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  • Title: Lecture: The Cosmic Word and Individual Man
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    • The Human Soul in its Connection with Godly-Spiritual
    • To speak of the human being as consisting of physical body, etheric
    • reality. To-day we shall consider the human etheric body, describing
    • this human etheric body. We should not stop at the vague conception
    • We know that when, under earthly conditions, the human being goes to
    • human being is asleep, and in particular at the etheric body. In this
    • when the human being is asleep.
    • We see the physical body grow still. We see the human being unable to
    • the external world changes, inasmuch as the human being becomes
    • whole extent, the physical body rests — but the human etheric
    • sleeping human being — that is to say upon the part of the human
    • process which originates from the region of the human eyes. It is as
    • irradiate the interior of the physical part of the sleeping human
    • being. The interior space of the human being is illumined by a
    • light, which streams into the interior of the human being, cannot be
    • One of the inner activities of the etheric body in the human being
    • of the human etheric body.
    • music, which resounds in an individualised form in the human etheric
    • body. But when the human being returns into the etheric body, all that
    • human soul translates what is really individualised cosmic
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  • Title: Lecture: The Recovery of the Living Source of Speech
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    • The Human Soul in its Connection with Godly-Spiritual
    • The Human Soul in its Connection with Godly-Spiritual Individualities.
    • to-day more particularly of one aspect of this relationship of human
    • metamorphoses which human language in general has undergone in the
    • I spoke about the evolution of the Leaders and Guides of humanity who
    • enabled them to put the speech-forming power into human life on
    • and antipathy, of every shade of human feeling. Instead of a language
    • the First. If we have a right understanding for this event in human
    • Golgotha came a time when Christ was present in a human body —
    • shall have this character, then all human activity will be fructified
    • strongest and deepest impulses of the human will. It must reckon with
    • a festival which gives a tremendous urge to human life, much as in
  • Title: Lecture: The Forming of Destiny in Sleeping and Waking
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    • The Human Soul in its Connection with Godly-Spiritual Individualities.
    • The Human Soul in its Connection with Godly-Spiritual
    • human being is placed within the sphere of the World Order that is
    • Human life is often said to be divided into two different states of
    • human being rests during sleep. The scientific view indeed
    • human activity is at rest. But sleep is by no means merely rest; we
    • earliest period, as a tiny child, the human being as it were sleeps
    • referring to this period during which the human being is ‘sleeping’
    • to understand the workings of all that the human being brings from
    • which the human being has to acquire, differently from the animals.
    • in a particular child, but in general it can be said that the human
    • animals make uniform use of their four limbs, whereas in the human
    • physical world, to the fact that the human being has to acquire
    • human being passes over from the waking to the sleeping state. During
    • interesting to watch the human being falling asleep and waking,
    • which the astral body participates in the process. For when the human
    • If you can perceive how a human being speaks, how he forms his words,
    • proceeds from the human mouth on the waves of the words and is heard
    • by the human ear, what the soul communicates in the flow of speech —
    • while the human being sleeps. It can be perceived more clearly when a
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  • Title: Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture I
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    • The Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny
    • The Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny
    • Steiner here deals with the interwovenness of human beings and
    • the human functions of walking, talking, sleeping, and thinking,
    • The Waking of the Human Soul and the
    • When, out of that existence which is called the pre-earthly, the human
    • sense a human being always observes a child. But the full significance
    • to walk, learning to speak, learning to think. You know that the human
    • the arms and the right placing of the human organism in a posture
    • movement in relation with the world suitable for the human being, in
    • the capacity for movement suited to the human being in the earthly
    • human being acquires in the mobility of his organism there proceeds
    • human being is undertaking all this activity — learning to walk,
    • working upward into the system which is the basis for human speech.
    • beyond into those organs which, out of the inner human being, bring
    • human being as childish thinking. Walking, speaking, thinking, —
    • When the human being is born, and is not yet able to do these things,
    • last period before the earthly birth. There one sees the human
    • with the Angels. Out of what has flowed into the human soul in the
    • rightly into intercourse with human beings. Just think what we should
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  • Title: Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture II
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    • The Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny
    • Steiner here deals with the interwovenness of human beings and
    • the human functions of walking, talking, sleeping, and thinking,
    • The constitution, the entire life, of the human soul we conceive much
    • too simply as we human beings of the present time, of the nineteenth,
    • the human soul itself. The changes which occur with the soul life of
    • the human being are considered very little. Now, it must be borne in
    • attention to this history of the human soul life as does the present
    • means of certain instinct, even though an instinct humanly formed. We
    • evolution of humanity has consisted in the loss of this instinctive
    • developed primarily the human understanding. I do not say that for
    • active in the human being, but what constitutes the greatest thing in
    • capacity for conception. But the present day human being has good
    • civilization possesses for the human soul. This question can be
    • reference to the pre-earthly human life to which attention was
    • As human beings of the present time, we experience concepts as
    • the ancient instinctive clairvoyance by human beings. And if, from
    • human existence, we find that something entirely different existed in
    • Today the view of the human being is that thoughts are something which
    • nature. We know it is the residue of a living human being. The living
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  • Title: Lecture: Michaelmas VII: The Creation of A Michael Festival Out Of The Spirit (Extract)
    Matching lines:
    • of man was intimately connected with the spirit; each human being
    • human being had to live was revealed to him out of the Mysteries.
    • Astrology had a living significance for the experience of each human
    • less could animals or human beings appear on it — this would be
    • most important one for the concerns of human civilisation. Such things
    • a Divine Being descended to the earth, took His dwelling in the human
    • mankind was approaching the Ego evolution, human beings might find
    • through His own victory over death; but we human beings understand the
    • Resurrection. But as human beings we must be able to submerge in what
    • the risen human soul may go through death in the right way. Just as in
    • experience in the autumn the death and resurrection of the human soul,
    • we shall not experience the present spiritually, linking human events
    • festival which only now for present-day humanity, has real
    • arising out of the fullness and freshness of the human heart through
    • For in the past, festivals used to bind human beings strongly
    • human life; because the Spirit would once more be introduced into
    • of such a festival would reveal, not only the will of human beings,
  • Title: Preparing for a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • The Human Soul in its Connection with Godly-Spiritual Individualities,
    • If we consider human existence on Earth,
    • the essence of human life on Earth.
    • depths only find their right place in the human sphere when
    • if we want to proceed in describing human consciousness without
    • illusion, that it is thinking that makes us human. So Hegel is
    • the totality of human life on Earth, we notice that a third of
    • precisely what element of the human being is necessary for our
    • earthly human beings, to have thoughts. Beyond this, we also
    • elements of human nature that seem to lie unconscious in bed
    • we are asleep. If we consider the whole human being, we can say
    • the physical human being on Earth.
    • valuable as moral human beings. We indulge in no illusions, nor
    • terms of our fundamental humanity.
    • that human life relies on causality, on necessary consequences,
    • human value. We do this every night, or every time we sleep,
    • human beings came to Earth and passed through the gates of
    • touched on briefly with human beings during our life on Earth.
    • human beings; just this distinguishes our nightly
    • general civilization of humanity, these things will gain
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  • Title: Lecture I: The WHITSUN Mystery and its Connection with the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • world-religions have placed mighty pictures before humanity. If these
    • humanity, for whose sake Christ fulfilled the Mystery of Golgotha, was
    • the secrets of the Deed on Golgotha to the heart of every human being,
    • human physical body. Expressed differently, in more esoteric terms,
    • the “Saturn” evolution had reached completion. The human
    • man had reached a stage when humanity all over the globe was facing
    • human physical body had reached a degree of decline where the men who
    • the Mystery of Golgotha, whereby the human physical body itself was
    • another in the evolution of humanity something of supreme importance
    • so deteriorated that the whole future of humanity would have been
    • have been that the human etheric body would have obeyed the forces of
    • constitution as human beings is such that our physical body has
    • sun-levity. Had the human physical body become what it must
    • seen the etheric bodies of certain human beings departing from the
    • spirit, linked Himself with humanity in the man Jesus of Nazareth,
    • humanity.
    • human beings had been able to acquire knowledge of these facts that
    • Golgotha. What, then, is to be said of the latter? How are these human
    • to these human beings?
    • penetrate into the human soul during the state of sleep. And this is
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  • Title: Easter/Pentecost: Lecture II: The Mystery of Pentecost and the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • humanity has placed before it mighty pictures gathered
    • humanity for whom the Christ passed through the Mystery of
    • the being of the earth and with humanity.
    • for each human heart — whatever the faith to which it
    • know that human evolution did not begin upon the earth, but
    • physical humanity. Physical man belongs to the earth, and as
    • Saturn had attained completion. The human physical body had
    • place, the evolution of the human physical body was such
    • that all humanity was faced with the prospect of not being able
    • Mystery of Golgotha the human physical body had reached such a
    • powers of growth, and the development of physical humanity were
    • received. The whole of human evolution takes place within
    • moment something of the highest importance for human
    • towards the sun. If the human physical body had become what it
    • In this case, humanity as earthly humanity, would naturally
    • with the humanity of the earth. Something else is also
    • Himself with humanity; He passed through the Mystery of
    • whole of humanity.
    • was accomplished for humanity. Clairvoyant vision must ever
    • behold how the etheric forces of humanity that constantly seek
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