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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 1: On the Functions of the Nervous System
    Matching lines:
    • In these days I
    • clear that the evolution of the times only begins today to
    • of the universe and of life. Today a few monistic societies,
    • are mentioned today – terrible for those who follow a
    • you will find that today we must distinguish between sensory
    • approximately to the real facts. The ideas ruling today are
    • sleep, even by day. In the present stage of the evolution of
    • experience through the nerve here, is experienced by day in a
    • present day on a sound basis, on a really sound basis. If we
    • Today it is
    • with the ideas that are gained today in the realm of science.
    • have given today); he observed to what extent the nervous
    • lose courage, confidence and trust. But when today the
    • worthless the thought is which today assumes authority.
    • happen just as it now is. Today for instance, one does not in
    • realm today.
    • — real beginnings. If today we see a sapling that is
    • theme here that I naturally cannot exhaust today. We will
    • essential that men of the present day should, in their whole
    • reality. Otherwise we shall always quarrel about ideas. Today
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 2: Concerning the World of the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • next day, in an exposition of
    • catastrophic events of the present day (the war) every human
    • everyday physical world and the spiritual world, cuts
    • right through our midst. If we hold in mind our everyday
    • physical side, today more from the side of the soul, then we
    • unnoticed for the everyday consciousness, lies the threshold.
    • the human being sleeps completely. For with his everyday
    • just now quite rare among present day people who have a
    • correspondingly in the ordinary present-day world. What
    • course evolves from a small infant onward, gradually from day
    • to day, from week to week, just as we follow up with this
    • from the day of his death onward through his life after
    • the present day, had you not lived through your own
    • slope. He goes there every day; it is his special pleasure.
    • One day he goes there again as usual. Suddenly, while he is
  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 3: Our Life with the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • in the usual everyday consciousness with which man is endowed
    • history today; but they will realize that historical life can
    • day for a long time. But one day during his walk, on reaching
    • it as it is often looked upon today. In the course of
    • course still necessary today and will be so for a long time)
    • trace. I have said that today I will first consider these
    • these thoughts today they may seem abstract. This is indeed
    • ideas germinated and greened, but what is recounted today as
  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 4: The Rhythmical Relationship of Man with the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • that we shall discuss now is a very wide one, and today it
    • of perception in our everyday life. But it has the
    • the number of breaths we draw in one day, we obtain 25,920
    • breaths a day, by taking as the basis 18 breaths a minute
    • the same rhythm in which we live during our day through our
    • cosmic day (we will call a human life a cosmic day), we
    • the sun around the Zodiac as one breath in one day in life.
    • say, right into our days, by the occult schools in question,
    • secret for reasons that will not be explained today. They
    • still keep them secret, although today these things
    • this. The fact that languages contain today a larger number
  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 5: The Members of Man's Being and the Periods of His Life
    Matching lines:
    • already gained as a foundation. This I will do today, in
    • and sleeping, in his usual waking day-consciousness, has some
    • possesses in his everyday consciousness is only an idea of
    • eliminate the ego, because for the everyday consciousness it
    • extent man lives, with his everyday consciousness, in the
    • everyday waking consciousness. He prefers to limit his
    • things. Today I wish to draw your attention to something that
    • will see how in everyday consciousness people simply throw
    • actions must appear to everyday consciousness as an idea created
    • flowers and the stars (they do this less today — but it
    • today must first cease to be called “history.” In
    • things contained in history as it is told today, people will
    • the description of a human corpse three days after death, as
  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 6: New Spiritual Impulses in History
    Matching lines:
    • yesterday — namely, the complicated organization of
    • human nature. Think of what we discussed yesterday.
    • Yesterday we
    • this yesterday); as far as his so-called etheric body is
    • Yesterday's considerations can very well show you this. A
    • complicated being, as we have seen yesterday from many
    • understand the times, however, asks today: — What must
    • to hear the right things it is, indeed, necessary today to
    • spiritual life humanity today should be led with the greatest
    • this. Today it is not possible for human beings —
    • that speaks against it. What ideal have human beings today,
  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 7: The Inadequacy of Natural Science for the Knowledge of the Life of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • the one so prevalent today, which, after all, holds to very
    • spoken of today by many philologists — persons who
    • today (not by confusing the gourd and the flask) but to see
    • science of today considers authentic. These ascending
    • Yesterday we saw how necessary it is to be able to look with
    • distinguished thinker of today — but one who believes
    • hold of life as it is today, which are drawn out of the
    • people shun today.
    • Who today does
    • that a kind of alternation takes place between day and night,
    • our waking day-consciousness we have outside in space that
    • materialistic mentality of today. I would like to show you in
    • that today I am referring you, from another point of view, to
    • Thou 'rt free to hasten, ere the day,

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