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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 1
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    • of humanity. In our own time the principle of Initiation has already
    • all the time; without losing these experiences he must learn to make
    • that the Initiate could ever come to a time when he would regard
    • life's duties in view and at the same time never forgetting that what
    • time, and that nothing he can do could prevent it, his knowledge of it
    • knowledge of our time one requires only intellectual qualities. In
    • time” — “Now art thou not yet anything, and after
  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • servants of terrible beings. Untimely deaths, also epidemics and
    • worlds. Those deaths which are to a certain extent untimely also
    • and in earlier times afflicted by well-known pestilences. One need but
    • certain epidemics are preparing. So we see what appears to be untimely
    • so-called untimely death.
    • lives of such persons to the time before they went through the Gate of
    • bringing epidemics, illnesses and untimely deaths into the physical
    • feet. All the resistance of those times against this new idea sprang
    • really a vice — of indolence. In recent times we have gained some
    • how this love of ease persists, and how for a certain time after death
    • themselves into servants of Ahriman for a certain time between death
    • or until autumn comes. Concerning man we know that in our time, and
    • but also the village folk go to sleep at a certain time and wake at a
    • certain time, we feel as if there were something of a plant-like
    • the time of the Egyptian Mysteries — when in sleep he saw the Sun
    • conscience for the experience of the soul in the time between death
  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • Isis Initiation, separated by the point of time when Moses lived. When
    • WHEN a man of our time goes through an occult training which leads him
    • our time ascends into the higher worlds, he goes through certain
    • of our time, when he has thus mounted to the higher worlds, feels it
    • in the soul, or one might say a retrospect into far-off times of the
    • distant times men ascended into the worlds into which you now wish to
    • pictures, looks at experiences of his own, gone through in times long
    • further that this was so because in those ancient times souls were
    • for a man of the present time. It is the longing to know something of
    • All this is experienced by a man of the present time when he rises to
    • those who in ancient times undertook the ascent. But they did not feel
    • past times found their highest satisfaction. It must be added that the
    • aspect in those times; hence the satisfaction it could afford. In our
    • time the work appears in such a light that one asks: Wherefore all
    • a person of the present time and a man of old. And the period in the
    • time of Zarathustra those who were to be initiated experienced the
    • of man and the life of the Sun. It was characteristic of the time of
    • detail than was possible previously. When in ancient Egyptian times
    • at the same time within this Being. And the first impression that the
    • time it gives birth to something like another being projected from it.
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  • Title: Mysteries of the East: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • relation to the Mystery-principles of ancient times, the Eastern and
    • within the Mysteries of ancient times. We had to point to the tragic
    • Isis. The soul which in later Egyptian times had raised itself into
    • for a certain time below the Earth's surface, in order to reappear
    • upon by those in later times who were permitted to participate in the
    • Everything that appears at a certain time in the evolution of
    • post-Atlantean epoch, the Graeco-Latin time, during which the Mystery
    • What the Intellectual Soul was to experience in this later time has in
    • nature of our times. The Holy Grail is surrounded by many, many
    • human soul in later times.
    • Let us take an Initiate of later times when, having freed his ego and
    • It is now condemned to be dead throughout the time between birth and
    • Once in ancient times men's souls possessed a certain faculty of
    • living mostly in the ordinary consciousness of the times. But all the
    • soul. That is why so many people in modern times feel (and quite
    • successors of the evil spiritual beings of earlier times who had
    • earlier times it was said that one had to travel to a particular
    • meant in any figurative sense. In our own time it must be said that
    • wisdom has less of a local character; for we are living in a time of
    • transition from life in space and time into more spiritual forms of
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