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  • Title: Colour: Part One: Colour-Experience (Erlebnis)
    Matching lines:
    • peach-blossom colour — which would approximate human
    • colour of the human skin; of course, it is not the same for all people,
    • but this colour, speaking generally, is that of the human skin. Let us
    • human skin-colour only from outside. The question now arises as to
    • human flesh-colour. We do not really find it in external objects. What
    • appears as human flesh-colour we can only attain by various tricks of
    • separate human experience from flesh-colour. The experience in the body
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Luminous and Pictorial Nature of Colours
    Matching lines:
    • circumstance — it is after all present in the human
    • You always see the human factor in it, which has bounded the yellow.
    • imagine it, but it has something super-human. When Fra Angelico paints
    • terrestrial sphere. In the human sphere he would not do it, for blue
  • Title: Colour: Part One: The Phenomenon of Colour in Material Nature
    Matching lines:
    • former ages paint people and human situations, but seldom paint
    • which an abstract nature acquires more and more power over human
    • of the colour itself, as after all later human development demands, we
    • And if we go to a step up to human beings, we must aspire to paint the
    • deprive them in a sense of their luster-character when we get to human
    • edge. In a painting of human beings, one can remove its real
    • the luster-colour into colour and thereby reaches the human; when one
    • paints a human being one need worry about nothing except the pure
    • rubbish; the Ego itself is in the colour. The Ego and the human astral
    • outside the physical human body in proportion as they are bound up
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Thought and Will as Light and Darkness
    Matching lines:
    • free-will. These two particular tendencies apply to western human
    • Now let us today, to begin with, understand clearly that we, as human
    • But as we know from other studies, the organization of the human head
    • life, while the organization of the human limbs points to a future
    • first will becomes thought later on. If we look at ourselves as human
    • of a human being, but he sees objectively the thinking man which his
    • the human head (Thought in the diagram), which contains thought in its
    • becomes beautiful. The Greeks, who were really people of innate human
    • look at the other side of human things, at the beginnings. It is the
    • developing in some human limb or other, and let us ask ourselves: if
    • plant-world; there you are, as human etheric body, and I have often
    • one does bend it just because as human being one stands within the
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: The Connection of the Natural with the Moral-Psychical. Living in Light and Weight.
    Matching lines:
    • that which pertains to Nature. On this point modern humanity faces a
    • the human Kingdoms; a condition however which would somehow, even if
    • the thought: Surely everything moral that arises in the human soul
    • humanity; they were not like the human beings of today, but they were
    • on the human plane, and so on. We look back therefore into the past
    • went as thinking beings with human character through that world. That
    • with the outer world as complete human beings. We do that only when we
    • during the old Saturn time, lived as human beings as we do today, and
  • Title: Colour: Part Two: Dimension, Number and Weight
    Matching lines:
    • somewhat like human dream; but the experiences of the higher animals
    • another one lies next to it. In human life it is of course different.
    • But as regards human nature we must be clear: if we want to have the
    • today wants to explain the human heart, he takes an embryo and sees
    • else as of paramount importance. They said: the human heart is a
    • from the universe and shapes the human heart. You have had the
    • painting. It consisted in bringing out the human figure from the gold
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Creative World of Colour
    Matching lines:
    • lived in human hearts and souls the understanding for a Madonna,
    • Dante led the human soul into spiritual realms, he needed only to take
    • human soul. One might say these artists had some substance in their
    • world of forms? One could unroll the history of human art in the
    • different from what we see in the horse. As we humans wander about, we
    • or the yellow half. At night it is the reverse in the human organism.
    • as the upper part of the human head, unless he is in a position to
    • will arise when the human soul learns to steep itself in the living
    • opinion that one should not do this. But it is only human indolence
    • larynx “means,” we know it is the living organ of human
    • talking about the “spiritualization of the human soul,” that
    • whereby every detail of human accomplishment arises from the whole of
    • whereby every detail of human accomplishment arises from the whole of
    • the human soul, and what will live in it will be more than theoretic
    • human existence can support us if they are sought in the spiritual
    • strength which rises from the knowledge that the sources of human life
    • by the spiritual light which can illuminate in the human heart. And if
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Artistic and Moral Experience
    Matching lines:
    • experienced in the human soul much more intensively than before, when
    • sense-perception. An endless deepening of the human soul can be
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: Colours as Revelations of the Psychic in the World
    Matching lines:
    • most resembles the healthy human complexion to be the fresh
    • Between paleness and greenness lies the healthy human colour with the
    • forms the human skin into the image of peach or flesh-colour.
    • that it is not our real human environment in which we can fully feel
  • Title: Colour: Part Three: The Hierarchies and the Nature of the Rainbow
    Matching lines:
    • now; for then the human being of the present day appeared to the
    • Suppose I have here a human being. I cease to have any interest in
    • the human being. I say to myself further: That is the human being,
    • the dummy is, as far as I am concerned, the human being. So it was

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