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  • Title: Lecture: The Cosmic Word and Individual Man
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    • N present-day anthroposophical life we must begin to develop an art which
    • Ego leave this physical body and etheric body. The life of the astral
    • activity streams inwards. This is the life of the etheric body,
    • life of the cosmos this particular music, and radiance, and flooding
    • weaving life of those beings we name Exusiai is revealed.
    • this abstract life there is a being living more and more within
    • astral body — must be brought to life, in the way we have done
    • man goes from earthly life to earthly life, and how from life to life
    • And in what is revealed in waking life through human movement of the
    • speech — the Cherubim bring the human life of Feeling into
    • its inner activity, when man in waking life moves, speaks, feels, and
    • of whom the Universe is the revelation and the life.
    • But if earthly life is not to fall into complete decay, man must learn
    • will see how his whole life consists in a struggle and effort among
    • all that is outer garment of the Divine, and in a life within
    • description, but press on to the inner life.
    • mankind may really come about, and that earthly life may not fall into
  • Title: Lecture: The Recovery of the Living Source of Speech
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    • influence and he would fain bring it into the orbit of his life, or
    • enabled them to put the speech-forming power into human life on
    • pedantry, which has gradually been creeping into man's life and
    • that one can come again to an understanding of the soul life of such
    • life of a Greek and the inner life of a man of the present day. To
    • not so at all, their whole life of soul was of a different character
    • into the life of man that in reality requires a higher hierarchy than
    • changes from one form of life into another. The actual event of death
    • in life had not, up to the time of the Mystery of Golgotha, been an
    • too quickly. Death had no place in the life-experience of the higher
    • an event of the life of Earth, it is an event of the life of the
    • quickened into life, — and that is through men coming to realise
    • the Gospel is quickened to life by an understanding of the Christ, an
    • become alive, become quick with immediate present life.
    • enter also into spiritual life itself.
    • branches of the trees, the plants are fading away, life is being
    • mineralised. All the fresh young sprouting life that we saw in the
    • become a festival filled with life and impulse. It has to express how
    • life of the First Beginnings to flow again in language, what a
    • a festival which gives a tremendous urge to human life, much as in
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  • Title: Lecture: The Forming of Destiny in Sleeping and Waking
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    • Human life is often said to be divided into two different states of
    • consciousness: waking life and sleep. The conception of sleep in most
    • At the present stage of evolution reached by man in earthly life, it
    • life. The reason why the Ego and astral body cannot unfold
    • sleep and they work on into the life of day, into man's
    • conscious life.
    • the experiences of Ego and astral body work into the life of day, by
    • thinking of the beginning of man's life. During the very
    • his way into the earthly life. You must not think here only of the
    • period which cannot, in later life, be remembered by ordinary
    • remembered in later life. When we speak of all that is experienced by
    • his way into earthly life.
    • man's life on Earth? Three things must be considered if we are
    • his pre-earthly life and proceeds to weave, in the dim consciousness
    • wonderful instruments for the expression of his life of soul,
    • certain faculties during his physical life on Earth.
    • for the most important activities of life; in left-handed people the
    • really to be understood until we can follow how, in later life, the
    • speech in everyday life, the astral body carries with it, out of the
    • language. But through the whole of life, the element of spirit and
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  • Title: Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • life, we then see how in his physical existence the spiritual nature,
    • world. We see that the life of the child in its relation with the
    • possible through spiritual science to observe the spiritual life in
    • of life. Such is this meaningful order of occurrence. We shall soon
    • show us how this exists in the pre-earthly life. The earliest sounds
    • How did walking, speaking, thinking appear in the pre-earthly life?
    • it were, during the germinal life but later becomes manifest as the
    • stage of his earthly life.
    • pre-earthly life, we find that these forces are acquired out of
    • manifestation in the forces of the earthly life of speech, by means of
    • that class of Beings has bestowed upon us for the life on earth. We
    • pre-earthly life is here reactivated. If to the prayer-like formula,
    • contemporary life on earth much that can render possible approach to
    • the hierarchies, yet out of the life of the past there flows forth
    • different reward if a spiritual conception of life is not acquired.
    • If we now observe the child during the earliest years of life, we
    • not only into the preceding pre-earthly life, but also the preceding
    • life on earth, and thus only does one gain a view for the entire life
    • life a firm tread, how an insecure, wavering step is the outcome of
    • brutish, pitiless action in the previous life. Every step taken by the
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  • Title: Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • The constitution, the entire life, of the human soul we conceive much
    • the human soul itself. The changes which occur with the soul life of
    • attention to this history of the human soul life as does the present
    • reference to the pre-earthly human life to which attention was
    • no body, no organism, in the pre-earthly life, as we still possessed
    • different. Thoughts then still possessed a soul life. We then
    • world into our own life of soul.
    • error one can surrender oneself only during the earthly life between
    • are something quite different in the pre-earthly life and in the
    • What we are able to observe in regard to the life of thinking in the
    • during the earthly life do not come into existence of themselves in
    • something out of the pre-earthly life. The living nature of ancient
    • course of life. But those human beings of a more ancient time were
    • entirely different from contemporary human beings in their entire life
    • human soul life, it becomes clear to us that there is meaning in the
    • thoughts became ever more and more lifeless. And these lifeless
    • that an entirely new life was to begin. It is so immensely clever to
    • entirely different area what Christ said concerning the spiritual life
    • his own will, in which man shall give life again to a dead thinking by
  • Title: Lecture: Michaelmas VII: The Creation of A Michael Festival Out Of The Spirit (Extract)
    Matching lines:
    • ... In the first period after the great Atlantean catastrophe, the life
    • life. Then came a time about the sixth, fifth and fourth centuries
    • the earth, maintains the life of countless elemental spirits. The
    • and how to arrange our life out of the spirit. “Serving
    • Michael” means that we should not organise our life merely out of
    • spiritual world, the cosmic hour is endowed with life. One cosmic hour
    • their way back, in the right way, through death into spiritual life.
    • understanding during our life on earth, i.e. if we awaken to life
    • within the soul, during life, so that after having experienced this
    • spring up and bud, how Nature reawakens to life and overcomes winter's
    • i.e. we experience resurrection during our life on earth in order to
    • faces a new budding life at Easter time, — and when we experience
    • in Nature's fading life, how the soul of the earth is then united with
    • fellowship into our social life, — then we shall have established
    • This is what entered physical life through the establishment of
    • human life; because the Spirit would once more be introduced into
  • Title: Preparing for a New Birth
    Matching lines:
    • Sheet from 1934. It is also known as, Life after Death.
    • the most significant element in life must appear to be
    • there are temptations to consider other aspects of life as more
    • schooled in accordance with normal life, cannot arrive at the
    • the essence of human life on Earth.
    • that the majority of our thoughts in life are dependent on what
    • that have to do with the material processes of earthly life.
    • the totality of human life on Earth, we notice that a third of
    • of life, we naturally link one day's experience to the next and
    • unconscious. But this leaves a third of life out of
    • we might say they live a life of sleep, for they operate in our
    • life, which is a kind of dreaming.
    • our will and our feeling life — which give a special
    • life of thought. This becomes more comprehensible when we take
    • thinking, our conceptual life, we arrive at the insight that
    • need to set our life body in action. But these are the two
    • that during earthly life we are never not thinking.
    • physical and life bodies, normal consciousness forces itself
    • consciously into our physical and life bodies, then as we
    • asleep. We think; that is, the physical and life bodies are
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  • Title: Lecture I: The WHITSUN Mystery and its Connection with the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • the middle period of life; it teemed with inner life; it had upon it
    • there is still inner life. The bones are not in the condition of
    • imbued again with the necessary forces of life and freshness. Men were
    • possible for man to receive, during his life of sleep, an impulse he
    • takes its course, as we know, in the alternation of waking life and
    • sleep-life. In sleep, the physical body and ether-body remain behind;
    • mood and content of their soul-life have made fitting preparation for
    • produced its effect in the waking life of men who had no knowledge of
    • their life of sleep. The inevitable result would have been that while
    • life should be made possible for them, just as He performed it for
    • when knowledge of this Impulse has been acquired in waking life.
    • in a particular condition of their soul-life.
    • admonition: Endeavour to acquire for the next earthly life
  • Title: Easter/Pentecost: Lecture II: The Mystery of Pentecost and the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • the Atlantean epoch, and was then full of inward life. At that
    • bones. To-day these have still an inward life; they have not
    • bodies, as regards the possibility of life for them on earth
    • them: — Try in your next life, it seems to say, to
    • strive in the succeeding life on earth to acquire these powers

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