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  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture I: The Waldorf School, Spiritual Science, Outer World, Inner World
    Matching lines:
    • high standards for it, the completion of the first school
    • had so intimately sought to deepen their understanding of
    • achievement. Yet does anyone have even a slight understanding
    • a crucial test as to whether the financial understanding of
    • kind of understanding that a person today can generally bring
    • notwithstanding, all that our external senses perceive
    • I would like you to understand from these implications how
    • spiritual science is an active knowledge; how it cannot stand
    • goodness. It is of outstanding moral value, but even that is
    • spiritual scientific standpoint. Things become serious, yet
    • becomes necessary really to understand all this clearly, and
    • understand, namely, that if we wish to escape from the
    • stand outside the gates; they are viewed merely as a great
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture II: Materialism, Party Line
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual-scientific standpoint, is not so much concerned
    • programs is dear to people's hearts. To understand that
    • the difference between the way these groups stand in regard
    • logical standpoint. It may not say that materialism is
    • something that Europeans can very well understand even though
    • misunderstand their own existence if they make concessions,
    • village community. Only a person who understands the nature
    • task of people in the West to understand the means by which
    • understands nothing of the course of events on a grand scale.
    • to see that people are so unwilling to understand that
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture III: Man's Twelve Senses in Relation to Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition
    Matching lines:
    • into the essence of something external when we understand it
    • between our standing up or lying down, and through which we
    • perceive when we are standing on our two feet, that we are in
    • sense of taste that stands right on the boundary between what
    • whether we are walking or standing still, jumping or dancing.
    • the spiritual standpoint. I have mentioned it many times. If
    • words and arrive at a mutual understanding. Then, however,
    • for he cannot stand it. Were he to comprehend what can enter
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture IV: World Events, Initiation Knowledge and the Impulse toward Freedom
    Matching lines:
    • duty to acquire a full understanding of the fact that we can
    • Well, an art historian need not understand anything about
    • understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha, depends upon our
    • longer understand how the spiritual, divine principle that is
    • one who understands the nature of present initiation can
    • from whatever his standpoint happens to be, wishes to become
    • misunderstandings, but there are few words in our language
    • the spiritual-scientific standpoint — namely, the
    • to misunderstandings, but it must be used. We cannot manage
    • ought not to adopt the humanly arrogant standpoint and say:
    • about ideological standpoints. It becomes imperative to grasp
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture V: Forming Sound Judgment
    Matching lines:
    • matter of what standpoint one takes. However, if you consider
    • than this standpoint.
    • sound inside. Our understanding must not merely aim for
    • individuals, standing far in the background of what happens
    • means of thinking. One has to clearly understand that some of
    • civilized world unless one is ready to understand it on the
    • rapture, no losing of oneself, but a firm stand on a solid
    • always be kept in mind when trying to understand the human
    • being of the present time, and without understanding him in
    • the usefulness of the gold standard. From the middle well
    • most beautiful and ingenious reasons why a gold standard
    • gold standard would bring about free trade. What happened in
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture VI: New Social Forms, Soul, Material World
    Matching lines:
    • reality standing behind the world of phenomena, is just as if
    • to understand clearly that surrounding us in what we perceive
    • question then is posed to us: What is it that really stands
    • boat, or travel by train. It stands to reason that you
    • all, lives with a deeper understanding of life, a deeper
    • especially if one stands on spiritual scientific ground and
    • when one judges it from the standpoint
    • know what is meant if one understands that every line, every
    • to view it from the spiritual standpoint. The life between
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture VII: Trends of Souls in People of the East, West, and Middle of Europe
    Matching lines:
    • understand one another, that an element common to all men is
    • another standpoint.
    • characteristic of him that no one today understands it. It
    • external form of his words. No one really understands
    • believe they understand it. A direct line runs from ancient
    • significance. We can best understand them when we contrast
    • to understand in what manner one attains to the spiritual
    • understanding for this mode of thinking, and what is written
    • example of how matters really stand at present. Indeed, we
    • wish to understand what is actually happening today. If we
    • understand anything about the world. No progress can be made
    • understanding be acquired if one wishes to have a say. The
    • the whole earth, and can gain an understanding of the matter
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture VIII: East, Middle, West
    Matching lines:
    • particularly predisposed to understand that he dwelt in
    • understands these things views the remarkable poetic
    • ancient Indian dwelt within his metabolism, notwithstanding
    • understand individuals who have worked from such a basis as
    • did Fichte, Hegel, Schelling and Goethe, one must understand
    • special predisposition to understand earthly life as
    • notwithstanding
    • but above all else to take our own stand and on our own to
    • we achieve a new economic life, if we do not understand that
    • understanding the nature of the life of rights, of the state.
    • By understanding the Western nature, we gain a comprehension
    • could wish people would understand. This is what we should
    • understand what is really intended here, when sufficient
    • that shows a lack of understanding for what is intended
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture IX: Hegel
    Matching lines:
    • Therefore, from the spiritual-scientific standpoint, I must
    • must understand each of the successive stages of this
    • development. One can say that whoever understands Hegel and
    • to be sinking into the material element, with Hegel standing
    • education; he stands there with the kind of reasonableness I
    • understand that what was present as the special element of
    • the standpoint of present-day science, there is actually
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture X: The Tapestry of the Senses, Memory, and the Spiritual World, -or- Spiritual-Cosmic Tasks of Man
    Matching lines:
    • sort of barrier stands between ourselves and a certain region
    • Thus, man himself is a threefold being. Without understanding
    • understanding of it, particularly if he presses forward to
    • organism; for, as we stand, as we walk, we are within this
    • because people stand firm against receiving anything from the
    • understand the physical world without knowledge of the other
    • impulse and therefore, from his standpoint, he is quite
    • the standpoint of pure materialism. The spirit concealed
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XI: Man as a Mediator of the Spiritual Beings of the Cosmos
    Matching lines:
    • I first sought to show how man stands externally in the
    • feels himself standing in the universe and says, “I am
    • from the social standpoint, from that of the group, it works;
    • we focus on the individual element that stands creatively in
    • of circuitous route for a few outstanding individuals. This
    • way of anybody. What stands here now was placed here, I might
    • respect as well, established what stands here now. It stands
    • understanding?” Central Europe cannot be asked whether
    • the world has an understanding for it. It is crushed to the
    • now stands here as a question to man's
    • a question directed to the world: Will this building stand
    • Or will the Anglo-American world bring understanding to this
    • building will stand here as a sign that one has no wish to
    • understand the forces of ascent. Then, however, one will have
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XII: The Members of the Human Being and their Relationship with the Social Organism
    Matching lines:
    • what we are supposed to understand. One can say that,
    • the Vedas, the Vedanta philosophy, stand out above all; they
    • those with which an attempt was made to understand the
    • atavistic and instinctive, notwithstanding the fact that its
    • should now try to understand the configuration of civilized
    • at it from the Darwinian standpoint — we find the
    • understands the lifeless. Consequently, our ego dwells in the
    • body and ego. For we do not understand man's relationship to
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XIII: The Interrelationship between the Human and the Social Organism
    Matching lines:
    • man. It stands as a unique phenomenon within the natural
    • human being. This human physical body, then, stands by itself
    • if we stand in front of a donkey that is eating thistles, our
    • agreement and reciprocal understanding, is the realm that
    • through mutual understanding. The dullness of consciousness
    • understanding with his fellowman. The human being must grasp
    • human beings, we stand linked together with the three
    • this context that one understands how it is possible that a
    • stands indeed in a certain relationship to outer reality,
    • understands this properly, it gives him a sense of his
    • and what the human being experiences within himself stands in
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XIV: The Connection of the Members of Man with the Kingdoms of Nature, the Necessity of the Threefold Order
    Matching lines:
    • the forces standing above man in the higher hierarchies. As
    • standard of what we possessed as spiritual content in our
    • formations in the sense that the European understands them.
    • of this comprehension will the human being understand the
    • meant when we say that we do not understand life. Today we
    • say that we do not understand life, for we live only in the
    • understand one another on this particular point! With the
    • understand just what matters here. In what follows I shall
    • outstandingly good, but leave the state out of it! Take it
    • we will understand anew what nonsense it is to speak of the
    • One who understands this utterance knows that it is a genuinely
    • now stand.
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XV: The Great Cosmic Signs in the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • ruin. If we understand what spiritual science can tell us
    • understand a number of things that we have outgrown.
    • everything from a certain absolute standpoint, a standpoint,
    • the whole world context; by adopting an absolute standpoint
    • at any given moment of this life; by assuming the standpoint
    • epoch, which sets out from this standpoint, and the past
    • universe; one will only become spiritual if one understands
    • wanting to judge everything only from an earthly standpoint.
    • too conceited to abandon absolute standpoints which assume
    • investigate it in regard to the standpoints which I have
    • take into consideration more than the singular standpoint of
    • doctrine of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, stand the most
    • to an understanding of what can be gathered from spiritual
    • certain jaded standpoint, one says, for example, “Oh,
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XVI: Changes in the Meaning of Speech, -or- Dreams and Human Development
    Matching lines:
    • thing is to be in a position to understand such things by
    • clearly understand — and the significance of this for
    • understand the spiritual world when we know that what appears
    • does one also occupy an intellectual standpoint in regard to
    • understand this dream life of sleep as the expression of a
    • stands in place of the content.
    • Christology to understand the Mystery of Golgotha in a
    • as a human personality somewhat more outstanding than other
    • understand that we must advance to a comprehension of the
    • might and mean to understand something that is
    • understands the task of present-day man will say: I must
    • instead a creative understanding of the Mystery of Golgotha.
    • are laid down by a government which by its very nature stands
    • standpoint. Everything that has been written about it suffers
  • Title: Social Forms: Address: On the Occasion of the General Meeting of the Berlin Branch
    Matching lines:
    • concerning this pamphlet, the understanding that I had
    • disappear. The proof of the lack of understanding given by
    • would have some understanding of what is meant by spiritual
    • develop the slightest understanding for the true meaning of
    • myself alone. It depends, above all, on the understanding
    • “understanding” and which proceed from certain
  • Title: Social Forms: Lecture XVII: Consciousness of Pre-Existence
    Matching lines:
    • from that standpoint, get some idea of the change of views in
    • theoretical standpoint; one should speak from the standpoint
    • of teacher who is clever by today's standards. This is
    • immediately understand in which direction one has to look in
    • man stands before us in a completely different way. It is
    • like a blind man standing before color. Material existence is
    • existence. We can understand the human body when we
    • only begin to understand man when we actually envision the
    • right and wrong they spoke from the standpoint of logic.

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