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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 1: On the Functions of the Nervous System
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    • clear that the evolution of the times only begins today to
    • mankind has learnt so far through printed books (with the
    • the last years, decades and centuries? Yes, this is true, but
    • connected with the Mystery of Golgotha gradually disappeared
    • the majority of professional scientists. Open the nearest
    • the Earth this process is not yet physical; it takes place on
    • these things difficult if you hear them for the first time,
    • clear to you that everything above the boundary line connects
    • plant-world; the plants grow out of the earth, but they would
    • receive everything that the earth generates in the form of
    • emanates from the earth, belongs to the life of the
    • action of cosmic and telluric, or earthly, forces is part of
    • line, from the earth, together with the plant's germinating
    • force (the seed is put into the earth) are of the
    • that the plant receives from the earth through its roots,
    • from the earth in a more delicate way, through his eyes and
    • ears, and above all through his skin, what the plant
    • earthly being through his nerves, and through what he
    • receives in the form of telluric or earthly forces in the air
    • he breathes, and in the food that the earth gives him. What
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 2: Concerning the World of the Dead
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    • non-clairvoyant perception which can only have the appearance
    • dream. But the distinction becomes clearer if we hold the
    • we here on earth, from childhood on, place ourselves in
    • world the dead person learns to know on all sides. This world
    • the departed learns to know through having to penetrate step
    • by step all the secrets which here on earth are concealed
    • everything to tear out of his soul all the impulses that have
    • departed must learn above everything else. This reverence for
    • earth. The life here has concealed by a veil just that in
    • during the course of the year. But what do we do in reality
    • compensated only through the fact that souls appear who enjoy
    • created here on the physical plane. Essentially, the earth
    • beings carry death into the earth in such a strong measure.
    • The earth will no longer be able to live, because the forces
    • physical earth. But out of what human beings have created by
    • accomplish his task on earth, as far as consciousness is
    • whole. An animal kingdom lives upon the earth only through
    • thing which man learns to know after death is the kingdom of
    • regardless of whether it dwells here upon the earth or in the
    • form of a link with other souls, during our last or earlier
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 3: Our Life with the Dead
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    • The earth will
    • that are intelligible to us on earth, but are also
    • souls (whether they are human souls living here on the earth,
    • this clearly. When you read to a so-called living person, you
    • when you read or speak to the departed one, you hear from
    • same as here. Here you can hear yourself speak when you are
    • necessary it is for a real spiritual intercourse to hear from
    • the other one what you yourself think and conceive, to hear
    • appear most absurd to those who insist upon living only in a
    • nearest surroundings, then with what is to be our life
    • unless we bear in mind the living active influence of the
    • say: — The wheat that I shall harvest this year is the
    • result of the wheat of last year. The seeds remained, and the
    • wheat of last year is again the result of the wheat of the
    • year before last. One thing depends on the other —
    • a certain spot, he hears a voice calling out to him: —
    • hearing them he becomes thoughtful, steps aside and thinks
    • him had he not stepped aside after hearing the voice. This is
    • to bear in mind the whole. You see, where the outer leaves
    • it disappears. An elementary existence meets what comes out
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 4: The Rhythmical Relationship of Man with the Universe
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    • hearing, the impressions of the twelve senses, such as we
    • surprise us what we must describe as that which first appears
    • tear it when we ascend to a spiritual vision) man finds his
    • earth, in which he makes this observation. But, as stated,
    • perceive cannot reach the eye, nor the ear — cannot
    • in an earlier stage of evolution; we might say, in an
    • infantile stage of evolution. Also in this connection we bear
    • breathe out our own being 365 times a year; if we take 71
    • years as the average length of human life, we obtain 25,915.
    • approximately 71 years, and if we consider this life as a
    • obtain a cosmic year by multiplying this by 365. The result
    • is 25,920 (again, approximately one year). In this length of
    • time, in 25,920 years, the sun returns to the same
    • certain year, it will rise again in Aries after 25,920 years.
    • In the course of 25,920 years the sun moves around the
    • knowledge concerning man. It is indeed a head that we bear
    • body of an animal. Thus we bear within us a second human
    • to bear in mind that a relatively great wisdom is active in
    • beings bear within them another far wiser being — the
    • appears as our physical head, although this is dulled down to
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 5: The Members of Man's Being and the Periods of His Life
    Matching lines:
    • of life without having learned anything fundamental about
    • have to learn (perhaps just the present catastrophic events
    • For years we have emphasized that we can differentiate
    • sphere as our life of feelings. If you bear in mind the
    • such things quite clearly, in order to grasp to what an
    • so-called world of appearance, or in Maya, as it is called by
    • Let us bear in
    • years old he has, in fact, said something of importance for
    • reality. When you say: I am 35 years old — you only say
    • physical body is 35 years old — then this will be
    • years old, when your physical body is 35 years old. You see,
    • here we must bear in mind different speeds, different
    • say, 7 years old; this means nothing less than this:--his
    • physical body has reached the age of 7 years. His etheric
    • body, his body of formative forces, is not yet 7 years old,
    • course of time. This physical body that is 7 years old has
    • slowest of all, the ego. The etheric body is only 5 years and
    • 3 months old when the physical body is 7 years old, because
    • it develops more slowly. The astral body is 3 years and 6
    • months old, and the ego, 1 year and 9 months. Thus you must
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 6: New Spiritual Impulses in History
    Matching lines:
    • took place, for instance, in the past year, were historically
    • preceding years.
    • thinking very clearly when they say this, that all events,
    • instance, a phenomenon like the following one: Every year a
    • short space of one year! How much is meant to become alive
    • with being arises in an earlier stage, in a stage which is
    • that rise up every year in great numbers from the sea and
    • from the earth, as elementary forms; these are nothing but
    • life rising out of the earth; in this elementary life we
    • when we see the seeds growing out of the earth, let us say
    • earth a certain number of life-germs perish every year, so do
    • develops every year from physical life as an ascending
    • members is concerned. When a human being is 28 years old, he
    • 14; and as far as the ego is concerned only 7 years old.
    • human being of 28, is really 28 years old only as a physical
    • it is still a child of 7 years when the human being has
    • reached the age of 28. When a man is 28 years old according
    • mother; they merely provide an opportunity. The appearance of
    • being that is 7 years old when the physical body is 28 is
    • us which lives so slowly that it is only 7 years old, when we
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 7: The Inadequacy of Natural Science for the Knowledge of the Life of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • apparently clear; in reality however, they are as lacking in
    • clear, precise thinking is above all a necessity, a striving
    • definitions and the like; we can do so only when we bear in
    • Bear in mind
    • soul appear which we designate as conceptual or indeed as
    • compel. Man must compel himself under the influence of clear
    • clear concepts work? They work most strongly upon the process
    • But it is particularly interesting to hear how a
    • Only when we hold this fact clearly in mind — which is
    • has established at any time in an earthly incarnation.
    • higher Hierarchies of whom the departed one has the clearest
    • living experience — he has a clear living experience of
    • Hierarchies he has the clearest conception of those belonging
    • to the Hierarchy of the Angels, who are really the bearers of
    • reappearance of what he has experienced in that other state
    • Archangeloi and of the Archai. He has not as clear a
    • just this looking back is something which man must learn; yet
    • it is difficult for him to learn this owing to the
    • would be the point in your third, fourth or fifth year that
    • that you think of something in your thirtieth year for
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