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  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture I: First Steps towards Imaginative Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • nature he owes the clear-headedness he needs, as earthly man, for
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture III: Initiation-Knowledge -- New and Old
    Matching lines:
    • headway in the spiritual world, even with Inspiration, if we cling to
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture IV: Dream Life
    Matching lines:
    • heading in the dream for a catastrophe? Was I leaving some kind of
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture V: The Relation of Man to the Three Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • then relate man's three members — the head; then the
    • be a closed circle for the breast; for the head a circle left open,
    • head appears to be closed above and would have to be drawn so, but
    • human head, its thick skull is not seen. Only the skin is visible
    • physical eyes, you see his physical form with the head above, and on
    • his head — if he is not already bald — there is hair. But
    • for the circle not being closed for the head is that the surrounding bony
    • one might say — he has been given a head thus closed above, for
    • how empty his head is of anything drawn from his own inner being. As
    • three members — head, or nerves and senses system, rhythmic
    • to the human head, we find its substance derived entirely from the physical
    • head comes from the parents; and the subsequent development of the
    • head, and of the whole head and nerve-senses system, depends for its
    • head, the activity by means of which its substance is given
    • respect of activity, the head is entirely a spiritual formation.
    • Therefore the head has to be left open — in a spiritual sense
    • life you can thus say: The substance of my head comes entirely from the
    • human head are shaped entirely from the spiritual world; they might
    • the human head, in relation to the world, has to go far and
    • the substance of its head entirely from the world of space, but something
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  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VII: The Interplay of Various Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • one behind me and the other in front. If I move ahead of the one in
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture X: Man's Life after Death in the Spiritual Cosmos
    Matching lines:
    • “As a man I have a head”, activated chiefly by what might
    • Earth: “I have a head.” And whereas on Earth we say:
    • man I am head, breast, lower body and limbs”; and after death:
    • physical existence here on Earth depends upon how head, heart, and
    • slightest movement of the hand involves the action of head, heart and
    • come into play. Our whole earthly existence takes its course in head,
    • says: I am a being of head, heart, breast; a being of metabolism and
    • head, heart, limbs, and, immediately after death, Moon, Mercury,
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XII: The Evolution of the World in Connection with the Evolution of Man
    Matching lines:
    • towards a man's head-organisation, and all that has more to do
    • Forces work up from the heart towards the head organisation and bring
    • about the particular configuration of the head, with its covering of
    • living in these forces, all that flows to a man's head from his breast
    • earthly man, and stream from his heart up to his head. All that you
    • streaming up from the centre of your being to your head, has been
    • causes him pleasure and satisfaction — his head is satisfied.
    • He may for some reason have done a thoroughly bad thing, but his head
    • consciousness. But although his head may be perfectly
    • how a man may be satisfied in his head with some deed that
    • head by a bad deed, consciousness is — we might say —
    • body. A man's head-organisation, that most wonderful, most perfect
    • of the head in their plastic formation will then be the transformed
    • head. Hence the physical organisation itself affords a reflection of
    • right way the artistic shaping of a man's head can see in the very
    • form of his head how he used his arms and hands in his dealings with
    • on in the formation of the head in the next incarnation. Ordinary
    • interpretations of the shape of the head. But behind this is a deep,
    • Intuitions is able to discern how the formations of a man's head have

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