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  • Title: Lecture: Three Epochs in the Religious Education of Man
    Matching lines:
    • because the human race has passed through different conditions of
    • assumed the form of Nature-religions because man felt the need for a
    • embalmed their corpses because they; experienced the terror of death,
    • because they were aware of the kinship of the physical body (in which
    • Because of their fear of
    • Who descended from the stars, because they do not know that the stars
  • Title: Education: Lecture I: Science, Art, Religion and Morality
    Matching lines:
    • contrary, we hold that because Anthroposophy can at all times efface
    • crossing it. When he applies the science that is valued because of
    • be held that this approach to man is unscientific because it makes
    • the question, because words are the only available media — one
    • in this hall — begin to yawn, because they imagine that
    • thinking ought to be passive, and then they fall asleep because they
  • Title: Education: Lecture II: Principles of Greek Education
    Matching lines:
    • body as a secondary activity. And because the Middle Ages made use of
    • because we did not consider the free light of the sun good enough for
    • aspect of ancient oriental spiritual culture may possibly cause some
    • bodily nature of man? He was justified because his philosophy did not
    • revelation of man because his fundamental conviction was that in
    • gave its name to the places of education in Greece because it was the
    • have done so because we must probe very deeply if we are to discover
  • Title: Education: Lecture III: Greek Education and the Middle Ages
    Matching lines:
    • the course of human life as a whole, because it does not occur again.
    • teeth because everything in this period of life is still interwoven.
    • ‘gymnastic’ because the divine education of the human
    • because the whole human being acquired habits of life whereby the
    • out of this bodily proficiency. And because of this self-development
    • during the Middle Ages assumed this character because, in the first
    • necessity. Because education was of such a kind that it obscured this
  • Title: Education: Lecture IV: The Connection of the Spirit with Bodily Organs
    Matching lines:
    • fatigues and strains the human being, perhaps even causes nervous
    • It only seems strange because as a result of modern culture, people
    • does the child learn to think? It learns to think because it is an
    • teething! All these teething troubles arise because the process of
    • because the etheric body now takes over the responsibility. The teeth
  • Title: Education: Lecture V: The Emancipation of the Will in the Human Organism
    Matching lines:
    • the twentieth or twenty-first year is hidden from such an age because
    • raised because these things are taken as a matter of course. But one
    • And because here on earth man has the opportunity of bringing about
    • state this truth quite frankly, because to utter it seems almost like
    • accident; they are there because in the dental sounds the head, in
    • seventeenth centuries for a different kind of education arose because
    • LOGOS, is only accepted at all because it forms part of tradition.
    • to educate by means of sense-perception, because the
    • programmes; it will only develop from reality. And because man
    • himself is soul and spirit, because he has a physical nature, a
  • Title: Education: Lecture VI: Walking, Speaking, Thinking
    Matching lines:
    • the intellect. This is most essential for the teacher because, as we
    • say that the child learns to walk because this is the most evident feature
    • Now because
    • Speech does not arise merely because a movement of the right hand
    • Many later defects in the digestive system are caused by a child's
    • many people ‘nerves’ to-day? Simply because in childhood there
    • because it very well knows the evil results of this; the moral
    • never realized as such because men's minds are not directed to the
    • This ‘beautiful’ doll is a fearful production because for
    • although he may say he would like to be a chauffeur! Why? Because
  • Title: Education: Lecture VII: The Rhythmic System, Sleeping and Waking, Imitation
    Matching lines:
    • because modern civilization is not conducive to the development of
    • cause fatigue, and since they everywhere come into play, we may say
    • that all life's activities cause fatigue. But in the case of the
    • like this. The world could only emanate from the Divine because the
    • Now because we
    • kind of movement in games or in gymnastics, because only so will he
    • child. He is given this or that exercise merely because it is
    • waking life can thus cause a right life of sleep in which all the organic
    • because they hinder the development of the human being. It would be far
    • fidgetiness caused by most modern systems of bodily training are
    • of course) we have been able to accept a truth not because we see its
    • for this — but because we feel that the teacher whom we revere
    • averse from evil that we turn naturally to the good because the
    • and goodness because he has been able to express them in artistic
    • to remain spirits, and so invisible, intangible, because men are too
  • Title: Education: Lecture VIII: Reading, Writing and Nature Study
    Matching lines:
    • because it is recognized in the child's mind as an activity in which
    • it is difficult as yet to speak openly, because modern science regards it
    • then understand that because man bears the spirit within him, he is
    • mirrored in the various species of animals. Only because man bears
    • world, but he is at the same time raised above the animals because he
  • Title: Education: Lecture IX: Arithmetic, Geometry, History
    Matching lines:
    • In the morning we have solved the problem. Why? Because the etheric
    • little foundation for this pride. We count up to 10 because we sense
    • objection that because the subjects will be forgotten it cannot be
    • cause of the second; we may describe how in the history of art,
    • sequence of cause and effect. But before the age of twelve, the child
    • has no understanding for the working of cause and effect, a principle
    • ponder over anything because if rightly prepared it is there
  • Title: Education: Lecture X: Physics, Chemistry, Handwork, Language, Religion
    Matching lines:
    • conception of cause and effect and this must now be elaborated
    • and imaginative. Abstract reasoning from cause to effect should not
    • incomprehensible to many people to-day because the teaching they
    • destiny has grown beyond man's control simply because education has not
    • pictures things in its notation of sounds. Because this is so, the
    • so, because we have not reached a point of being able to face the
    • begin teaching foreign languages at this early age, because up to the
    • because of their materialism, but in point of fact they are
    • principle has been introduced simply because people cannot think
  • Title: Education: Lecture XI: Memory, Temperaments, Bodily Culture and Art
    Matching lines:
    • natural colour because his face begins to be excessively red. The
    • hearts. A child whom we cannot have in a class because of a weakness
    • very long they do not want to leave the helping class because they
    • child and he learns of cause and effect in nature, it is essential to
    • when he must learn in physics the link between cause and effect in
    • cause and effect. When we come to the plant-world, however, it is

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