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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 1: On the Functions of the Nervous System
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual science needed for an understanding of mankind. For
    • people must understand where the boundary line between the
    • to understand the world, it is very important to know that
    • thought really stands more or less where it has always stood
    • he still stands above the others. The real spiritual element
    • understand it. The forces working on the plants below this
    • standpoint, that man must take up again a cosmic way of
    • know how matters stand, how they are
    • humanity should be produced, people stand with these
    • to understand them. If we wish to understand such an event as
    • the other. Because we understand something in its
    • says: Now I understand that nothing else was possible except
    • now understand that a complete, a fundamental alteration of
    • spiritual life. Those who would understand existence must
    • standpoint and will show how far certain events have been
  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 2: Concerning the World of the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • considerations we shall have to try to understand this
    • understanding? We continually carry death into life. Even a
    • understand these thoughts fully when we consider earthly
    • outstanding cases, which only draw attention to what is
  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 3: Our Life with the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • know that he understands what you read to him, in the sense
    • in which we speak of human understanding; but the departed
    • the Beings who stand above man, if I may use this expression,
    • evolution of mankind. We cannot understand this evolution
    • We cannot understand what takes place between man and man
    • the man was standing. This cause has nothing whatever to do
    • with the effect. Ponder this matter and try to understand
    • have taken exactly the same course had the man been standing
    • matter stand, from an exterior aspect, to begin with. Perhaps
    • an inner standpoint.
  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 4: The Rhythmical Relationship of Man with the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • a basis for the understanding of freedom and necessity, so
    • an occult point of view, in order to understand the course of
    • Thus we stand
    • understand the wisdom of the guiding forces of the universe.
    • an understanding limited to the senses, and what lies at the
    • able to grasp something else: — You will understand why
    • this world when we contemplate it from a certain standpoint.
    • this from the earthly standpoint, but reversed — for
    • round in such a way that the Lion stands above Jupiter. He
    • to know through our senses and our understanding is an
    • understand this, compare once more the idea with the mirrored
  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 5: The Members of Man's Being and the Periods of His Life
    Matching lines:
    • understand what lies at the foundation of the two impulses
    • order to understand a clock; someone who has not the
    • understand these things fully we must grasp thoughts which
    • is very important for the understanding of the whole of human
    • someone speaks from the standpoint of the usual waking
    • what we call our understanding, or our thinking consciousness
    • of self. When our understanding and our conscious thinking
    • are within our ego, then this understanding and conscious
    • of one whose understanding has developed to the age of 28,
    • only one fourth of this understanding is really his own. It
    • understanding at 28, only a quarter of this is our own; the
    • fructify this fourth part of our understanding and soul, and
    • behind which stand inspirations and intuitions. That is, if
    • and behind this stand intuition, inspiration, and
    • appear to us as fantasy. Behind them, however, stand the real
    • come when people will understand this much better than now.
    • speak of the spiritual impulses standing behind the
    • influence real life when this understanding spreads over an
    • understanding, but goes over into the impulses of feeling and
    • spiritual science. And he who really understands spiritual
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 6: New Spiritual Impulses in History
    Matching lines:
    • background of all these considerations stands a question
    • understanding but also with your feeling, into the depths of
    • certain sense, exactly to this standing still of life in
    • human being, such as he stands in the world, is really a
    • everything possible in order to misunderstand the spiritual
    • understand the times, however, asks today: — What must
    • humanity should be educated to understand a very great event
    • the sense of the spirit of the age — to understand the
    • which those who love truth and try to understand things
    • instance like Adolph Harnack, the famous theologian, to stand
    • course, these things standing on a quarto page are just as
    • through freedom, and in our modern age we must understand,
    • become the great impulse for the human understanding of
  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 7: The Inadequacy of Natural Science for the Knowledge of the Life of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • understand the nature of man in its connection with the
    • to acquire a different form of understanding for reality from
    • man must accept. He who understands this thought can no
    • do with an understanding of the idea of freedom in its widest
    • understand freedom, they would not have freedom. Philosophers
    • in the fact that people have been unwilling to understand not
    • disintegrating processes. However, in order to understand
    • perception and understanding. This will give you a conceptual
    • memories, your own life stands there all the more compactly
    • on his life not from the standpoint of his own experiences,
    • but from the standpoint of others and of the events of the
    • now stands in history books ... but time such as it has
    • Goethe strive so intense to know Greek art, to understand his
    • consciousness we can understand his knowledge. Goethe makes
    • in it. We can only understand a man like Goethe when we

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