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  • Title: Colour: Part One: Colour-Experience (Erlebnis)
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    • same thing when gazing on the green plant-covering of the earth; we
    • select the lifeless peach-blossom colour for that which appears as
    • appears as human flesh-colour we can only attain by various tricks of
    • proceed still further in our search into the essential nature of
    • appears tinged quite distinctly in the direction of white, and to
    • We might say that what appears to us as sun, what manifests itself as
    • light — has the peculiarity that of itself it does not appear to us
    • at all in the same way as an external colour. An external colour appears
    • us represents light, does not appear to us directly on objects. Later
    • Between white, which appears as colour, and light there must be a
    • organization is the essential point. We bear to the light the same
    • white — we have yet to learn the inner connection — we have in
    • need only look at carbon. In order to represent more clearly that
    • also be quite clear and transparent; but then it is a diamond. Black,
    • carbon-existence to the dark blackness in which it appears; just as
    • itself its own colour, if it is not tinged by the mineral and appears
    • coloured in the flower, etc., if the living appear in its own colour, it
    • however, if it appear as a living being, must appear green, it must
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Luminous and Pictorial Nature of Colours
    Matching lines:
    • When the lifeless appears in the Spirit you get black.
    • search also for their natures. We shall not search for them through
    • intolerable for someone with artistic feeling. The soul cannot bear a
    • disappeared. The red remains, but its effect is one of surface. It
    • Peach-colour we must also leave; it disappears of its own accord, we
    • help itself, it is its nature to disappear. Green outlines itself,
    • to have the spirit here on earth. They had to give it weight,
    • spirit habitation on earth, they evoked the heavenly in their picture.
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Phenomenon of Colour in Material Nature
    Matching lines:
    • body, to matter? What makes matter as such appear to us coloured? Those
    • this phenomenon, at any rate for the purpose of outward appearance. We
    • this coloured appearance of material nature. Now since in recent times
    • formed during the previous metamorphosis-condition of our earth. But
    • know it has been transformed during the evolution of our earth, and
    • their mineral form, till the period of earth-evolution. It is possible
    • fluid. So that what we call plants first appeared during the formation
    • of the earth. It was then that colour must have taken on the character
    • Now a plant does not wear only this green — at least
    • phenomenon is of the greatest effect on earth? What heavenly body is
    • because at one time in the evolution of the earth the moon was
    • separated from this earth. In this separation we must see the real
    • earth, but receives its image-character direct from the Cosmos.
    • Cosmos, of that which descends out f the universe on to earth as
    • always bear in mind that a certain source of light, a dull source of
    • he paints inanimate objects, he must bear in mind, he must contain in
    • not painting from the palette, smearing the material colour on to the
    • learn to look at it not as a model, naturalistically, but, as is
    • mineral, its colour appears to us because it is in sunlight. Sunlight
    • events, which have taken place in the course of the earth's evolution.
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  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Thought and Will as Light and Darkness
    Matching lines:
    • the heading either of thought of will appears to be something
    • reasons for the presence of these one-sided philosophies will appear.
    • Now let us today, to begin with, understand clearly that we, as human
    • the same time to our previous existence on earth. We know that the
    • life on earth. Roughly speaking, we have our head because our limbs
    • metamorphosed into the head we shall carry in our next earth-life. At
    • changed into thoughts in our next life on earth.
    • The will thus appears as the seed, as it were, of thought. What is at
    • of spiritual-scientific research.
    • requires between birth and death, the head appears in the shape and
    • earlier incarnations, becomes visible — if we use the term
    • metaphorically. How does it become visible? In such a way, dear
    • in my Theosophy and in other writings, points out sufficiently clearly
    • world, we may say: We have the light in us; only it does not appear to
    • appears outside you. You differentiate it in yourself. You work in it.
    • become much more active than it otherwise is, if you learn to put this
    • Now the thought that is in us is really a survival from earlier times,
    • the most mature thing in us, the result of former lives on earth; what
    • formerly was will has become thought, and thought appears as light. As
    • the strength of the world bears you up. In light shines beauty in the
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  • Title: Colour: Part Two: The Connection of the Natural with the Moral-Psychical. Living in Light and Weight.
    Matching lines:
    • from outside as their light-aura, that appears in the realities of
    • have clearly expressed in the new edition of my
    • why? Because men acted in a certain way on earth. For what we see now
    • earth. We stand here now and survey Nature. We can stand like dry,
    • gratitude to those beings who so many millions years ago, let us say
    • places of learning with feelings towards the world that reach out into
    • nothing of weight; he learns to recognize this only inwardly, above
    • he learns to recognize weight by diving down into his body.
    • For spiritual-scientific research this is shown in the following
    • the body. This combined life with the soul produces in earthly man the
    • of demon or something sitting in the middle of the earth and pulling
    • enough for him who prefers to remain nearer reality, if he can simply
    • man is bound to the earth, because his soul, having lived a time in
    • earth-life. Now while he is returning to earth he has to go through
    • earth-weight is variously formed. Not the earth alone radiates, as it
    • one in saying this: Man while returning to earth longs once more to
    • live in the earth-weight. But first he passes through the sphere of
    • joyful to the longing for the earth's weight. Thus the longing takes
    • joyfully longing for the earth's weight, so that he may use forcefully
    • possessing in its subconscious depths the impulse clearly to long for
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  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Dimension, Number and Weight
    Matching lines:
    • Man in his earthly existence varies in his conditions of
    • man to live as earthly being in these three conditions of
    • We must clearly realize that of earthly beings only man lives in these
    • Only man has the clear and sharp differentiation between his inner
    • We reckon with the calculations which apply to earthly things, we
    • it concerns the eye, as colour, when it concerns the ear, as sound, and
    • rate not according to earthly dimension, number and weight. When we
    • it appears, nor are there things around us which can be counted or
    • this. We could say: Here on earth we have solid weighable things (red)
    • weight, we are apt to consider something that appears in the physical,
    • Earth. It has a contrary weight. (See Diagram 1)
    • These things of the earth want to go down there to the earth's center
    • If it still more difficult to be clear about counting, because after
    • all in earthly counting we mostly count only peas or apples, which lie
    • And then, when sight and hearing out there are no longer a mere
    • life and doings of the spiritual beings. As here on earth we enter the
    • life and doings of earthly things, ascertaining them with the scales
    • And you see, this relationship of man to sleep gives the earthly
    • state of consciousness in which the experience of weight, of earthly
    • world — out of earthly things, but only out of chaos, by shaping
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  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • till the year 2000. A goodish time, you will agree. And when one looks
    • Well, my dear friends, it is of course not to be expected that such
    • get clear on many points, so that we can answer the questions raised
    • lived in human hearts and souls the understanding for a Madonna,
    • Madonnas lived in them. Thus the creations of art appear as an
    • for the year 2000 for such an understanding to become possible for the
    • think how different was the attitude of the eighteenth and early
    • flowed from things that touched the very inmost hearts of men. In the
    • modern city. Well, my dear friends, he is not faced with something
    • artistic view of “How” has disappeared almost completely
    • from our time. The heart is often lacking for such artistic
    • and will allow no importance to any research into reality which
    • It is difficult for man, my dear friends, because man, on account of
    • having to perfect his ego in the course of earth's evolution, has
    • opinion that our time cannot even realize why the polar bear is white;
    • the whiteness is the product of his environment and that the polar bear
    • on the polar-bear in such a way that it releases in him an impulse and
    • his earth-period, so that he could develop in his ego his own
    • the rising above the flowing colour-sea. But, my dear friends, if we
    • respectively, the ego during the earth-period. Man must find the means
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  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Artistic and Moral Experience
    Matching lines:
    • with the mind but with the heart has as a result a corresponding
    • describe it by saying that one learns to pray.
    • evil, and if one can experience in red how one learns to pray, then
    • of what those beings have felt who specially belong to our earth, and
    • who, when they had ascended to the Elohim-existence, learnt to fashion
    • the world of forms out of colours. We shall learn to experience
    • artistically, how something appears before our soul when it attempts
    • bearing down upon us; we shall rather have the feeling that what meets
    • unite it with ourselves. By living the red we learn to pray, and by
    • earth-incarnation. One feels an affinity between what one was during
    • the whole of the earth's existence, and what comes towards one from
    • So one learns to know the inner nature of colour, and as I said, we can
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Colours as Revelations of the Psychic in the World
    Matching lines:
    • lifeless substances of the earth live plants. Life itself we do not
    • lifeless image of the life that exists on earth.
    • peach-coloured time. We learn from the flesh-colour to know the living
    • fear.
    • Let us look further. The sun appears to us whitish, which we feel to
    • the psychic appearance of the spirit. For this reason we always feel,
    • spirit and soul as they appear in the world.
    • one learns to live in the colour.
    • One learns, for example, what each colour wishes to say to us. Blue is
    • picture, how it brings the object it represents near to us; while blue
    • over-looked — that space-perspective first appeared, the
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Hierarchies and the Nature of the Rainbow
    Matching lines:
    • evolution of the earth somewhat into line with present-day ideas. In
    • element of the Thrones as bearing up the world in grace.
    • warms you. Suppose further there comes another man who has no heart at
    • precisely the thing that can appear through the sons of the Second
    • But you must get this clear: Actually Beings press in. Light is
    • circumstances when light appears somewhere, there also appears shadow,
    • in all colours, that light appeared in darkness, and darkness in light.
    • things, but even at the end of the eighteenth century the learned knew
    • to and disappear in it, to emerge on the other side. The whole rainbow
    • reveals to an imaginative observer an outpouring and a disappearance
    • When you look at the red-yellow, you see streams of fear, and when you
    • the red-yellow and disappear in the blue-violet; here apprehension,
    • here courage, which disappears again. There the rainbow becomes dense
    • One can say that in approaching the learned men of the eleventh,
    • In this way therefore air and water appear as a reflection of the
    • now; for then the human being of the present day appeared to the
    • earth as Angeloi, Archangeloi and so on, had over the lunar existence;
    • can learn from man himself. Your ego and your astral body have not
    • appears only after the lunar existence, with the terrestrial
    • existence, in that stage of evolution which belongs to our earth. The
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