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  • Title: Lecture: Goethe and the Evolution of Consciousness
    Matching lines:
    • Spirit of the Earth art nearer to me.” After the year 1790
    • to work again upon his drama, the Spirit of the Earth is no longer
    • he does not inwardly say: “Thou Spirit of the Earth art
    • nearer,” but he says: Not until I rise above the earthly
    • Earth can I understand Man. — And many other passages can be
    • beginning and an ending of a mineral Earth to-day and build up our
    • the entropy of the Earth. All these things are abstractions, derived
  • Title: Lecture: The Remedy for Our Diseased Civilisation
    Matching lines:
    • and then ... when the earth shall have continued for a while in this
    • the earth.
    • earth in which the so-called civilisation has unfolded. We may
    • the East and asserting itself over a great part of the earth. This is
    • is, however, connected with the whole earth. What we generally call
    • which lies within the earth and that which is outside the earth. The
    • human being identifies himself with the earth. For this reason, he
    • the earth: nationality, and so forth. The human being adopts the
    • standpoint of the earth-being, and he speaks of the universe from the
    • standpoint of the earth-being. Try to feel how this standpoint is,
    • earth; this enables him to acquire certain cognitions which represent
    • his efforts to grasp what is above the earth and under the earth, for
    • this alone can throw light upon the conditions of the earth.
    • will really be able to found upon the earth a human structure
    • a theoretical manner of how the Earth has developed out of the Moon,
    • with all that constitutes humanity upon the earth; he felt that he
  • Title: Development of the child up to puberty
    Matching lines:
    • hypotheses about the beginning and the end of the earth.
    • warmth to itself. Then the earth with all its people and
    • all its moral ideals. This earth's demise is ensured by the Law
    • the death of the earth, the death of all human souls just like
    • seed is for a future natural existence and that the earth with
    • that Heaven and Earth will perish but My word, the Logos, which
    • affairs which needed to be organized on the earth round was not
    • literally: “Heaven and Earth will perish but my Word will
    • will enfold, just as the earth will perish.
  • Title: Man as a Being: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • soul which has unconscious memories of earlier lives on earth. Man is
    • beginning and the end of the earth; but when the end decreed by the
    • perishing earth, all this has to be left to faith!
  • Title: Man as a Being: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • apart from the head organisation, in an earlier earth-life. Thus what
    • we carry about in a particular earth-life as our head is the
    • transformed body (apart from the head) of the previous earth-life, but
    • rebirth into the head-formation of the next earthly life. One must of
    • earth.
    • condition the metabolic-limb system of this present earth-life. The
    • previous earth-life, and the other, the faculty of memory, he acquires
    • connection with this earth-life, does not suffice to enable us to look
    • experienced these ideas in our previous earth-life; but they are none
    • previous earth lives and to whom it is therefore easy to communicate
    • the human being, in so far as he stands on the earth, has his natural
    • an earlier earth-life.
    • through a metamorphosis of his previous earthly life, and then he sees
    • present earth-life, whilst the head organisation, down to its very
    • shape, we bring with us out of our previous earth-life. Whoever
    • ideation with previous earth-lives, and the faculty of memory with the
    • present earth-life. In later lectures we shall see that we can
    • show how it is developed in the present earth-life, but passes over
    • through the life between death and rebirth into the next earthly life.

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