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  • Title: Lecture: Evil and the Power of Thought
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    • its representatives: “You are living entirely in fear; your
    • this love can be traced directly in the present. But one who is able
    • up in him that could no longer exist directly in the immediate present,
    • What presents itself to the ordinary consciousness of modern man as
  • Title: Lecture: The Seeds of Future Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • objects in a material sense, and following the custom of present day
    • is perfectly possible for the consciousness of the present day, he
    • such as those we have expounded here. At present it is ready to
  • Title: Lecture: Human Freedom and Its Connection with the Mystery of Golgotha
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    • The lecture presented here was given in Dornach on October 16, 1921,
    • The lecture presented here was given in Dornach on October 16, 1921,
    • to a new birth. We have already explained that in the present
    • death and a new birth. But in the present epoch this capacity of
    • the present epoch we were not able to experience the world as an
    • man's present consciousness.
    • in the present age man cannot live in a world of illusion after
    • still another difference between the present time and older human
    • on, of Greece and Rome, as far as our present time. In thought we
    • the situation of present-day mankind from the standpoint of
    • into the way in which the pagan cosmogonies arose. In the present
    • from doing so. In the present time, we no longer conceive in the
    • In the present
  • Title: Fundamental Impulses in the Mysteries of Ancient and Modern Times
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    • This lecture is presented here with the kind permission of the Rudolf
    • turn his gaze on present-day Western civilisation, he would
    • impulses of present-day civilisation. And were we able to
    • present time, little of it can be seen directly. But he who is
    • But even at present it does indeed happen that this word is
    • every-day man of the present age sees the world around him
    • shape of representations, and that part of the representations
    • present time and out of which his actions proceed. Present-day
    • the present times we can see what would happen. What is to be
    • world-conception needed in the present age, this force of
    • kinds of aspects. But it is in conformity with the present age
    • supposing he were to arise again, whereas a present-day man
    • us, beneath the mirror of memory. But the life of present-day
    • break through the representations gained through the
    • representations gained through the senses. Every night, between
    • then, lies beyond the representations gained through the senses
    • present-day such things do not enter into the consciousness of
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • representatives, “You are really living entirely in
    • present. One who is able to discern it, however, can see even
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • custom of present-day science we speak of the conservation of
    • and molecules but of spiritual beings. This world was present
    • present stage of evolution it is impossible to arrive at an
    • the present day, he comes to the point at which it is
    • however, one must present truths such as I indicated
    • cannot present such things before the world at large today in
    • wished to present to you today.
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • — what presents itself to Imaginative cognition is the
    • the etheric and physical bodies. If we present this
    • that if this represents the physical body (orange) and this
    • always present in the sleeping and waking states, with our
    • subjective weaving of thought. Both, however, are present in
    • dream. These dream pictures now are present throughout the
    • the present content of our consciousness. They are there,
    • present it, because it is a reality. In grasping it we come
    • becomes something of the spiritual, objectively present, that
    • described to you here is of course always present in the
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • through birth into existence; they represent, in other words,
    • present at other times. Everything in the soul life that does
    • see drawing) represents the circumference of
    • from the presentation in my book,
    • possesses, however, the force of life. It presents itself to
    • consciousness presents what the outer world gives him between
    • is surrendered to our present one, streams over, pours itself
    • into our present life on earth. We exercise this activity
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • present the preceding and the following part of life —
    • man represents a cooperation between what has gone before,
    • have presented in the last two days, you will be able to see
    • presented to you, presses outward and becomes his karma that
    • completely hidden from present-day natural scientific
    • thinking. Present-day natural scientific thinking does not
    • about the surrounding world. By reason of the present
    • simply the task of the present life of spirit in its progress
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • human beings in such a way that there are present in the
    • we live today in humanity's present epoch man —
    • being of the angeloi; in our present age he cannot unite
    • If the present
    • guide. One does not arrive at an understanding of our present
    • These archai, these primal spirits, in the present cosmic
    • physical organs, but you will understand me if I present this
    • space, but naturally we can only present this in spatial
    • could say, in naming this picture circle, which represented
    • at the disposal of present-day spiritual science, comes once
    • at first everything is present in him that ultimately
    • world represented by the earthly human being who Wrests
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • included. The inner side of the plant-like is presented to
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • man as spirit, we must look up to the present evolutionary
    • present. We develop our soul by means of what we draw forth
    • various ways with this working in the immediate present. In
    • present.
    • stand between our present mineral realm, which lies as though
    • our present earthly existence. What is in us as forces of
    • substance resembling that of the present plant world but
    • present animals, which is confined to the perception of the
    • the case with the present-day human being. This human-animal
    • course as those of the present-day human being, in which the
    • of the present animal realm, proceeding merely from instinct.
    • exist for the earthly today. The present earthly environment
    • angeloi that is a concept for the present time, which is
    • what constitutes the present for the human being, his soul
    • in the present time of the earth. The astral body, at the end
    • various animal species dies away, when the present form of
    • their essential being. We know that part of their present
    • find the present, we find this soul world intimately bound up
    • with the present. If we look upon man's bodily world, in this
    • present, and future together symbolically by saying: the past
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  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • presents from its authoritative science as an outer
    • ultimately what it is that makes a few people in the present
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • fully conscious of them, represent only what glimmers up to
    • presents itself to us between birth and death and then
    • the middle of the nineteenth century, the more representative
    • is presented cosmomorphically; that is, the impressions are
    • about the light for which we in our present-day intellectual
    • presented this as it appears in terms of the human being
  • Title: Cosmosophy 1: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • yesterday that in our present era, since the middle of the
    • the present age the human being between birth and death were
    • reality, but a reality that does not rise up in man's present
    • however, that in the present age it is again the case that
    • present-day human beings.
    • further on, of Greece and Rome, as far as our present time.
    • basically the situation of present-day humanity from the

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