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  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture I: First Steps towards Imaginative Knowledge
    Matching lines:
    • look round at the only part of the sense-world understood by people today,
    • this sphere which can lead people astray. They ought fully to realise
    • it is for people to-day, especially when they wish to make progress
    • auto-suggestion. For it is the first reaction of many people to say:
    • objections arise from people not having yet looked into the way modern
    • people who experience a shock through the threat of imminent death by
    • also to people who have made their thinking active; suddenly before
    • any consciousness of such things, people searching for the
    • was an advance when people knew that if we sail round the earth we
    • how, in observing the outer world, people today cling in a superficial
    • pain, of what other people have done to us, of their attitude towards
    • is never brought out to-day. People talk of immortality only as the
    • equally real. Only when people come once more to understand that
    • materialism people are no longer willing to know anything whatever of
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture II: Inspiration and Intuition
    Matching lines:
    • superficially-minded people, they say: “My idea of God is quite
    • everything upon happiness, just as we would wish.” Such people
    • speaking, that is the feeling of many people where knowledge and religion
    • conceptually, people will gain a good deal that satisfies an inward
    • had around them people who knew nothing of nature in the Copernican
    • presented itself to people generally in a way that led them to say:
    • people as a whole world that had fallen away from divine
    • people felt in that time when the whole visible Cosmos had for them the
    • imaginations of men. They showed these people how to reconcile the
    • then experienced by people instinctively, and, embodied in the myths,
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture III: Initiation-Knowledge -- New and Old
    Matching lines:
    • spiritual world is simply evoking people's cosmic memories; and all
    • world, one is simply recalling to people's memories something they
    • people are disinclined to ask themselves seriously whether they find
    • people know of nothing outside the world of the senses, and do not
    • most people are bustling around from morning to night. They are in
    • other people say they should do, and so forth. Then it all goes
    • people now absorb in life, if only at school, is an intellectual
    • priests, had to proceed in another way, for people then had a
    • people to-day. They did sleep, however; they did sink down into the
    • for ordinary, everyday consciousness. People remember their waking
    • and to the people they said: “During the night you dwell with
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture IV: Dream Life
    Matching lines:
    • dreams have power to lead people into the greatest imaginable
    • illusions. It is precisely when dreams are in question that people
    • ideas which are limited to making garments for quite lowly people.
    • ideas to grasp without prejudice facts of this kind; for people
    • people to-day wish to know something, they turn to earthly objects
    • in company with helium and hydrogen. When people are so simple that
    • life by the souls of those early peoples, imaginations embodied in
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture V: The Relation of Man to the Three Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • consists of head-breast-limbs-digestive organs. People think of
    • people often say: “This is becoming very difficult — we
    • quite impartially the different way in which the people of older epochs
    • physical, naturalistic world people behave as they learn to do in
    • walk people meet friends; they can show off their clothes if so
    • describing. One meets other people, and it is an experience for them
    • bargain. What matters is the experience. In this seeing other people,
    • Sympathies and antipathies are aroused. We like it when the people we
    • general feeling that civilised people to-day do not show themselves
    • all this. It never occurs to us on a walk to wish to meet people
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VI: The Ruling of Spirit in Nature
    Matching lines:
    • characteristic of mine to give people a false impression of what I
    • People of an
    • in your own thoughts. In waking consciousness, however, people are
    • present civilisation. People consider themselves enlightened
    • human characteristic is that people allow themselves to be led by their
    • possible for dreams to warn people in countless ways and to set them right.
    • ancient times people were able to cross in another way because even
    • say that, looked at from the spiritual world, people have lost a great deal
    • among people of very various kinds, there still rises up something
    • what was natural and taken for granted among the people of former
    • age of human evolution, when the relation of people both to the physical
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VII: The Interplay of Various Worlds
    Matching lines:
    • condition of soul and body, people should never be transplanted
    • most people is their chief sense-experience, and so by saying: Where
    • the exact clairvoyant are opposites. Whereas it is instinctive people
    • People who have
    • this to yourselves. When other people have before them the light of the
    • particularly to people leading isolated lives on islands, in mountain
    • Certain people
    • say of people who have second-sight, the gift manifest to the highest degree
    • Earth. In normal life people grow accustomed to the prevailing
    • people who can afford to satisfy the pure intellectualist in this
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture VIII: During Sleep and after Death
    Matching lines:
    • deeper reason why, in those ancient days when people still had instinctive
    • in art to-day people are so strongly inclined to naturalism, wanting
    • People had recourse to such measures in the following way, for
    • Science reveals. Otherwise people are left with a superficial
    • Initiation-knowledge led people over to religious experience. For
    • the whole evolution of the world. For people to-day, therefore, a way
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture IX: Experiences between Death and Rebirth
    Matching lines:
    • ancient times, when people knew about these worlds, that it becomes
    • perceived of old. People who want to shut out modern Spiritual
    • they expound and interpret the old records of primeval peoples. So,
    • the reality to which they allude. People who want to give a picture
    • enabling them to see how the souls of their people stood in relation
    • and Intuition was at one time open to people through a kind of
    • them may be found chiefly among people who are strongly inclined to
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture X: Man's Life after Death in the Spiritual Cosmos
    Matching lines:
    • they become detached from us. Most people get free of them by selling
    • set other people into motion.
    • their own, people are really laying claim to the property of the
    • in which people like to talk under the influence of purely
    • people had a kind of instinctive vision, and I have already spoken here
    • be done in such abstract concepts that people to-day will not realise
    • used — and this makes many people downright angry. One
    • — though it would not help us much — towards the people
    • and say: When people were going through a far-off prehistoric epoch
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XI: Experience of the World's Past
    Matching lines:
    • things are judged by people on Earth. For people on Earth, in their
    • speaks, with the people to whom he belongs, and from this source also
    • Anthroposophy of having no firm ground to stand on. Naturally, people
    • their interests with the peoples of the Earth, and while the Moon is
    • within the Moon. They appeared among the people of the Earth during
    • what people know of Gnosis from external sources. Their knowledge is
    • cult is no longer suitable for Western people; they must attain to
    • never found people generally hostile. Those ancient times may often
    • be re-discovered. It will be impossible to speak to people in the
    • into a machine. When people develop a passion for such a thing
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XII: The Evolution of the World in Connection with the Evolution of Man
    Matching lines:
    • up-streaming forces — though people to-day are still
    • other people and with the external world during his previous earthly
    • thought rising up in us will instantly show itself to other people
    • absorb; hence for many people to-day the interval between death and a
    • for people who are not of an actually degraded nature. But through
    • future aright. To-day, people in general are little inclined to
  • Title: Evolution of Consciousness: Lecture XIII: The Entry of Man into the Era of Freedom
    Matching lines:
    • of people retained the capacity to understand these things right into
    • spiritual forces of people in Southern Europe were no longer adequate
    • all the youthful peoples of the North, stirred up more from the East,
    • this Christ Impulse coming up from the South, and the peoples who spread
    • present task of those peoples who, as representatives of a civilisation,
    • disturbances may be stirred up by people who, having in the
    • future will be possible only when an ever-increasing number of people
    • progress; people who are able to discover in the spiritual world what
    • we are to understand why people are afflicted so often in this way,
    • decrease in man's upper astral body, is in the hands of people who
    • dilettantism coming together; they are really alike, for these people
    • certain people into this occult captivity; but for the soul the
    • mankind. The danger lies in the surrounding of people everywhere with
    • us that the longings of those people of old who strove after the

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