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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 1: On the Functions of the Nervous System
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    • time as the invention of printing. All new things that
    • exception of books containing old things that existed
    • theological wisdom and all kinds of religious things during
    • will dawn for human thinking (it is terrible that such things
    • something very comical indeed, for it is comical only for him
    • book on the elements of science dealing with these things and
    • impulse of the will has nothing in common physical
    • interruption or break exists not only in order that something
    • if they would take things seriously.
    • that there is no organ of perception, there is nothing
    • spiritual in the process. But if you interpolate something
    • the same. In the one case we experience something physical is
    • process consists in this — that everything that we
    • spiritual world forms and creates directly everything that
    • these things difficult if you hear them for the first time,
    • clear to you that everything above the boundary line connects
    • man with the physical world, and everything below
    • receive everything that the earth generates in the form of
    • forces. All these cosmic forces, everything that pours in
    • feeling and cosmic ideas. These things are only of value if
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 2: Concerning the World of the Dead
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    • such an event — as something which, generally speaking,
    • active in us, first, everything that can be experienced
    • through the senses during our life, everything that is
    • senses. Upon this world, then, everything is built which we
    • life, we have in reality everything in which we live with our
    • subconscious world. But the consciousness has really nothing
    • consciousness he knows nothing about what actually lives in
    • Now everything
    • world, in the first place, everything belonging to the
    • sun and moon; in general everything belongs to it that is
    • it would be, were everything you perceive with the senses
    • There would be something remaining over and above for the
    • thing that lends character to our lives (the chief
    • aroused when we break a stone to pieces or do something
    • has no such condition. For him nothing exists at all in the
    • indeed, through any action whatever, yes, through everything
    • you do something after you have passed through the portals of
    • joy, tension or relaxation of something is continually
    • thing.
    • point toward something behind which real relationships exist.
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 3: Our Life with the Dead
    Matching lines:
    • mere dreamers of life. Things occur in the depths of
    • contained in our ideas and sense perceptions, knows nothing
    • that when we do something connected with our life in common
    • about many things.
    • dead. But what is essential is to approach these things more
    • contact with anything within it, he calls forth pain or joy.
    • can do nothing that does not call forth feelings of joy,
    • way that everything he does calls forth joy, pain, etc; he is
    • spiritual world. In the spiritual world things are not the
    • something real. But in the free reality that thus arises,
    • Self. Again we must acquire a conception of these things that
    • gradually become acquainted with things, first with our
    • things in such a way that we know — they approach us
    • Angeloi. Although we can speak of these things merely in
    • Angeloi lead us to something which we must experience in our
    • everything that arises in the life of the so-called dead.
    • And the Angeloi help man in everything that he must do
    • kingdom of the Angeloi, he can prepare rightly the things
    • something which the Spirits of the Time weave as an unceasing
    • year before last. One thing depends on the other —
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 4: The Rhythmical Relationship of Man with the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • dreams through everything contained as living reality in his
    • feelings, and he sleeps through everything contained as
    • deeper necessity, in the impulses of his will, everything
    • direction imagines the “thing in itself.” In my
    • thing in itself,” as it is done in modern
    • mirror. I do not speak in this sense of something behind the
    • sense perceptions; what I mean is something
    • spiritual behind the sense-perceptions, something
    • would not strike us as something so strange; for, on this
    • reality between birth and death. But things are arranged in
    • that it is, in reality, exactly the same thing as our brain
    • breathing. I have already explained that when we calculate
    • breathing. Again, if we take our life — let us say,
    • Here we have deep inner order of laws! Everything is built up
    • placed into the breathing process in a threefold way. First,
    • But our period is one in which such things must reach the
    • schools that were inaugurated here and there keep such things
    • still keep them secret, although today these things
    • able to grasp something else: — You will understand why
    • few men who discovered these things, as if in flashes.
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 5: The Members of Man's Being and the Periods of His Life
    Matching lines:
    • historical processes of human life. In discussing such things
    • highest, most important and significant things with the most
    • often mentioned this) that certain things must be known in
    • of life without having learned anything fundamental about
    • these things. We prefer to remain ignorant concerning the
    • most important and most essential things, which can only be
    • nature, and we wish to know and judge everything imaginable
    • things are dry and intellectual, and that the most important
    • and essential things must be grasped in quite another
    • may teach us something) how much lies hidden in man and in
    • Now something
    • things that we have thus considered, you will see that we
    • such things quite clearly, in order to grasp to what an
    • understand these things fully we must grasp thoughts which
    • are not so easy to digest (but these things must be said
    • things. Today I wish to draw your attention to something that
    • years old he has, in fact, said something of importance for
    • correct. But these words express nothing at all as far as the
    • and nothing at all as far as the other members of the human
    • say, 7 years old; this means nothing less than this:--his
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 6: New Spiritual Impulses in History
    Matching lines:
    • course, into everything that proceeds out of human actions
    • other things. The materialistic conception would like to
    • produces, with a certain necessity, something which follows
    • you consider the things that passed before our souls
    • many things, if they are looked upon in their true light. For
    • are countless things in Nature which must be designated, in
    • something that you can see outside in physical Nature. If the
    • in the spiritual world — he will find something very
    • strange. He will find something which corresponds, in a
    • Nature, but in the way in which spiritual things correspond
    • to things in Nature. Many considerations have shown us that
    • that where such eggs apparently perish, something endowed
    • becomes something which can very well be experienced in the
    • from the earth, as elementary forms; these are nothing but
    • cause that, which was destined for something else, to become
    • grains of wheat or rye, from everything else in Nature which
    • in their case; when we contemplate such things, the idea of
    • things surround us and that we are hindered by inner
    • spiritual imaginative things live in the world that always
    • Then it descends and becomes something that we reject in
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  • Title: Historical Necessity: Lecture 7: The Inadequacy of Natural Science for the Knowledge of the Life of the Soul
    Matching lines:
    • were a flask, for it is used as a flask. Indeed, the things
    • something growing and flourishing, but just the opposite
    • — something dying, something in partial decay in the
    • same thing were to go on that goes on in the nerves, this
    • anything at all is to be conceived. I have shown that the
    • disintegration with something coming out of pure thinking,
    • occur through something that is caused within the organism
    • process of disintegration. There must be something in the
    • shows the characteristics of an age that will have nothing to
    • have made every effort to prove that everything arises out of
    • that he can exhaust everything with natural scientific ideas
    • attempts to say something about the thought-content of the
    • let us assume our rank and other such things also, which make
    • not go about reforming everything in the world — or at
    • from the soul out of sheer nothingness! But at a time such as
    • this only those things can be fruitful which are drawn up
    • same thing is meant in both cases. This, however, indicates a
    • Through this, however, everything that the human being has
    • waking state and he is aware of everything, for his life
    • we perceive the outer world of which we know nothing during
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