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  • Title: Lecture: The Cosmic Word and Individual Man
    Matching lines:
    • N present-day anthroposophical life we must begin to develop an art which
    • were based on a quite different kind of knowledge from that of to-day,
    • to-day. We have to learn to find again a deeper and deeper meaning in
    • reality. To-day we shall consider the human etheric body, describing
    • But to-day we shall look back at what is left behind in bed when a
    • detach themselves, a few days after man's death, as etheric body from
    • have said during the day, from waking to falling asleep — but in
    • what is spoken during the day. (The same thing happens during every
    • sleep, even during a daytime nap, but in a more fragmentary way.)
    • laid aside the etheric body as such; when after some days this
    • It is similar with the other experiences of man in the first days
    • today.
    • themselves today as the nucleus of what must spread to wider and wider
  • Title: Lecture: The Recovery of the Living Source of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • to-day more particularly of one aspect of this relationship of human
    • ones in respect of such matters as we shall be considering. To-day
    • If we consider the relationship man has to-day to language, we find
    • object. In our day however there is hardly any feeling left for this;
    • when lightning actually flashes through space? To-day we are inclined
    • days designated the plough. When anyone was listening to or speaking
    • live in the spiritual world. To-day we will extend this into a realm
    • for up to a point they are similar to the man of the present day, —
    • continuous stream back from our own day to Rome. A certain element of
    • has to-day reached a kind of culmination, first began to show itself
    • life of a Greek and the inner life of a man of the present day. To
    • The way the Greeks are described in the schools to-day is really
    • in earlier days.
    • We have to-day the various languages that run their course like
    • Word ” — in those days the Word was felt as moving and
    • from it. And how sore is the need to-day for such fructification! Let
    • unfolds before us when we look away from the present-day language
    • weaving stirs even yet in the language corpses of to-day. Were the
  • Title: Lecture: The Forming of Destiny in Sleeping and Waking
    Matching lines:
    • We will consider a certain theme today which may serve as an
    • elaboration of the public lecture given yesterday.
    • sleep and they work on into the life of day, into man's
    • the experiences of Ego and astral body work into the life of day, by
    • speech in everyday life, the astral body carries with it, out of the
    • soul inherent in speech during the day is taken out into the
    • In every movement of the fingers that we make during the day, in
    • There is in the culture of the present day very little of what we
    • In our days it is often so that people who claim to believe
    • merely voice an understanding of everyday affairs, but are also
    • day. But what is it that enables us to be connected rightly with
    • of day. Recognition of this promotes an unshakable conviction of
    • Observing the human being during the life of day, we can see how the
    • the life of day, the astral body is within the physical body, it
    • sketched today in outline with my
    • death. Then comes the backward review, lasting one, two, three days,
    • three days after death, but immediately thereafter the thoughts are
    • days the whole panorama has passed away — into the Cosmos. We
    • was what I wanted to say to you today, my dear friends, when it has
  • Title: Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • capacity for conception. But the present day human being has good
    • directed yesterday in a different connection.
    • place of what is today abstract thinking. Moreover, since we possessed
    • Today the view of the human being is that thoughts are something which
    • century, the consciousness (which we still possess today) clearly took
    • order to understand what I wish to bring out today. Standing here upon
    • is known today by people who depend upon external documents regarding
  • Title: Lecture: Michaelmas VII: The Creation of A Michael Festival Out Of The Spirit (Extract)
    Matching lines:
    • to-day, but signified rather a living participation in the deeds of
    • universe. In ancient times men knew what to-day must be learned over
    • The old traditional remnants still extant to-day can show that men
    • on the Sunday immediately after the first full moon of spring; he
    • first Sunday of April. It was of course useless to bring forward
    • the first Sunday after the spring full moon was dedicated to the Sun
    • therefore be fixed on a particular day, in accordance with earthly
    • can only fall on a different day each year, because it is
    • away from the Mystery of Golgotha all its spiritual nature. To-day the
    • Michael force out of the clouds. The calendars show on this day the
    • mysteries, which I could to-day outline only briefly, they founded the
    • given here, how very little people still receive to-day from these
    • festival which only now for present-day humanity, has real
    • in the last days of September, when autumn approaches, the leaves
    • days of September, this would be a most significant deed. But the
    • all that is going on to-day in the shape of social tirades would be
    • aright. If to-day one could see the working of the whole universe when
  • Title: Preparing for a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • of life, we naturally link one day's experience to the next and
    • long time and then went back to bed and slept. The next day,
    • will swim the next day.” And his roommate
    • of thing could happen more often. But we today do not
    • first days after death (since it takes about three days to let
    • takes days afterward for the life body to be completely
    • “cosmic,” until after a few days it finally melts
    • away. But in these few days, the most valuable aspect of the
    • all this melts away from us in just a few days. And to the exact
    • nothing during our sleep life, then three or four days after
    • When we are awake, we live through the day
    • can we, but we evaluate everything we did the previous day in
    • remains unconscious for us during the day, and every night as
    • first few days, the content of our earthly consciousness
    • Just as every day we sink into the
    • knowledge, and only then will we see how limited today's
    • of cowardice and lack of energy derives today unconsciously from
    • where today we derive only cowardice and lack of energy from
  • Title: Lecture I: The WHITSUN Mystery and its Connection with the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • To-day I want to bring two familiar pictures before you, and to
    • The first picture is that of the disciples of Christ Jesus on the day
    • We will try to-day to overcome this seeming contradiction in the light
    • The second picture is that of the scene ten days after the Ascension,
    • that the soil beneath our feet to-day belongs to an earth that is
    • the way in which it is active to-day in an animal organism, in a state
    • known to-day, that at about the time of the Mystery of Golgotha the
    • earthly evolution. These secrets remain unnoticed by man's everyday
    • is taking place. There are many such happenings, but the everyday
    • the day of the Ascension. In spiritual vision the disciples see Christ
    • might take effect, fulfilled it in such a way that ten days after the
    • Spiritual visions such as came to the disciples on the day of the
    • at death, retains the etheric body for a few days, and then the
    • the Ascension picture which the disciples were able to behold that day
    • mood-of-soul that conforms truly with these days of the Spring festivals.
  • Title: Easter/Pentecost: Lecture II: The Mystery of Pentecost and the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • light of day. As a rule the contents of the Gospels are
    • would like to call up two pictures before your souls to-day,
    • will endeavour to-day to dispel this apparent contradiction
    • is that in which, ten days after the Ascension, when the
    • to-day, in order to contribute somewhat (it naturally
    • that the solid earth on which we walk to-day actually
    • to-day, which can be broken in pieces; minerals were active
    • within the earth then in the same way they are active to-day
    • bones. To-day these have still an inward life; they have not
    • naturally be known also to-day, was that about the time of the
    • to-day is the same only taken from a different side. It was the
    • His Deed on Golgotha; and He completed it so that just ten days
    • Disciples had on the day of Ascension is always connected with
    • few days he retains his etheric body, then it dissolves: it
    • soul condition, on the Day of Ascension.
    • to be the right one for these days of the Spring Festivals.

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