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  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture I: First Steps towards Imaginative Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • of man — he finds himself confronted by an overwhelming
    • present moment and had been able to find their way about in space,
    • the whole of man's evolution up to the present time, you will always find
    • examine what we carry deep down in our souls, we shall always find it
    • find that as a boy of ten he was taken by his father on a visit,
    • concentration, is by finding the way over from purely passive
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture II: Inspiration and Intuition
    Matching lines:
    • and death — we find that the eye is embedded in a bodily cavity
    • world of Inspiration we can feel at home, for here we find the
    • to a time long before the Mystery of Golgotha, and we find how
    • conscious of himself; he learns to find spirituality in that one
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture III: Initiation-Knowledge -- New and Old
    Matching lines:
    • people are disinclined to ask themselves seriously whether they find
    • spiritual world we find that our mathematics and geometry are no
    • discover what attentiveness really means, will find that in this
    • far enough into our soul, we find we can draw up from its depths a real
    • your souls you will find it all there. Moreover, it will dawn on you
    • find his true self without this capacity for love; for all that he really
    • — remains a closed book for him unless he can find his way into
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture IV: Dream Life
    Matching lines:
    • find this article we think we have made, and start frantically
    • his physical and etheric bodies with his Ego and astral body, he finds
    • Now the soul that sinks down in this way may find it very difficult
    • anyone who gradually gets accustomed to finding his way among all the
    • nebulium. Thinking itself becomes nebulous here, for we find nebulium
    • finding I establish in my laboratory is valid in the far
    • have to journey further and further away from the Earth; and to find
    • Or we find
    • waking life, can find expression only under the constraint of the
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture V: The Relation of Man to the Three Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • We find above
    • to the human head, we find its substance derived entirely from the physical
    • to the human head, however, we find for the first time that something of
    • finds himself in a dream-world which is so completely disorganised.
    • a walk; I am horrified to find I have nothing on; I cannot put my
    • find the way to unite these three worlds. To-day, a man in his dreams
    • finds himself faced by these three worlds — it was not so to
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VI: The Ruling of Spirit in Nature
    Matching lines:
    • a true conception of what a dream is. Thus we find how a dream is
    • overcome with shame at finding himself without clothes in a
    • example, they find pleasure in doing something or other, but they are
    • and looking through it we find the Earth united with the Moon, and
    • further and further back, we find no epoch in cosmic evolution when man
    • with man emerging only after that. We find man in a different form
    • in the world will find it everywhere, though in a great variety of
    • so in the same way through Imaginative cognition we find the
    • Penmaenmawr we find that the particular configuration of the Earth,
    • in Penmaenmawr we find that this soul-element in the atmosphere is
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VII: The Interplay of Various Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • find indeed that all three — the sleep walker type, the Jacob
    • light ceases and one finds oneself in darkness. But that is not the
    • deeply into Swedenborg's personality, we find that he “lost
    • around us on the Earth, we find it permeated with the activity of
    • in my lecture-cycles you find things appearing in a different order
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VIII: During Sleep and after Death
    Matching lines:
    • nature. Humanity must find its way again into the true realm of art.
    • should be finding our way over to two dimensions, we say: “Yes,
    • that is one-dimensional, the world we find through Inspiration; as
    • nature of the experience is disclosed, and we find it is gone through
    • find the way back to our previous earthly life. This enables a man to
    • which means finding the necessary strength for eternal life, for this
    • will find the way only if he makes the journey under the leadership
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture IX: Experiences between Death and Rebirth
    Matching lines:
    • in time. Just as we find our earthly experiences interwoven with
    • that a later experience always follows an earlier one and we find
    • and Life-Spirit. By so doing we find our direction reversed, and so
    • find words to express what really happens. If we turn to the old
    • have to-day, and its dreamlike clairvoyance, we find there a
    • find ringing out such wonderful words as “the wheel of
    • in this way are we enabled to find our way about in the language
    • man has lived through find a place, so in the completion of these
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture X: Man's Life after Death in the Spiritual Cosmos
    Matching lines:
    • them. Hence we find that anything a man makes on Earth, as the
    • Thus we find the brilliantly flashing thoughts permeated by all sorts
    • from everything binding us to the Earth. Then we can find our way
    • say: As a man grows accustomed to life in the soul-world, he finds
    • On entering the realm of the spiritual Sun we find the Sun to be no
    • we compare them with earthly periods of time, we find that
    • find his way from the realm of the Moon to that of the Sun, however, a
    • there. And before a man is ripe for existence on Earth, he can find
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XI: Experience of the World's Past
    Matching lines:
    • the great leaders of mankind, he can then find the way over from the
    • you will find described from another point of view. He is
    • Then we find that a man goes through the Moon period in a third of
    • given to sleep in later life, we find that a man needs approximately
    • worlds, we find him going through three cycles. He does not reach
    • also seen how a man finds himself in the company of other spiritual
    • looks back to a phase in earthly evolution you will find described in
    • to find the innermost impulse in the spiritual world above, is connected
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XII: The Evolution of the World in Connection with the Evolution of Man
    Matching lines:
    • their dwelling, and he finds that the stars then become for him the
    • it learns to speak. First, when the child finds its bearings in
    • medical lecture given during our days here. We find that plant
    • we find that the lower potencies have a different effect upon plant
    • nature, also, to find in a quite exact, scientific way its rhythmical
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XIII: The Entry of Man into the Era of Freedom
    Matching lines:
    • On looking back into the past evolution of the world, we find how, in
    • this evolution of world and of man we find that at a certain definite time
    • find at all agreeable. This decrease of the astral body is connected
    • other the saving forces of Christ, can find his way to freedom.
    • who were becoming learned and wise, if humanity was to find
    • investigation. Men must therefore find courage not only to speak
    • speak fundamentally: we must find our way again to Christ. Christ
    • however, this serves somewhat to hinder men from seeing the findings

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