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  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture I: The Waldorf School, Spiritual Science, Outer World, Inner World
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    • the earth, they oppose each other, seeking to gather a great
    • the other being. Down on earth it is a matter of mere figures
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture II: Materialism, Party Line
    Matching lines:
    • of the relationship between all that man does here on earth
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture IV: World Events, Initiation Knowledge and the Impulse toward Freedom
    Matching lines:
    • course of the universe, in particular, that of the earth. And
    • and feeling. Our earthly existence is traced back to a kind
    • earth's existence is also viewed as being based upon
    • the earth will meet destruction. Scientists base this kind of
    • thought that at the beginning of earth's formation this
    • present today that existed at the beginning of earth
    • of earth.
    • the beginning of the earth's or the world's existence. From
    • it, it is supposed that everything on the earth, including
    • earth comes to an end. All our moral and religious concepts
    • include the state of the earth at its beginning and at its
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture V: Forming Sound Judgment
    Matching lines:
    • to the after-effects of earthly life. To consider the
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture VI: New Social Forms, Soul, Material World
    Matching lines:
    • earthly existence. As I have often emphasized, many a person
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture VII: Trends of Souls in People of the East, West, and Middle of Europe
    Matching lines:
    • beings by the gods before they descended into this earthly
    • conception encompasses both repeated earth lives and the
    • one earth life only, which is something that should
    • earthly life. Everything else, everything in the way of
    • world. For even here on earth, man considers himself entirely
    • element of the earth — if it first eliminates in
    • cooperation of all human beings on earth, not by some
    • of the earth itself, the roots of a tree grow and produce
    • seems to us to be united with the whole earth; his thoughts
    • appear to us to have grown out of earthly existence in a
    • earth.
    • earth incarnation. For, with the exception of the head, what
    • following life on earth. We have been given our head from our
    • previous earth life; our limbs and our metabolic system are
    • Borne by us into the next earthly incarnation. This is a
    • metamorphosis from one life on earth to the next. Hence, in
    • mature in the following earth life. For this reason, Western
    • transitory, unsatisfactory, merely material earth life I need
    • effort in this earthly life, if one has not accomplished
    • that does not merely follow the pattern of earthly truth. He
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  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture VIII: East, Middle, West
    Matching lines:
    • qualities exist among people in different parts of the earth.
    • Thus, the population of each region on earth can contribute
    • how the human being has descended into this earthly existence
    • comprehending repeated earth lives. It is possible for a
    • continuing on forever without his returning to the earth. It
    • life on earth is a continuation of a spiritual existence
    • spiritual worlds prior to this earth life, that in a sense he
    • received the impulses for this life on earth from the divine
    • same manner everywhere on earth; they are expressed in
    • we look at the tree and see in its blossoms what the earth
    • philosophies, as a blossom of earthly existence itself. What
    • we see as a product of the earth in tree blossoms is, in a
    • product of the earth in the same sense as are wheat and grain
    • would a tree. Both are examples of what the earth is capable
    • as a spiritual blossom of earth evolution came about
    • central regions of the earth on this basis, dwells in the
    • the earthly soul. It also has a theory of government.
    • way, directed more to the earthly sphere, I have to say the
    • special predisposition to understand earthly life as
    • not merely be passive about his soul life here on earth if he
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  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture IX: Hegel
    Matching lines:
    • in the earthly realm itself; and if it falls to the impulses
    • earth by the Representative of Humanity, who inwardly
    • earthly one; he turned into a philosopher of natural science
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture X: The Tapestry of the Senses, Memory, and the Spiritual World, -or- Spiritual-Cosmic Tasks of Man
    Matching lines:
    • in its earth evolution that are not accessible by means of
    • all, actual earthly substance, the element, in fact, that
    • constitutes earthly matter. We do not find earthly matter in
    • earthly world is basically only an apparent unity. In fact,
    • connected with it — is actually of earthly origin; it is
    • what he accomplishes here on earth; he has tasks to fulfill
    • accomplish here on earth from the concepts and ideas derived
    • we may realize what mission men's social life on earth has
    • remarkable thing! The human being dies; returns to earth
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XI: Man as a Mediator of the Spiritual Beings of the Cosmos
    Matching lines:
    • man himself that have caused the earth's origin and that will
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XII: The Members of the Human Being and their Relationship with the Social Organism
    Matching lines:
    • earth. It evolved in ancient Greece and Rome, later on in the
    • death preceding this earthly existence. Everything else
    • earth in this manner but in yet another way. If we study the
    • subject, say, the former embodiment of the earth, the Moon
    • with something else. You know that during earthly life these
    • ensue. Over the whole earth, a social life would have to
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XIII: The Interrelationship between the Human and the Social Organism
    Matching lines:
    • lives on earth, works upon these members of his organization.
    • repeated earth lives he develops his ego. He thus transforms
    • and ego that we carry out in successive earth lives. Looking
    • this earth life, man's physical body-does not exhibit a
    • stronger is this influence in regard to the following earth
    • previous earth life. If one has a feeling for this —
    • earth lives. Certain discrepancies also arise from matters
    • brought over from his former earth life. Often, it is only in
    • body into his next earth incarnation; after all, he discards
    • earth life, carrying them into it in accordance with the
    • over to the earth, the etheric body is surrendered to the
    • forces in it, however, is borne across into the next earth
    • earth incarnation and, along with it, all that it has gained
    • (on earth) continues to vibrate in the cosmos, causing
    • subsequent age of earth existence in the atmosphere, in the
    • connection with the entire life of the earth. Only this
    • way man has lived in previous earth lives. In earlier
    • one earth life by itself; instead, we have to focus on the
    • course of earth's evolution, we have proceeded from the
    • beginning of earthly existence itself. In the beginning of
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  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XIV: The Connection of the Members of Man with the Kingdoms of Nature, the Necessity of the Threefold Order
    Matching lines:
    • for his next life on earth. He works in a certain measure at
    • the creation of earthly existence itself. It would indeed be
    • through various earth lives. When we speak of the men of the
    • the earth, experienced what we are experiencing today. What
    • hierarchies. Now we have reached the point where the earth
    • the successive earth lives of the human being, but which
    • sap rises up from the earth, ascends in the trunk, shoots out
    • up with the substance coming from the earth and taken up into
    • the spiritual life was considered a fruit of the earth, of
    • poetry is intimately bound up with the essence of the earth.
    • It is the flower of the earth. It is nonsense when men of
    • today make our earth into a lifeless product, as geology
    • does, for instance. For not only what arises from the earth
    • upon the earth, whoever sees her only as tillable soil,
    • whoever views the earth as nothing but mineral substance,
    • does not know the earth. For to her belongs also what she has
    • himself from the earth. He was no longer connected with the
    • earth, but only with the climate and atmosphere, in which he
    • from the earth, and to manifest what lives only within
    • differentiated over the earth.
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  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XV: The Great Cosmic Signs in the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • of the earth; when it rains that has to do with the forces of
    • reveals itself here on earth; indeed, the most important
    • in the cosmos outside the earthly sphere. One knew that the
    • concerns of humanity here on earth cannot be managed unless
    • outside earth. Therefore, everything that was to be
    • the sphere outside the earth.
    • visible in the cosmos outside the earth, when here or there
    • consults the cosmos outside the earth in regard to his
    • earthly concerns. One does not become spiritual by setting up
    • how to connect humanity's earthly concerns with the cosmos
    • outside the earth.
    • the sphere transcending the earth with earthly concerns once
    • wanting to judge everything only from an earthly standpoint.
    • originated in the different territories of earth evolution. I
    • outside the earth, and the Greek concept of destiny was the
    • observations of the cosmos outside the earth. I told you that
    • down to earth from invisible realms by what was revealed in
    • earth were guided according to the intentions of initiation.
    • also what the human being brings into earthly existence
    • earthly life, he beholds a revelation of the super-sensible
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  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XVI: Changes in the Meaning of Speech, -or- Dreams and Human Development
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual world to earthly incarnation through birth or
    • conception. On earth, he then experiences the life between
    • terrestrial reflection of super-earthly imagination. The
    • who descend through conception and birth into earthly life
    • live pictures from my prenatal existence; during my earthly
    • is actually heavenly in what appears on earth in a
    • being Who formerly had not been connected with earth
    • from the earthly manner of thinking, and will draw us with
    • incomprehensible based an the earthly sense domain. Whoever
    • wishes in everything to remain caught in the earthly sensory
    • theosophist, however, wants another earth life to come; so,
    • materialist says that all atoms unite with the earth. The
    • atoms become one with the earth; one atom, however, remains
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XVII: Consciousness of Pre-Existence
    Matching lines:
    • it descended to physical earth existence. Mainly, one will
    • earthly body. This leaves them more or less indifferent, and
    • speaking of repeated earth lives. Of course, if you speak
    • is one earth life, then follows an eternity of a totally
    • absolutely arrive at repeated earth lives when you speak of
    • preexistence. It is a fundamental fact that never in earthly
    • also speaking of repeated earth lives.
    • what it will mean for the whole approach to this earthly
    • existence if this teaching of repeated earth lives is not to
    • Then, you know that here on this earth you are a messenger of
    • to pass through your souls: “Heaven and earth will pass
    • earth existence with its animals, plants and human beings,
    • could travel from earth to a distant star and from there look
    • back at the earth. From there, one would not see what is in
    • your skin becomes visible only when earth is viewed from
    • such ideals if earth turns again into nothing but a heap of
    • knowledge that Christ Jesus said, “Heaven and earth
    • the truly Christian saying, “Heaven and earth will pass
    • spiritual healing. Then man will not view the earth in the

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