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  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture I: Introduction - Aphoristic remarks on Artistic Activity, Arithmetic, Reading, and Writing
    Matching lines:
    • a fact, it is in the form of special translation by means of
    • interest, but because, for instance, it sees, in actual fact,
    • continue, in fact, throughout our teaching to pass like this
    • distinguished from teaching hitherto by the fact that we have
    • must reckon with the fact that it is only between the seventh
    • fact that the individual is born into the world with the desire
    • but it is a fact of the divine ordering of the world. It is not
    • to things, we learn to believe the fact that nature is full of
    • child's education. Our own view of the facts must be such that,
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture II: On Language - the Oneness of man with the Universe
    Matching lines:
    • Now, as a matter of fact, speech is doubly anchored in human
    • sympathy with its object. In considering these facts you must
    • in fact, the natures of human communities. In German we say
    • fact that the human being takes 18 breaths in a minute. How
    • permeate us. And only when, in actual fact, this feeling
    • Again, only through these facts do you get an idea of what
    • superficial view of the world. The fact that you are here to
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture III: On the Plastically Formative Arts, Music, and Poetry
    Matching lines:
    • with the fact that this duality of the artistic element comes
    • become walking corpses. We should, in actual fact, make the
    • We have in actual fact reduced ourselves in the course of the
    • musical child; this one is not musical. Certainly the fact is
    • facts of music. The children should get a clear idea of the
    • application of the most elementary facts, from aural analysis
    • of the fact that many musical forms are already dying out
    • again. This arises from a very significant cosmic fact. In all
    • Only in linking up in this way with the great facts of the
    • the opportunity of drawing their attention to the fact that we
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture IV: The First School-lesson - Manual Skill, Drawing and Painting - the Beginnings of Language-teaching
    Matching lines:
    • hesitation at the fact that you are, in so doing, looking
    • Grown-ups can write letters to each other, too; in fact, they
    • child's attention to this fact, and then perhaps, even
    • these matches. “Playing with sticks” is, in fact, a
    • will take it in well, as, in fact, in teaching, all depends on
    • of reading, and, in fact, particularly to the reading of
    • the learning of grammar is not a useless factor, particularly
    • Unconsciously, or half-consciously, in fact, man climbs in life
    • participation. The most spiritual part of man, in fact,
    • the listener is, in fact, Eurhythmy. It is nothing in the least
    • feeling?” There are, in fact, such things as plants
    • to remind you of a fact which will inspire you anew with
    • certain passages in novels. In fact, this is quite atavistic
    • awaken it in the children. And then, in fact, you will not
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture V: Writing and Reading - Spelling
    Matching lines:
    • is historically the fact: if you go back to the most ancient
    • ascertained fact and incorporated it painfully into your
    • Then you go on to draw the child's attention to the fact that
    • These facts, of course, have already been observed by
    • educationists who have already drawn attention to the fact that
    • fact that you are not to enslave yourself by cramming yourself
    • teaching, to devote themselves to it. This fact has been almost
    • mentioned this fact from another point of view — to the
    • fact that he is growing up to an already finished life, which
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture VI: On the Rhythm of Life and Rhythmical Repetition in Teaching
    Matching lines:
    • psychology, we get the misconstruction of certain simple facts
    • fact that people talk to-day so much at cross-purposes, for
    • It ought, as a matter of fact, to be further expressed in these
    • fact, if we were to analyse merely the meaning of things, we
    • be dragged. This all arises from the fact that the actual
    • harmony of colours, repetition, in fact all spontaneous
    • the fact that there are people who memorize easily and people
    • forgets. This answers very satisfactorily to the craving of
    • in fact, of the fairly ancient wisdom of sound common sense,
    • age, and we must completely master this fact. Down to the
    • ancient tongues before their own. That is a fact which must be
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture VII: The Teaching in the Ninth Year - Natural History - the Animal Kingdom
    Matching lines:
    • fact that the higher animals are chiefly trunk, and are endowed
    • by nature with refined organs chiefly for the satisfaction of
    • beautiful symbol of human freedom. In fact, no more
    • actual sphere of education. Schiller, as a matter of fact,
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture VIII: Education After the Twelfth - History - Physics
    Matching lines:
    • development. It is expressed in the fact that the child, if we
    • purely physical facts which take place outside the human being.
    • you draw the child's attention to a fact of life, and from it
    • out from a fact of life from which you can now find the
    • at this point I cannot withhold from you the fact that many of
    • fact that the child has continuously to put up with such
    • nature. We must take seriously the fact that man must become
    • childhood if you are a person who relates a newly learned fact
    • back by rejoicing as intensely in this new fact as the child
    • rejoices in the realization of a new fact of life. In a word,
    • another you cannot but be conscious of a miracle in the fact
    • and again to feel this as a wonderful fact, that we should not
    • again to our first experience of a fact. A physical explanation
    • instance, the following fact: suppose you have here the
    • attention to the fact of much mischief being active in our
    • latest form, and to the fact that this will have an
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture IX: On the Teaching of Languages
    Matching lines:
    • concerned with older children) to the fact that when he says
    • Subject-less sentences, as a matter of fact, arise from our
    • preserved. Such a procedure is an extraordinary factor towards
    • method of these things. In teaching, in fact, a
    • this rule, too?” you have, in actual fact, won the day.
    • benches are. For, as a matter of fact, there would have been no
    • fact that they are not sitting properly; it is only if you are
    • do not need to go a step further; in fact it is not at all wise
    • this fact and to think it over very deeply, namely, that it is
    • the lesson the faculty necessary for teaching. The fact
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture X: Arranging the Lesson up to the Fourteenth Year
    Matching lines:
    • I have already emphasized the fact that we shall, of course,
    • consideration of such facts is part of the economy of teaching.
    • way. Everybody to-day tries to ascertain facts by means of
    • which I have described has, in fact, been tried, and the result
    • months ago? Sound common sense is aware of these facts from
    • report of what happened in actual fact.
    • relate the truth about external physical facts. In this field,
    • foreign languages. We have, in fact, always to know how to
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture XI: On the Teaching of Geography
    Matching lines:
    • moment retires only too much into the background; in fact, a
    • of his surroundings. In fact, we really work out with the
    • direct his attention to the fact that part of the district is
    • Then we direct his attention to the fact that there are
    • rivers are used for shipping the produce or manufactures of one
    • child's eyes to the fact that man lays out artificial rivers in
    • hesitate at this early stage to teach him many facts which he
    • great ocean, and gradually open his eyes to the fact that there
    • put into the teaching of geography, so that, in fact, the
    • life with the life of the world. For the actual fact is: a
    • familiar in the most natural possible way with the fact that
    • is, in fact, a good thing to employ the geography lesson to
    • towards developing a sense for the association of facts and a
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture XII: How to Connect School with Practical Life
    Matching lines:
    • the fact that the relations of man to his surroundings are far
    • and spirit. In fact, people must benumb themselves to escape
    • must always remain a matter of great satisfaction to see people
    • from the so-called “better classes” enter a factory
    • factory, and yet, as individuals, have not the slightest
    • tobacco factory without any idea of the process of manufacture
    • satisfaction that human nature shows of being itself worried
    • the workings of at least the factory systems in his
    • at fifteen and sixteen of the way a soap-factory or a
    • factory and founder of the Waldorf School as a school for the
    • factory process for preparing cigarettes, from beginning to
    • manufacture of soap, spinning, weaving, etc., it would be an
    • as a matter of fact, and gives him the assurance with which he
    • practical life is chiefly due to the fact that we begin to
    • outside world which are, in fact, respected in spheres still
    • way. You will do far more, in fact, to cultivate idealism
    • the channel of practical life. In fact, no child ought really
    • having to do with astronomy, etc., the simple fact that the
    • find room for some explanation of the manufacture of
    • from one subject to another, the association of one fact with
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  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture XIII: On Drawing up the Time-table
    Matching lines:
    • between seven and twelve is, of course, the fact that they are
    • is an actual fact to-day. We came up against it very sharply
    • fact in evidence, however, was that this half-child was too
    • amount is thrown away and sacrificed. In fact, many
  • Title: Practical Course/Teachers: Lecture XIV: Moral Educative Principles and their Transition to Practice
    Matching lines:
    • conducted. But we have constantly had to emphasize the fact
    • tomboys is simply due to the fact that we go in for far too
    • fact that man is so much a spiritual being that he can become
    • in actual fact the curriculum for the elementary school (aged
    • must absorb these facts quite completely into your being as

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