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  • Title: Lecture: The Cosmic Word and Individual Man
    Matching lines:
    • And at last men lost the power even to speak about the Monads —
    • considering this power at work in the Cosmos, one need not stop at the
  • Title: Lecture: The Recovery of the Living Source of Speech
    Matching lines:
    • enabled them to put the speech-forming power into human life on
    • then their speech-forming power flows no longer out of Intuition but
    • power.
    • detect in the speech-forming power of man the element of Inspiration,
    • pulsates in the body; they feel it in the power of the breath. In the
    • power of the breath as it enfills and surges through the body, they
    • is yielding to Inspiration when he communicates to man the power of
    • past the pictures of the speech-forming power, — for that is
    • present flow of the speech-forming power. And inasmuch as speech now
    • There is only one way whereby the speech-creating power can be
    • become a power in man that can create speech. And among all the facts
    • living Christ Impulse, the speech-forming power.
    • language-forming power. A quite new kind will begin to work. I have
    • power well up from man's inner being; now must man recognise
    • those olden times, when man had the power to create festivals, the
  • Title: Lecture: The Forming of Destiny in Sleeping and Waking
    Matching lines:
    • signifies will ultimately develop the power to make it once again an
    • observed that a man who, during sleep, fails to draw the right power
    • carried towards the Hierarchy of the Archai — the Powers of the
    • in the daily round of life. From these Archai, the power flows to us,
    • our thoughts we are free beings; but the power to use the freedom in
    • And out of the satisfaction or dissatisfaction is born a power that
    • continues on to the next earthly life — the power to shape
    • conjunction with the Archai. It is moreover in the power of the
    • next descent to the earthly world, possess already a power which in
    • the Archai. Universal human love carries with it creative power. To
    • with the actively creative powers of the world. But those who have
    • us the power to do this. Still higher Hierarchies must add their
    • increasing lack of power to carry into the physical body the
    • bear into our physical body the requisite power; otherwise we come to
    • sleep, Exusiai, Dynamis, Kyriotetes bear as moral power into our
    • world. The power to promote and upbuild life arises in men who
    • of the spiritual world the power he needs for his physical life.
    • From the spiritual world alone can he draw the power of
    • freedom — the power that leads to freedom in feeling and in
    • or rather over against this we can place, the power that lives in the
  • Title: Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • power by still loftier Beings.
    • existence and retains something for the sleeping state. So much power
    • upon this attitude that we gain for the sleeping state the power that
    • impulses. It is within the power of mankind on earth, through
    • the power, to enter into association with the Archangels. Through the
    • develops into a clearer power of consciousness between death and a new
  • Title: Lecture: Waking of the Human Soul and the Forming of Destiny: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • powerfully that they would appear to you as revelations of
  • Title: Lecture: Michaelmas VII: The Creation of A Michael Festival Out Of The Spirit (Extract)
    Matching lines:
    • are some Beings who are the ruling spiritual powers for a particular
    • force is the ruling spiritual power in the world, and in which we must
  • Title: Lecture I: The WHITSUN Mystery and its Connection with the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • earthly mission. The Ahrimanic and Luciferic powers working in
    • the power, the impulse of Christ unites itself with the etheric nature
    • spirit-and-soul? Whence does man acquire the power to receive the
    • the soul must acquire the power of spiritual cognition, of spiritual
    • the power to understand the Mystery of Golgotha is the sending of the
    • down from the sun, giving the flower the fertilising power it needs,
    • the disciples. Anthroposophy can work upon human hearts with the power
  • Title: Easter/Pentecost: Lecture II: The Mystery of Pentecost and the Ascension
    Matching lines:
    • powers of growth, and the development of physical humanity were
    • in its upward striving unites itself with the power, with the
    • spirit-nature? From whence does man receive power to take the
    • thoroughly understood by the powers of spiritual knowledge. No
    • materialistic powers of understanding, no materialistic science
    • spiritual powers of understanding, to spiritual powers of
    • after the Ascension He sent to men the power whereby they were
    • the soul and spirit of man with power by which he can
    • acquire power by which you can understand the Mystery of
    • strive in the succeeding life on earth to acquire these powers
    • powers of belief, of knowledge, and of feeling, believe in this
    • fruit-bearing power, we may see symbolised in the tongues of
    • fire which poured forth their power on the Disciples.
    • means of that self-same power, which through comprehension of

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