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  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture I: First Steps towards Imaginative Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • psychologist, who can go back through this mystic's earthly life, may
    • mobile, moving backwards and forwards, inwardly active. With this
    • painful, draw back.
    • come back to our starting-point, so it will be an advance in our
    • to a fourth, but back to two dimensions only. And we shall see how,
    • eventually, we go back to only one. That is the true state of
    • fourth must follow. No, we turn back to two dimensions; the third
    • back to what can be known on that path about man and the world, in
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture II: Inspiration and Intuition
    Matching lines:
    • going from the fifth act back through the fourth, third, second, to
    • go backwards instead of forwards. But that is not how things happen
    • this breaking away if every evening he makes a backward survey of his
    • back. When possible even the details should be conceived in a
    • backward direction: if you have gone upstairs, picture yourself first
    • on the top step, then on the step below it, and so on backwards down
    • back in imagination through a whole day in three or four
    • has to be given out to-day. We can go back some thousands of years,
    • way back to the spiritual world through Imagination, Inspiration,
    • life of man. Today, Initiation-knowledge must point back from nature
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture III: Initiation-Knowledge -- New and Old
    Matching lines:
    • have been weaving all night in light and warmth, dive back into the
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture IV: Dream Life
    Matching lines:
    • can go back to other lives on Earth. I am not theorising, but telling
    • this amorphous background — as if out of the sea arose waves
    • if we look back to the imaginations experienced even in waking
    • — when we look back on all this with the help of what can now
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture V: The Relation of Man to the Three Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • penetrate into the human organism and are held back, to some extent,
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VI: The Ruling of Spirit in Nature
    Matching lines:
    • back in earthly existence we generally start from this age — what
    • it the age of the typewriter. Thus we go back from this age of the
    • still further back we come perhaps to the time of the Romans, to the
    • dream. By going back in this way through the temporal evolution of
    • we look back through history to this veil of chaos, to the dream-veil of
    • the Earth. Thus we gaze back on a dream-veil, a veil of Imagination,
    • space as a separate body. So we look further back to the evolution of
    • further and further back, we find no epoch in cosmic evolution when man
    • back when, behind the veil of chaos and the dream, we can rise
    • of the spirit. In the rocks, matter is crumbling away. Looking back with
    • in the spiritual world you should note well and carry back to the
    • physical world.” If he does carry it back, he will know what is
    • physical world, without his realising that he has brought it back
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VII: The Interplay of Various Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • back from the Moon in light but to many other forces streaming from
    • darkness rayed back to you the spiritual life of the Earth, you would
    • mirror, in order to have the spiritual reflected back to them. The
    • rays into the earthly realm, but is rayed back and reflected in the ether
    • surrounds us on Earth is the activity that is projected back into the
    • Spiritual activity is rayed back from the Earth into the ether, and
    • itself was the mirror which threw back to him in the ether the
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VIII: During Sleep and after Death
    Matching lines:
    • back to earlier art there was still in Raphael and other painters at
    • physical and etheric bodies, that can be brought back into the
    • you live through these experiences backwards — from
    • — a time comes when the man is able to look back on his earthly
    • has had during sleep. When in earthly life you look back on your
    • goes on right back to the time after birth when your memories
    • backward direction. So he lives through his last night first, then
    • the night before, and so on right back to the time of his birth and
    • points of view I have described this going back through a quite different
    • backward survey of his nights after death, a man has been gaining
    • backwards through our nights, we come to our birth; and having arrived
    • there, after this backward journey through the soul-world, we have to
    • find the way back to our previous earthly life. This enables a man to
    • man goes back to his previous life on Earth, he should meet on the
    • Bodhisattva. But when after death he went back to his previous life
    • death he had gone back to his last birth and conception, to go
    • evolution before the Mystery of Golgotha, when, in going back, he
    • when they have gone back in memory through their night-experiences —
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture IX: Experiences between Death and Rebirth
    Matching lines:
    • sorrow, suffering and renunciation. In the background of every
    • and into this picture are woven his daytime experiences, going backwards
    • experience this backward repetition interwoven with memories of
    • it is a picture experienced backwards. It becomes real only when,
    • we live through our life backwards until we reach our birth and
    • is a going out and coming back. Between birth and death we go out and
    • then, having had this experience, we go backwards through the
    • life, and we have to go back in human evolution on Earth if we are to
    • end. This road has no ending: it turns back on itself. And the
    • only when some insight into the spiritual worlds takes us back to
    • away, but also always a coming back. Just as there are forces of time
    • death draw us backwards again, so, in the structures set up by the
    • journey back in the way I shall be picturing to-morrow. We continue
    • backwards, a living backwards — we live through what we
    • comes back into himself from the cosmic world, this return corresponds
    • Cosmos, are followed by other times when we draw back, as it were,
    • the Cosmos and back into ourselves, there to experience in miniature
    • the spiritual world. For the outgoing surrender and the drawing back
    • of the length of your life on Earth, while you are going backwards
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture X: Man's Life after Death in the Spiritual Cosmos
    Matching lines:
    • something on Earth slip back within him, into his inner being, where
    • back to him, in a certain sense.
    • back to this same important theme — we make a machine, our
    • spiritual world. Then on all sides an answer rings back from the
    • soul-world, and how it is essentially a living backwards through all
    • back to a time when human beings were experiencing natural existence
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XI: Experience of the World's Past
    Matching lines:
    • back on the descriptions given yesterday, we shall be aware that man,
    • own earthly life, though now in a backwards direction, and these are
    • back in grand, mighty memories on the evolution of the Earth in the
    • decided. He then has to go backwards through the three again. Thus he
    • towards his next earthly life, another three backwards, making six in
    • at last it arrives back in the Mars-sphere, the actual sphere of the
    • looks further back to a time when, even while on Earth, he was more
    • looks back to a phase in earthly evolution you will find described in
    • my books as the Atlantean age. But he penetrates still further back
    • back to an age when man was still associated with the Sun Beings, with the
    • Sun separated from the Earth. This does not mean looking back to an
    • part of the world-evolution of the Earth. We look back indeed into an age
    • had to come, and it must lead us back to the Bodhisattva.
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XII: The Evolution of the World in Connection with the Evolution of Man
    Matching lines:
    • for Imagination, a man looks back beyond the memories of his current
    • life. He looks back on everything that has gone to shape him, on the
    • Intuition arises, a man gazes back into past lives on Earth. At the same
    • in these invisible forces that enable man to walk leads us back to his
    • carried back into the life of the spirit when he passes through the
    • walking, speaking, thinking, points us back to previous stages in the
    • soon come back to Earth, while those with a normal spiritual
    • draw back trembling before these circles and do not complete them;
    • potencies — a maximum; then a return to the minimum, back again
    • spiritual. But if men are to go forward and not backward in
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XIII: The Entry of Man into the Era of Freedom
    Matching lines:
    • On looking back into the past evolution of the world, we find how, in
    • back at this critical moment, we can describe it more or less in the
    • token be able to look back. Naturally, I have no wish to urge upon you
    • a certain point, and will then spring back, so light goes only to a
    • the while receiving it back; for at the end of their outward course

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