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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • and take his stand beside the person, forcing himself to follow the
    • ranking as an end in itself, the experiences into which one enters are
    • meditations required. A good meditation is to give oneself up again
    • difference to the thing itself. If, for instance, someone were at this
    • requiring him to say to himself again and again: Is anything at all
    • incredible shock. One must prepare oneself, then, by an ever-repeated
    • what a man feels himself to be in ordinary life? Nothing remains.
    • When a man prepares himself to reach this point, he finds all things
    • through training in self-reliance, in self-confidence and presence of
    • certain inner strength through having trained his self-reliance,
    • comes to the significant experience, one that forces itself upon him:
    • permeate himself with the whole world; and the more he permeates the
    • himself. The only impression that remains is at the most that of
    • external to himself, which are present elsewhere and make an
    • himself, or nothing at all is Elementary there. Everything he
    • encounters becomes himself; he becomes submerged in it, becomes one
    • having poured himself out to a certain extent over the world, must
    • forces at his command to pour more out of himself. Thus, after he has
    • sufficient strength to spin forces out of himself as the spider spins
    • behind. But because he has poured out something from himself and can
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • spider spins its web out of itself — he pours out into space the
    • aggregates itself in such a way that this crystal form appears. We
    • spoke yesterday, one must accustom oneself to judge events in like
    • That shows itself at once, for example, when a man is confronted with
    • himself (and a correct schooling will see to this) not to be misled in
    • feel differently towards the plant world which spreads itself like a
    • thinker who applied himself in a thoroughly scientific way to studying
    • emancipated himself from the cosmic course of events. With his
    • regulate itself entirely in accordance with the course of the stars.
    • observing itself in relation to them, and then saying: Yes, this
    • spiritually at midnight and felt himself united with the forces of the
    • the moment when the seer feels himself isolated and as though sun-like
    • strength for himself out of the whole universe, and on reawaking
  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • an ascent, but he also feels himself forsaken and alone. He feels that
    • some such way as the following: The seer feels himself to be in the
    • feels himself united in some way with spirits who have passed through
    • innermost nature, what you yourself really are, is veiled from your
    • spiritual sight; and that in which you sheathe yourself when you are
    • work performed by these beings presented itself under a different
    • thus accomplished. in the world. If a modern man were to raise himself
    • feel yourself united with the Being who works with others on the part
    • experience on the borders of existence; he cannot feel himself united
    • and parents in order to clothe himself with new sheaths. All the
    • Being with whom he now feels himself united, and who is building and
    • weaving in the innermost astral being of the man himself. It becomes
    • existence” already alluded to, it feels itself united with a
    • itself as if it were within these qualities and not outside this
    • aspirant receives of this Being is such that one says to oneself: In
    • himself to be united. He feels with the deepest part of himself that
    • self-knowledge arises, to know what a man is — and yet the Being
    • as a force out of himself, the deep longing to have the riddle of the
    • this manner. Then, when he has felt himself united with the mute
    • to his having prepared himself by means of his yearning for the
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • Isis. The soul which in later Egyptian times had raised itself into
    • only by saying to himself: “Formerly, when I entered the
    • to himself: Souls are thirsting to vitalise something in the physical
    • their breast, and as if one wanted to tear itself away from the other.
    • allied himself from his Duchy of Terra de Labur, across the Straits of
    • as it had to become in the fifth. It withdrew itself more from the
    • a direct evolution of the soul itself, so that it develops strong
    • in which a deep disharmony can show itself between the external and
    • such a person has taken into himself only these typical dregs of
    • formed itself. It has acquired its form through human beings having
    • materialistic science, is filling itself with thought-pictures which
    • all-too-human”, or of his efforts to raise himself out of it.
    • Intellectual or Mind-Soul. The more present-day man looks into himself
    • and tries to exercise honest self-knowledge, the more will he find how
    • Intellectual or Mind-Soul. For self-knowledge is a harder thing than
    • difficult. Someone tries to acquire self-knowledge, but even if he is
    • able to discipline himself in many respects and to build up his
    • And how is it with a modern man who devotes himself seriously to
    • feel himself torn into pieces, the more does he feel drawn into doubt.
    • to himself that in spite of all this education he really knows
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