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  • Title: Lecture: The Cosmic Word and Individual Man
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    • We know that when, under earthly conditions, the human being goes to
    • music into the recently-experienced earthly sounds. They are in a
    • from earthly experience that are most nearly comparable to it. This is
    • nature, in the shining stream which during earthly sleep flows from
    • who for the earth has died. For this being no longer has physical ears
    • being lives on earth, alternating between waking and sleeping. During
    • or evil earthly man, as earthly man living in truth or in error. But
    • live on earth, are realities; they too are illusion; the realities are
    • the group-souls. The whole plant world on earth is no reality; the
    • earth-soul is the reality. Plants are only as hair upon the earth
    • the apparent Logos born upon earth as real Logos.
    • the plant Earth-soul. The differences were known, but gradually they
    • man goes from earthly life to earthly life, and how from life to life
    • As long as man stands upon Earth, he lives among the revelations of
    • their true form to the order of Earth, in which he does not behold the
    • But if earthly life is not to fall into complete decay, man must learn
    • there will be the dawn of a future Earth-evolution, and of the
    • metamorphosis of earthly being into the forms of Jupiter, Venus, and
    • mankind may really come about, and that earthly life may not fall into
  • Title: Lecture: The Recovery of the Living Source of Speech
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    • course of the evolution of mankind on Earth.
    • that is, an atmosphere is prepared around the Earth within which can
    • The evolution of language on Earth has thus a deep and intimate
    • studying something that has to do with the Earth, it is by no means
    • Earth.
    • out of this Inspiration they pour down to Earth the speech-forming
    • of course be no more than approximate. In one region of the earth
    • here on Earth in picture. What the Gods had not yet achieved is the
    • Earth Man as to have this also in common with him, — that He
    • an event of the life of Earth, it is an event of the life of the
    • Gods. The actual event that took place in that moment on Earth, and
    • which the Mystery of Golgotha is an earthly reflection. Therefore the
    • found His home in the hearts of men on Earth; He enters with His
    • the same time as mankind evolves on the Earth below. And we can also
    • describe its copy or reflection on Earth, — the progress from
    • a new urge and impetus to the whole life of man on Earth.
  • Title: Lecture: The Forming of Destiny in Sleeping and Waking
    Matching lines:
    • At the present stage of evolution reached by man in earthly life, it
    • immersed during sleep is that, at the present stage of the Earth's
    • his way into the earthly life. You must not think here only of the
    • his way into earthly life.
    • man's life on Earth? Three things must be considered if we are
    • his pre-earthly life and proceeds to weave, in the dim consciousness
    • walk. Man enters the world, the earthly world, as a being who
    • certain faculties during his physical life on Earth.
    • physical life on Earth have to breathe, have to be surrounded with
    • Earth, experience a need that the souls of men who are asleep shall
    • integral quality of human speech. Even during earthly life it can be
    • continues on to the next earthly life — the power to shape
    • in all those things which in one earthly life we have experienced in
    • next descent to the earthly world, possess already a power which in
    • after-effects of the way in which, during the previous earth-life,
    • process learn to recognise that the previous earthly life works over
    • the human being, at the beginning of a new earthly life, learns to
    • sleep in a previous earthly life, as the outcome of universal human
    • carried over into another earthly life. How the next life is framed
    • soul-element of one earthly incarnation manifests in the physical in
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  • Title: Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture I
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    • When, out of that existence which is called the pre-earthly, the human
    • being first grows through the germinal state into the physical-earthly
    • body; how the child sleeps, as it were, into the physical-earthly
    • the capacity for movement suited to the human being in the earthly
    • of its presence in the pre-earthly existence. Spiritual science can
    • show us how this exists in the pre-earthly life. The earliest sounds
    • How did walking, speaking, thinking appear in the pre-earthly life?
    • last period before the earthly birth. There one sees the human
    • fact that we are thinking beings. Here on this earth we mutually
    • acquired out of the pre-earthly intercourse with the Angels. This
    • also with other human beings who are there in the pre-earthly
    • stage of his earthly life.
    • pre-earthly life, we find that these forces are acquired out of
    • intercourse he is permitted to experience during the pre-earthly
    • manifestation in the forces of the earthly life of speech, by means of
    • follow this process as we go back to the pre-earthly existence; we can
    • that class of Beings has bestowed upon us for the life on earth. We
    • the earth, its action, its walking, its behavior — everything
    • perpendicular to the earth. Within this striking in of the moral, of
    • pre-earthly life is here reactivated. If to the prayer-like formula,
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  • Title: Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • reference to the pre-earthly human life to which attention was
    • these abstract, intellectualistic concepts, we look at pre-earthly
    • no body, no organism, in the pre-earthly life, as we still possessed
    • error one can surrender oneself only during the earthly life between
    • birth and death. As long as we live in the pre-earthly existence, it
    • are something quite different in the pre-earthly life and in the
    • earthly existence. When we come upon a corpse somewhere in the world,
    • human being as we possess this in the earthly existence gives us a
    • during the earthly life do not come into existence of themselves in
    • we possessed in the pre-earthly existence. With the same certainty
    • pre-earthly existence in living thought.
    • pre-earthly existence. We do not quite rightly understand the earthly
    • thinking until we look upon it as the residue of the pre-earthly
    • then will one look back in the right way to the pre-earthly existence
    • conception and birth, brought over into the earthly existence
    • something out of the pre-earthly life. The living nature of ancient
    • from the living pre-earthly existence, if earthly thinking had already
    • that even at present there remains a final residue of pre-earthly
    • a free being in the course of earthly evolution.
    • formation of the whole human evolution on earth.
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  • Title: Lecture: Michaelmas VII: The Creation of A Michael Festival Out Of The Spirit (Extract)
    Matching lines:
    • that the earth is not the coarse lump modern geology sees in it. No
    • plants could grow on the earth, if it were what geology imagines; even
    • quite impossible; for according to geologists the earth is a mineral,
    • again, namely, that the earth is an organism and has a soul.
    • You see, this earth soul too has its particular destiny.
    • the earth is completely united with the earth. For when the earth is
    • decked with snow, when as it were, a frosty cloak envelops the earth,
    • then the earth-soul is united with the earth, rests in the interior of
    • the earth. We find then, that the soul of the earth, resting within
    • the earth, maintains the life of countless elemental spirits. The
    • elemental spirits of the earth must preserve the seeds throughout the
    • winter. This is all connected with the fact that the soul of the earth
    • is united with the body of the earth throughout the time of winter.
    • outside him, so does the earth inhale its soul during the winter. And
    • earth has been exhaled entirely; breathed out into the wide spaces of
    • the universe. The body of the earth is then, as it were,
    • “empty” and does not contain the earth-soul; the earth
    • in which one experienced the union of the earth-soul with the earth.
    • the soul of the earth out into the cosmic spaces and shared in its
    • — there was still the consciousness that the soul of the earth is
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  • Title: Preparing for a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • If we consider human existence on Earth,
    • the essence of human life on Earth.
    • that have to do with the material processes of earthly life.
    • Our thoughts pass by in intimate connection with the Earth, so
    • death seems to be connected to the Earth. But if we consider
    • the totality of human life on Earth, we notice that a third of
    • for the formation of thoughts on Earth we need the physical
    • earthly human beings, to have thoughts. Beyond this, we also
    • that during earthly life we are never not thinking.
    • the physical human being on Earth.
    • In contemporary earthly life, it is not
    • we are beings of the Earth, we are not adequately developed to
    • our previous earthly life. It is as if our past life were the
    • earthly life that is past departs from the person who has died.
    • whole earthly environment, what filled our normal consciousness —
    • extent that the content of earthly
    • about a third of our earthly life.
    • coloration that earthly life gave it, since we have to pass
    • Earth. We need about a third of our lifetime to live it over
    • we experienced on Earth unconsciously in our sleeping
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  • Title: Lecture I: The WHITSUN Mystery and its Connection with the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • heaven and so departed from the earth, and that the disciples were
    • then left, as it were, to their own resources. Likewise all earthly
    • earth, that is to say, from the Mystery of Golgotha onwards to remain
    • forever connected with earth-evolution. The mighty picture of the
    • earth and with mankind.
    • did not begin on the Earth, but that Earth-evolution proper was
    • and a solid, earthy body, in the real sense, only during
    • Earth” evolution proper.
    • Let us think, now, particularly of the Earth-evolution. It fulfils its
    • Lemurian epoch) of the “Moon” period. Earth-evolution proper
    • The mid-point of Earth-evolution falls in the middle of the Atlantean
    • epoch, and so in our present age the Earth has already passed the
    • Earth is already involved in a declining phase of evolution, and in
    • In his book The Face of the Earth, Eduard Suess has stated
    • that the soil beneath our feet to-day belongs to an earth that is
    • already dying. During the Atlantean epoch the earth was, so to say, in
    • crumbling away. The mineral element was active in the earthly realm in
    • earth is already involved in a death-process.
    • earth has been involved in this process of decline ever since the
    • middle of the Atlantean epoch. Moreover, in the earth must be included
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  • Title: Easter/Pentecost: Lecture II: The Mystery of Pentecost and the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • seen travelling heavenwards, having forsaken the earth, and the
    • Disciples are left, as it were, to themselves; earthly
    • unite His Being with the being of the earth, and from that
    • earthly evolution. One might therefore see the stupendous
    • the being of the earth and with humanity.
    • know that human evolution did not begin upon the earth, but
    • that only during earthly evolution did he acquire his solid
    • true earth-body.
    • let us recall the course of earthly evolution. This proceeded,
    • the earth was set agoing, and, as you know, we are now living
    • central point of earthly evolution falls within the middle of
    • therefore, the earth has passed its culmination, the
    • that the earth is already in a declining evolution, and I have
    • his book, “The Face of the Earth,” Ed. Suess says
    • that the solid earth on which we walk to-day actually
    • belongs to an earth that is dying; it was in middle-age during
    • within the earth then in the same way they are active to-day
    • crumbling of rocks is simply a sign that the earth is already
    • add that the earth has been in a process of declining evolution
    • the earth we have, however, to reckon all that appertains to
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