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  • Title: Colour: Part One: Colour-Experience (Erlebnis)
    Matching lines:
    • express ourselves in a scholarly way — we have now gained something
    • whether a consciousness of it, a knowledge of it, can be gained from
    • relationship as that of our ego to the world, yet, again, not the
    • same; for we cannot say that when the light fills us we gain the ego.
    • Nevertheless, for us to gain this ego, light is essential, if we are
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Luminous and Pictorial Nature of Colours
    Matching lines:
    • Again, we take two colours, black and white, in a scale of reciprocated
    • cannot do anything with it, we are powerless against it. Nor can it
    • again to a lustrous colour of an opposite kind to the former, we come
    • again to a luster and only then come to a colour.
    • Thus I return again to colour. Colour I and Colour II to and bottom,
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Phenomenon of Colour in Material Nature
    Matching lines:
    • you find again the image (or shadow, Ed.) of light, colour as the image
    • if it is an image colour, to return and take on again its
    • we arrive again at the problem from which we started today.
    • And now you will find that we can ascend again to the Animal Kingdom.
    • then, since something in the earth departs from it and returns again
    • only with the earth. And then again there is this in my relation with
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Thought and Will as Light and Darkness
    Matching lines:
    • bring man back again to a concrete view of the world, in agreement
    • functioned as will in our limbs in our previous existence. And again,
    • closely connected with that out of which one rises again, like the
    • again towards the top. But you yourself — as man — are there,
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: The Connection of the Natural with the Moral-Psychical. Living in Light and Weight.
    Matching lines:
    • science, would be given only to faith. This faith, again indulges in
    • he has lived long enough without weight, he gets again a strong
    • feeling of being possessed again by weight on awaking, as a personal
    • light always hungers again for weight, and returns to the condition of
    • a new longing for weight and he begins his path over again, back to a
    • of the soul. We are seeking, again, in looking out into universal
    • return again, closing at the base. But the same line has still another
    • must leave space again, continuing here, and closing at the base. The
    • space, and when you move your you return again. In between, you are
    • again to it. There are people who imagine a solar system with comets
    • cease to be, but form themselves again on the other side and return
    • again, describe in fact lines which do not return at all. Why? Because
    • of space and return again at a totally different place.
    • shown to exist in the very heart of every science. And, again, there
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Dimension, Number and Weight
    Matching lines:
    • returns again to himself, his ego and his astral body keep as it were
    • is to et up, and to put him to bed again in the evening.
    • idea of truth, which we gain chiefly from external things.
    • If that succeeds, then, as against the inartistic physical
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • arose again in a single man, in Goethe, as he was at the turn of the
    • world again.
    • beings and objects will again be realized.
    • expressed itself again outwardly in certain parts of his body. Man had
    • man's task to find the way back again. Physical, etheric and astral
    • to spiritualize the astral body again, to permeate it with what the
    • ego gains for itself by working upon it. And in spiritualizing the
    • astral body and thus finding the way back again, man must once more
    • that lie behind Nature. We must make it again possible not merely
    • Art, my dear friends, must make an effort again to get down to the
    • elemental world. One can argue against this, one can be of the
    • arguing against it; for either man will come to live with his whole
    • as many other objections which the present age makes against our
    • one often sees nowadays how the strongest attacks against our movement
    • into battle against it. There are even some who think that we should
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Artistic and Moral Experience
    Matching lines:
    • stimulated again by the inner forces of things.
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Colours as Revelations of the Psychic in the World
    Matching lines:
    • again, since the green was the lifeless image of life. I have
    • with the three colours, red, yellow and blue, we say again to
    • We are today again at a time when we must find our way back again to
    • I am, of course, not saying anything against spatial perspective; it
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Hierarchies and the Nature of the Rainbow
    Matching lines:
    • here courage, which disappears again. There the rainbow becomes dense

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