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  • Title: Colour: Part One: Colour-Experience (Erlebnis)
    Matching lines:
    • ether. Any one who wishes to form an idea from definitions and
    • peach-blossom colour, or blue forms are pictured in the green. It is
    • of this ensouling as passing into his physical bodily form, he can
    • imagine that in some way that which ensouls him flows into this form.
    • He expresses himself by pouring his soul-nature into his form in the
    • the outer form. What colour does he then become? Green; he becomes
    • turn to the mineral kingdom, but we will try in another way to form an
    • filled with light. Reduced to a formula, it may be expressed in the
    • according to these formulae, you will see that a great deal is
    • into black. Therefore we obtain the formula:
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Luminous and Pictorial Nature of Colours
    Matching lines:
    • formed, and the originator of it. Then I shall be able to put the
    • themselves: they want always to change their form, because they want
    • differentiated in itself, but to be uniform, like red; if it were
    • promptly dissolve the lumps, for it always strives for uniformity. If
    • again to a lustrous colour of an opposite kind to the former, we come
    • form the psychic into the artistic. And if you so understand the
    • conformity to law. You observe, therefore, if we deal with yellow as a
    • character before one can understand them in solid substantial form. We
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Phenomenon of Colour in Material Nature
    Matching lines:
    • the logical formula: Why is a man stupid? He is stupid because he
    • living forms its image or shadow in the lifeless and how thereby green
    • results. We saw then how the psychic forms its image in the living and
    • produces thereby peach-colour. We saw how the spiritual forms its image
    • formed during the previous metamorphosis-condition of our earth. But
    • know it has been transformed during the evolution of our earth, and
    • back at this stage of evolution, we might say: in the formation of
    • their mineral form, till the period of earth-evolution. It is possible
    • that something was formed in vegetation which made it definite, and not
    • fluid. So that what we call plants first appeared during the formation
    • cosmic forces play a part, that we have in the colour-formation of
    • former ages paint people and human situations, but seldom paint
    • form what is there. But if something refuses to be fixed in pictorial
    • form, such as plant-nature, you must at least pour over it the
    • the right way, but of painting form the pot (tiegel); we shall
    • colour-nature and convert it into an image. In this way one transforms
    • say to oneself: this ought really to be shaded off; I transform it
    • brush in it an applying it to the surface, transform it into something
    • experienced, in developing from the former lunar condition to the
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Thought and Will as Light and Darkness
    Matching lines:
    • philosophy has another form in the eastern view of the universe. In
    • thought from the world. It is formed indeed from thought. It points at
    • form in which we see it. Through developed knowledge of Imagination,
    • the most mature thing in us, the result of former lives on earth; what
    • formerly was will has become thought, and thought appears as light. As
    • is outwardly light. For this reason I pointed out tin former
    • form of thought, and in the gleam of beauty the previous world dies.
    • transformed it into Spiritual or Occult Science;) bordering on it you
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: The Connection of the Natural with the Moral-Psychical. Living in Light and Weight.
    Matching lines:
    • transformed, giving rise to the mineral, the vegetable, the animal and
    • in another form than in the beginning, also obtain at the end of the
    • surrounds us in the form of light: world-thoughts which one in the
    • former moral events, where light is “the dying world of
    • around us is the consequence of seed borne by former dwellers on
    • what in long ages past beings formulated in their souls: we have to
    • past in which beings have worked to form our surrounding Nature as it
    • it were, taken away form him. He lives in imponderable light; he knows
    • earth-weight is variously formed. Not the earth alone radiates, as it
    • An ellipse would be like this: but that is only a special form of this
    • take this form. It is then the same line as the other: one time I go
    • cease to be, but form themselves again on the other side and return
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Dimension, Number and Weight
    Matching lines:
    • former times. There are most diverse definitions of “chaos.”
    • reality one always gets away form the Relativity-concepts, for what
    • is gradually formed. Well, that is not what the ancient
    • painted in their original form, they would have no weight at all.
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • pulling together of spiritual life will result in artistic form. We
    • itself in an outward form, even if this outward form has to be
    • such peculiar forms should be attempted?
    • imprints its events he reads into the forms his pencil creates. Just
    • world of forms? One could unroll the history of human art in the
    • particular point of view, and they put into form what they see and
    • world-outlook. And man had to be come in his form neutral towards the
    • body were formed during the epochs of Saturn, Sun and Moon
    • thus differing from form, which gives us, for example, distance. But
    • The form before you, it is restful, it remains stationary; but the
    • moment the form receives colour, the inner movement of the colour stands
    • out from the form, and the whirl of the world, the whirl of
    • belong only to the form, the colour which you apportion to the single
    • say that when one colours a form one must have the feeling: “Now
    • you are going to approach the form so that you endow it with
    • soul.” You breathe soul into the dead form, when you animate it
    • other and pass by. And if you were to transform this into a detail on
    • belongs not merely to the form, but also to the forces and weaving
    • the mere immobility of the figure, its mere form, by means of soul.
    • expressed in red, man would have to have in such a form that it flows
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  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Artistic and Moral Experience
    Matching lines:
    • artistic forms. We would see a time, before us, if we examine closely
    • impression of colours and sound and form, but that which one can
    • experience behind the sound and colour and form, in what is
    • transformed into the corresponding moral experience, into real moral
    • expressing this divine mercy and goodness in a form which arises out
    • in a self-forming of colour, and with our whole soul shall feel an echo
    • the world of forms out of colours. We shall learn to experience
    • something of the Spirits of Form, who as spirits are the Elohim. And
    • we shall then understand how the forms of the colours can be realities
    • it does not create form directly out of the material itself.
    • modified form, is yet desirous of imparting something to us, instead
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Colours as Revelations of the Psychic in the World
    Matching lines:
    • forms itself through the lifeless into the image of green. The psychic
    • forms the human skin into the image of peach or flesh-colour.
    • to think in ideas, and no longer even to create forms, but to
    • the yellow shines out form the surface towards us.
    • and our feeling if we realize everywhere how a world forms itself out
    • produce the form out of the colour, that is, to paint out of the world
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Hierarchies and the Nature of the Rainbow
    Matching lines:
    • where the thrones and Cherubim and Seraphim had thus formed a center,
    • a time in the universe. And this formed the system and existence of
    • Second Hierarchy in the form of light. What was this shadow? The air.
    • The result was that what formerly shone only in light, an trailed
    • Hierarchies. The Second Hierarchy enters in the form of light, the
    • Third in the form of colour. But in order to enable this to be
    • But formerly one did not understand by it the remarkably odd being
    • the Fall, who existed in such a form as to have as much power over the
    • Fourth Hierarchy came — as a gift form the higher Hierarchies of
    • became active in the iridescence of colour began to form outlines.
    • the hard crystal form; and we are in the terrestrial epoch.
    • cannot surely have form. There must be crowds of tiny whirling specks
    • clothes in their form.

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