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  • Title: Lecture: The Cosmic Word and Individual Man
    Matching lines:
    • previous evening, one may wake up with the feeling that the soul has
    • after death. Then he feels himself in his astral body. But again it is
    • feeling: Yes, there are such realities, everything else is not real
    • take hold of Thinking, Feeling, and Willing in the astral body, as
    • In our human speech, which springs from Feeling, there lives for man
    • human being in Willing, Feeling, and Thinking — these must be
    • speech — the Cherubim bring the human life of Feeling into
    • into accord with Thinking and Feeling by the Cherubim.
    • its inner activity, when man in waking life moves, speaks, feels, and
    • Vulcan. The Anthroposophical Society must unite human beings who feel
  • Title: Lecture: The Recovery of the Living Source of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • feeling is present in him that he belongs to a spiritual world and
    • object. In our day however there is hardly any feeling left for this;
    • indicated. Who is there who still feels, when the word Blitz
    • parts of Europe. The feeling a man had when he was ploughing was
    • similar to the feeling he had when he heard the word which in those
    • experience as his feeling.
    • was not yet so interested in the feelings aroused in him at the
    • weather. These feelings interested him, it is true, in another
    • and antipathy, of every shade of human feeling. Instead of a language
    • of will, as in former times, we have now a language of feeling. We
    • have come to a stage where this feeling, which is called forth in man
    • gives rise to the language of feeling.
    • the Roman we can still feel ourselves near; then comes a great gulf.
    • speech or language, then we find that the language of feeling
    • region, men still feel how the word pulsates in them as the blood
    • pulsates in the body; they feel it in the power of the breath. In the
    • feel the presence of the Archangel, who is himself subject to
    • the language of will to the language of feeling and thence to the
    • of thought, through the language of feeling, to the
  • Title: Lecture: The Forming of Destiny in Sleeping and Waking
    Matching lines:
    • the nuances of feeling in the spoken word — these it is above
    • The Archangel Beings feel an affinity with what is carried out into
    • oxygen, and consequently feel oxygen to be something beneficial, so
    • This means that in a previous life feelings of strong antipathy or
    • woven out of feelings of hatred for our fellowmen. Love and hatred —
    • The whole feeling and attitude of soul that must emerge from a true
    • physical world we can make our thought free. Feeling
    • more than “feeling,” for it includes also the perception
    • freedom — the power that leads to freedom in feeling and in
    • of free or unfree thoughts; karma weaves at feeling and will. Karma
    • feeling and the ‘sleeping’ will. Into this we can pour,
    • mere comprehension of theories is the feeling, the attitude of soul
  • Title: Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • body that is at work within the feeling for speech in the erect being;
  • Title: Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • this reason the capacities of feeling and volition have not been
    • freedom. The true feeling of freedom developed for the first time in
    • feeling experienced during the first period in Christian evolution.
    • feeling nature, since living thinking was then still in existence.
    • relationships, especially the feelings associated with such things,
    • present time. At the present time we must feel that the Kingdom of
  • Title: Lecture: Michaelmas VII: The Creation of A Michael Festival Out Of The Spirit (Extract)
    Matching lines:
    • in his feelings while he is alive, this will also enable him to pass
    • the spring we acquire the real Easter feeling in seeing how the plants
    • death, so we are able to acquire another feeling when we have lived
    • — a festival that brings with it once more a feeling of
    • found only in the spiritual world, something which can kindle feelings
  • Title: Preparing for a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • valuable. We can feel, just below the threshold of
    • consciousness, that our feelings about our own tasks,
    • We may feel all the more inclined to such a
    • feeling of compassion, come from inexpressibly deeper sources
    • of sleep. And they operate in a large portion of our feeling
    • our will and our feeling life — which give a special
    • with our physical and life bodies. Not so our feeling life and
    • imagine that our feeling and will are as bound up with our
    • portion of the life of feeling. For this experience between
    • go of the life body), we feel that our thought life is being
    • feel about it and will it. Still, it appears to us bearing the
    • compared to a feeling of tiredness, of wanting to go to sleep.
    • We feel how the awareness we have in the spirit becomes weaker, how
    • feeling of drinking a real lemonade. It is true that there are
    • human life of feeling and of will. It becomes a reality in us.
  • Title: Lecture I: The WHITSUN Mystery and its Connection with the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • perception, of spiritual feeling, in order to be able to understand
    • with knowledge and with feeling — to the essence of the Mystery
    • inmost forces of faith, knowledge and feeling put their trust in the
    • revelation. We can feel Anthroposophy to be like a herald bringing
    • This should convey to you the mood-of-soul in which the true feeling
    • feeling for this Festival he will go out among the buds and blossoms
  • Title: Easter/Pentecost: Lecture II: The Mystery of Pentecost and the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • vision and of feeling, before it can understand how the Christ
    • powers of belief, of knowledge, and of feeling, believe in this
    • revelation of the Ascension. When we feel that Anthroposophy
    • feeling that Anthroposophy can impart with regard to these two
    • impart to each one that tone of feeling which may haply prove

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