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  • Title: Lecture: Evil and the Power of Thought
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    • speak thus if he stood again to-day among Western people with the
    • probably say: “In my days, fear played no part in civilised
    • knowledge of man. Tradition has preserved this precept, and to-day it
    • of which I have spoken. The average man to-day is aware of the world
    • what actually exists within man. But to-day we must do so, for
    • destructive forces appearing to-day — in the East of Europe,
    • learn what we really must learn to-day for the healthy progress of
    • about a living difference to-day between the East and the West. In
    • and necessary perspective opens out. The assumption to-day is that
  • Title: Lecture: The Seeds of Future Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • objects in a material sense, and following the custom of present day
    • will one day suffer dissolution, and of how out of all manner of
    • being formed to-day in man within this centre of destruction. It is
    • Oriental. In our days the Oriental, particularly in Asia but
    • truth for him; it is not a truth for him to-day. We can see this
    • is perfectly possible for the consciousness of the present day, he
    • truths such as I have been indicating to-day. That is the only way we
    • world at large to-day in the way I have described them to you here,
    • been describing exists to-day in every human being. Only, he has no
    • atoms as are already there to-day. A man thus trained in thought
    • All that we see of our fellow men with our senses will one day no longer
    • cannot pass away. Man bears within him that which will one day be,
  • Title: Lecture: Human Freedom and Its Connection with the Mystery of Golgotha
    Matching lines:
    • have already studied quite a number of these aspects; today we
    • of semblance, and I have again emphasized this yesterday.
    • to you yesterday — by disappearing with death and by
    • had another direction from that of today. If we remain standing
    • the situation of present-day mankind from the standpoint of
    • Today we do not see much of all that may be realized on the basis
    • with the aid of an instinctive knowledge. Today it is impossible
    • history as it is generally described and accepted today, obtains
    • Today there are physicists who think that out there in the
    • developed today, the modern materialistic cosmologies, are pure
    • Spiritual Being in the Sun. Even today the Sun is a Spiritual
  • Title: Fundamental Impulses in the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Times
    Matching lines:
    • turn his gaze on present-day Western civilisation, he would
    • days, fear really played no part in the life of
    • civilisation. In my days, when a world-conception had to
    • impulses of present-day civilisation. And were we able to
    • word has been preserved traditionally; to-day, however, it is
    • every-day man of the present age sees the world around him
    • present time and out of which his actions proceed. Present-day
    • to be found in man. But it must be pointed out already to-day,
    • earth. It can be seen in everything appearing to-day as
    • supposing he were to arise again, whereas a present-day man
    • things can show us what we have to learn to day for the sake of
    • us, beneath the mirror of memory. But the life of present-day
    • such feelings and sentiments, they constitute what lives to-day
    • present-day such things do not enter into the consciousness of
    • uncouth, even from an everyday aspect of experiencing things.
    • Mankind is facing this change. But people still talk to-day in
    • those we need. People to-day think that it is only meet and
    • need a spiritual deepening. To-day I only wished to show you
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • civilization would speak in this way if he stood again today
    • say, “In my day, fear played no part in civilized life.
    • preserved this saying, and today it is still repeated —
    • human being today is aware of the world around him by means
    • the human being. Today we must do so, however, for otherwise
    • destructive forces appearing today — in Eastern Europe,
    • however, we can learn what we really must learn today for the
    • today on the one hand in the Orient and on the other in the
    • perspective opens up, which we need. People today believe
    • wished today to look from a different viewpoint at matters we
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • Yesterday I
    • memory-mirror, then what I characterized yesterday as a kind
    • said yesterday, if this hardening of the I, if this egoity,
    • custom of present-day science we speak of the conservation of
    • source of destruction about which I spoke yesterday matter is
    • of how our earth will one day face annihilation, and of how
    • that already is being formed today in the human being out of
    • Yesterday we
    • In our day the Oriental, particularly in Asia but also in
    • not a truth for him to-day. We can see this most clearly when
    • the present day, he comes to the point at which it is
    • egoity under the influences I described yesterday.
    • yesterday. That is the only way we can come to the twofold
    • cannot present such things before the world at large today in
    • been describing to you exists today in every human being, but
    • least the same atoms, as are already there today. One thus
    • longer exist one day; whatever makes itself known to eye,
    • day exist when all he sees around him will have ceased to
    • Yesterday and
    • today I have tried to lead you, perhaps in a complicated way,
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  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • Today we will
    • go somewhat further into what we considered here last Friday
    • and Saturday, and I would like to draw your attention
    • cognition, and today I would like simply to describe for you
    • exists in the human being today, we distinguish the physical
    • by reason of things we cannot go into today we must
    • of this thought-weaving, as it were, our everyday thoughts,
    • daydreamers, thus losing our self-possession. Dreams as such
    • experience the dreaming that continues throughout the day.
    • back over the day to the moment of awaking, then we have an
    • day links itself on, and so forth. What we observe in this
    • distinguished clearly from dreams and also from the everyday
    • show you today how these things can be spoken about out of a
    • what we have studied today.
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • yesterday how the human being in his consciousness approaches
    • Yesterday I
    • the human being. Today we will consider something of the
    • of conclusion tomorrow. We tried yesterday to examine
    • between — I said yesterday that this expression is not
    • Today we wish
    • life. I explained yesterday that the Imaginative
    • the waves that mount up from the day's dream life into our
    • consciousness. We dream continuously, as I said yesterday,
    • memory, as I described yesterday. Our consciousness is dull
    • given on the subject that we can ascend from the day
    • resemble the thought life that I characterized yesterday and
    • being, as he is today, bears in himself physical body,
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • briefly what we have been studying during recent days in
    • these studies. Today I shall speak more of the results; I
    • few days.
    • sense world itself today, however, the fact is that we do not
    • Following his biography sometimes from day to day, sometimes
    • have presented in the last two days, you will be able to see
    • Today, however, we shall mainly interest ourselves in the
    • quite clear, however, about what I suggested two days ago, that
    • When you remember what you ate yesterday, you naturally can
    • psychology today is nothing but a sum of formalisms) into the
    • Yesterday I
    • completely hidden from present-day natural scientific
    • thinking. Present-day natural scientific thinking does not
    • thus experiences himself today — and will do so always
    • such a way today that fundamentally he grasps nothing of his
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • — and eight days ago we were speaking of this from
    • plant cells, of living cells generally, will one day be
    • we live today in humanity's present epoch man —
    • with his angel being. I say he would face the danger. Today
    • trend of evolution persists, the human being of today faces
    • and this is the case with very few people today — will
    • today it is exactly this that provides the keynote for world
    • such difficulties today for human evolution — all this
    • Today, however,
    • terminology. In what is written today by anthropologists or
    • our modern age. The damages of today, insofar as they
    • at the disposal of present-day spiritual science, comes once
    • when today, even if it is already coming to an end, children
    • element. Today a human being is pressed into his environment
    • frequently the case today.
    • today I have been developing another point of view for
    • the spiritual. It is only the love of comfort today that
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • We will take this as our starting point today.
    • Yesterday we
    • he develops, in the sense in which I spoke yesterday, a
    • which we spoke yesterday made it possible to close
    • yesterday's study with the words, “Knowledge of the
    • that he was indeed born on such and such a day in Frankfurt,
    • described to you yesterday, but he works with what now lives
    • you yesterday, the sphere of the planetary forces. This is a
    • earlier lectures, and also again yesterday, I have pointed
    • someday cells will be found to have the most complicated
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • as we perceive him today we are able to understand something
    • through today, during his earthly existence. To view the
    • will arise a future realm of nature out of what today is only
    • this that, as future plant realm, has its seed today in the
    • human physical body. The human physical body today is the
    • man's etheric body today. During life between birth and death
    • existence within the earthly. A few days after we have gone
    • ourselves the plant world of today, which develops only life;
    • animal-plant realm. What today is spread out around us as the
    • animal nature that exists today to a stage above, where the
    • animal will not move merely in sensation, as it does today,
    • the case with the present-day human being. This human-animal
    • course as those of the present-day human being, in which the
    • exist for the earthly today. The present earthly environment
    • today, therefore, we have the seed of what will be the
    • so on, today.
    • today lives deep within him, only in his soul, then manifests
    • outwardly. It might be said that just as today in a
    • be revealed in his outer configuration. Today we can gather
    • qualities are expressed slightly in the physiognomy today, in
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  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • I. Then I showed you how what man today can call his bodies
    • We live today,
    • generally are understood today, by means of the intellect, by
    • being encounters today as culture, as civilization, is
    • the human being in feeling is just what the world today
    • a person who today enters school at six years of age, enters
    • today, in a spiritual respect. What does such a person, who
    • soul, which other people, who live only in today's culture,
    • therefore, what those who live in today's culture do not
    • — though the philosopher of today speaks only with
    • today in the I as a reflection of the astral body, do not
    • literature, despite the infernal laughter coming today from
    • needs today.
    • to take place today from primal sources! Tomorrow we shall
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • intellectual life as the one we hold so dear today as our
    • cultured, world today, is something that is obliterated upon
    • remains, as you know, for a few days after death in the form
    • however, along with his etheric body, a few days after death.
    • death, after passage of the few days when one still
    • — after these days the pictures become in a certain way
    • open our physics books nowadays and there we see light being
    • about the light for which we in our present-day intellectual
    • described yesterday from a different viewpoint. There is
    • Today I have
    • himself. What I have thus characterized today in terms of the
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • yesterday that in our present era, since the middle of the
    • today we shall view the Mystery of Golgotha from the
    • “appearance” (Schein) and yesterday I
    • explained to you yesterday — by disappearing with death
    • birth and death. The human being has come to the point today
    • today and more ancient human views.
    • the world had another orientation from that of today. If the
    • present-day human beings.
    • basically the situation of present-day humanity from the
    • passions. Today we do not see much of everything that may be
    • Today we often come across conceptions stating that these
    • conception holds that just as today man freely joins thought
    • he could do nothing else. Today we no longer picture in the
    • Today it is
    • In today's
    • today acquires its true significance only if the Mystery of
    • not the sun as we see it today. Today there are physicists
    • today are pure fantasy. In more ancient times, people did not
    • today the sun is a spiritual being to those who contemplate

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