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  • Title: Lecture: Goethe and the Evolution of Consciousness
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    • mental outlook of man through the centuries. If we tell people to-day
    • possess to-day. — Otherwise there could be no history.
    • former epochs of history from that to which we are accustomed to-day.
    • to-day merely by way of example — is Goethe.
    • contemporaries, nor indeed to the man of to-day.
    • younger days he had turned away. When he speaks in suitable language
    • viewed then just as we view it to-day. But the characteristic
    • search for objectivity than he is to-day. We can see quite clearly
    • to-day. In my book
    • to-day from a different angle.
    • intellectualistic as our thinking is to-day. Something like the sound
    • them to-day. It is characteristic of our civilisation —
    • example, taught to nearly every child to-day would have been regarded
    • as miracle by the Greeks. Many of the experiments we explain to-day
    • pure magic in those days. Any history of physics tells us as much.
    • in the way we do to-day. The very nature of his soul made this
    • beginning and an ending of a mineral Earth to-day and build up our
    • are more interested to-day. In our age, men live in the intellect
    • as an idea or a concept arises within our minds to-day, so, in those
    • which we to-day regard as something quite independent of speech
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  • Title: Lecture: The Dual Form of Cognition During the Middle Ages and the Development of Knowledge in Modern Times
    Matching lines:
    • particular, will be unfolded in the next few days. We may say that
  • Title: Lecture: The Remedy for Our Diseased Civilisation
    Matching lines:
    • Yesterday
    • Yesterday
    • task, as I have expressed myself yesterday, in justifying its
    • yesterday, was Czolbe, the sensualists therefore spoke of something
    • birthday at Jena, in the nineties of the last century. I happened to
    • birthday of one of his many colleagues, a birthday like that of so
    • yesterday, we have within the human being, as an inner development,
    • merely a symptom of what constitutes to-day the decisive
    • the outwardly pious Roman Catholics. Of course, on Sundays they
    • which they conceive the rest of life, the remaining days of the week,
    • mention the things to which I have alluded yesterday and which I am
    • considering to-day. For this reason, the things which I am about to
    • intellectualism) during the daytime, while he is awake, from the
    • The essential point to-day is to realise that something need not be
    • to you to-day? Many things are connected with spiritual science, but
    • in regard to what I have said to-day it is essential to bear in mind
    • be like. Even what exists to-day as a world-destructive element, has
  • Title: Development of the child up to puberty
    Matching lines:
    • human evolution from a specific angle today. I will link these
    • yesterday. When human beings don't allow spiritual science to
    • we are asleep in our will even during the day, what becomes
    • actual results — it is like I said yesterday — the
    • the actual outcome of our present day scientific leaning is a
    • present day mankind must look at clearly; dualism has developed
    • influences the other. Our present day nature observation, as it
    • This is essentially what must penetrate present day humanity
    • Today some who do not see the essence of it, point out with a
    • said. — It is always refreshing when one can still today
    • intellectualism so attractive for today's science? Look for
    • depicted today again. Such things would rather not be bothered
    • pertaining to knowledge is shied away from today; people do not
    • healthy way. When I said yesterday that the
    • undergone some higher learning, what becomes apparent today?
    • when there is a reference to, first of all, present day science
    • to make it possible today, to convince the occasional person
    • nonsense, even when well meant. We are confronted today with
  • Title: Man as a Being: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • the world. And to link up what I have to say in the next few days with
    • To-day, when everything is in a way turned upside down, it has even
    • the superficial way in which soul-phenomena are studied to-day that no
    • sense of thought and an ego-sense. Most of the concepts current to-day
    • every day. If you want an example, you can see it in the latest
    • discovered by the materialistic physiology of to-day. Or take the
    • to-day.
    • happens in everyday life. The important thing is really to distinguish
    • connected, and yet everything is metamorphosed. I have tried to-day to
    • And to-morrow and the day after we will carry our study to a
  • Title: Man as a Being: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • YESTERDAY I tried to draw the line between those sensory experiences
    • believe themselves to represent the spiritual life of to-day
    • All these distinctions, these theories, have come about because to-day
    • often told you that to-day, when philosophers speak of the distinction
    • This is the classic example of many situations in which present-day
    • Thales with a constitution of soul such as we have at the present day
    • back upon it with the spiritual make-up resulting from present-day
    • You have only to recall how often reference is made to-day to the
    • centuries that I have just mentioned, To-day, of course, we cannot go
    • If you take what I said yesterday about the ego-sense, the
    • psychological science pursues to-day was of course for Brentano
    • Mathematics, as I explained to you yesterday, comes from the senses of
    • interesting studies to-day if you go into the sphere of physiology.
    • of ideas, with which one grasps the sense of touch. What to-day is
    • if I may put it so. I mean that to-day our perfection as man does not
    • ever and again urged towards what he has outlived. To-day he often
    • But, my dear friends, it is not possible for humanity nowadays to go
    • to know how men would get on with such a concept of trust in everyday
    • elementary constituents. To-day one must not ignore these things. I
    • in physical space,” when a university don to-day is able to write
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  • Title: Man as a Being: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • expression in everyday communal life. You find it in the relationship
    • series. Usually people completely fail to see how widespread to-day is
    • especially the transformed metabolic-limb system; or what to-day is
    • phrase. And to-day this phrase is to be heard over and over again in
    • Again — and to-day I can only go as far as this — if you
    • Why are we making a point of this? Because to-day man needs to be able
    • to-day, if one is honest in each sphere one has to admit that there is
    • no bridge between them. And I said yesterday that because there is no
    • at variance with ourselves. To-day we can feel the presence of these
    • mankind can come to-day.

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