    • physical plane. When, therefore, the point is reached of which we
    • the physical world. The world of natural law and the world of moral
    • his physical body from birth to death and how — as has often been
    • physical world comes about through influences from the spiritual
    • There is something else in the physical world to which we must pay
    • birth. We see the physical world permeated by illnesses and diseases,
    • Death, one always finds that during their life on the physical plane
    • bringing epidemics, illnesses and untimely deaths into the physical
    • of the spiritual worlds into the physical world the forces which call
    • forth opposition in physical life. Thus men are on the one hand
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • engendering the physical and etheric bodies of men. How the astral
    • how they will again employ their forces in order to enter physical
    • worlds he is outside his physical and etheric bodies, he looks down
    • spiritual universe, which are working on the physical and etheric
    • company he has entered, he learns to understand how physical and
    • etheric bodies come into existence within the physical world. He
    • into the Earth and work on engendering the physical and etheric bodies
    • co-operate in bringing about the physical and etheric bodies of human
    • physical body and the etheric body arise out of the forces of the
    • living in the physical world is disclosed to you precisely enough!
    • company they had reached were at work in building physical and etheric
    • this preparation of the physical and etheric bodies, if one cannot
    • working of Ahura Mazdao on the physical body and the etheric body, and
    • upon the physical form of the Sun but upon the spiritual beings who
    • which play into the physical body; saw how the forces which the Sun is
    • physical and etheric bodies formed out of currents which stream forth
    • they felt themselves to be outside their physical and etheric bodies
    • it as though they went about on physical feet; it was their vision
    • work on your physical body and your etheric body. But now you are
    • cannot cast off all this earthly, physical power of judgment; if he
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • manifest in physical life when Moses heard the "Ejeh asher
    • belongs to the physical side of man, the part which remains behind in
    • sleep as physical and etheric body — here we have to do with the
    • days first became manifest in physical life when Moses heard in the
    • physical world the Voice that in earlier ages had been heard only in
    • astral body from his physical and etheric bodies and come forth from
    • today. The physical and etheric bodies have woven into them something
    • directions. As the nerve fibres run through the physical body, so is
    • there woven into the physical body something finer than the nerves, of
    • man, when gazing into the starry heavens, saw not merely the physical
    • body, with the result that the corresponding part of the physical and
    • the outer physical world, then men would deteriorate more and more,
    • physical and etheric bodies.
    • to himself: Souls are thirsting to vitalise something in the physical
    • order to become master of the part of the physical body that has died,
    • right into physical life and thence launched their assaults on the
    • of it, And to be unable while in the physical body to make use of the

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