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  • Title: Lecture: Three Epochs in the Religious Education of Man
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    • conviction that before a physical body clothed him on Earth, he had
    • physical life and move upon Earth; I am clothed in my physical body
    • am born in a physical sense but this physical birth is foreign to my
    • he was clothed in a physical body so foreign to his real being. It
    • in the whole life of Nature. Thou art clothed in an outer physical
    • body. Know that this body too is from God. Physical birth hath
    • the body that comes into the world through physical birth —
    • justification of his physical birth in Nature. The riddle of Nature
    • Physical.
    • more to use the instruments afforded by his physical body. Let me
    • physical quality of outer Nature was now there as a question before
    • physical body. And death, the enigmatic event that is bound up
    • with the physical body, was experienced by him as the greatest riddle
    • because they were aware of the kinship of the physical body (in which
    • the Being Whose “physical kingdom” is the whole cosmos,
    • clearly before them. Why do we dwell in an earthly, physical body?
    • “Out of God we are born as physical human beings” —
  • Title: Education: Lecture II: Principles of Greek Education
    Matching lines:
    • physical organism when it reached the knee, for instance, must
    • when man is born, when he comes forth as a purely physical being,
    • there is soul and spirit. Soul and spirit sleep in the physical body
    • thus it was transformed from a physical, bodily process into
    • through the choral dance. And so the physical nature, the soul and
  • Title: Education: Lecture III: Greek Education and the Middle Ages
    Matching lines:
    • The fact that the physical force decreases in the seventh year and
    • being, a physical being, a being of soul and a being of spirit.
    • child up to the seventh year he should recognize that a physical body
    • sheath, and not expressing a true spiritual being in its physical
    • physical human being in the first seven years of life is the vesture
  • Title: Education: Lecture IV: The Connection of the Spirit with Bodily Organs
    Matching lines:
    • follows physical training. And so to-day we have two separate
    • out from the organism of the child do not work again as physical
    • organs. It worked in the physical organism, forced out the teeth,
    • reached its culmination as physical force with the change of teeth
    • the physical body, there is working in man a super-sensible body, if
    • with the physical is that it cannot be weighed. This super-sensible
    • ordinary physical knowledge teaches us of the physical body of man,
    • physical body to its environment, so do we also learn to relate the
    • studying the physical body of man, we look outside in Nature, in
    • in so far as the organism is physical. Similarly, through Imaginative
    • related to the physical body. Thus in the first stage of exact
    • physical body. There from within, it organizes the physical body; it
    • out has no more to do for the physical body. Its activity is
    • emancipated, as it were, from the physical body. With the change of
    • The force of the teeth is no longer a physical force as it was in the
    • once again how the physical is connected with what is of the soul. We
    • physical body but in the etheric body, descends one stage. This
    • physical functions in the human being, such as biting by the teeth or
    • human head, for the physical origin of thought that frees itself
    • releases itself much later than thinking from the physical
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  • Title: Education: Lecture V: The Emancipation of the Will in the Human Organism
    Matching lines:
    • outer, physical manifestation of the will in the boy or girl, even
    • independent of the physical constitution in a more inner sense.
    • himself is soul and spirit, because he has a physical nature, a
  • Title: Education: Lecture VI: Walking, Speaking, Thinking
    Matching lines:
    • physical functions are accompanied by a kind of tasting, and,
    • sensitive to the physical influences of his surroundings, but also to the
    • stage where the spiritual works right down into the physical. For the
    • fact, all education of the child is at the same time physical education.
    • We cannot speak of a specifically physical training of the child, for
    • and spirit at one stage of life becomes physical, manifests itself
    • physically in later life. Years later it makes itself evident in the
    • physical body.
    • of the spiritual into the physical.
    • spiritual becomes physical, and works directly into the bodily
    • constitutes a physical training, for the child is not all individual.
    • is one great sense organ and his inner physical functions are also a
    • physical condition of the next generation, as evinced by its gravest
    • environment expresses itself in the physical organism — though
    • activity of the soul and spirit in the physical organism. But since
    • consequences of injury to the physical body are very evident. But, my
    • the physical and material and there is so little comprehension of the
  • Title: Education: Lecture VII: The Rhythmic System, Sleeping and Waking, Imitation
    Matching lines:
    • blood and the processes of the breath, so that as a physical being
    • prepare his physical organism to be the bearer of moral and spiritual
    • be some physical training and exercise, for it is our duty to help
    • same time the very best training for the physical body.
    • the artistic, and all physical culture has a definite relation to the
    • importance in these physically active impulses of the will if
    • physical culture.
    • hunger for physical activity will arise quite naturally in the child,
    • physical activity. The inner forces must be allowed to stream out
    • school. Physical training is then a natural development from the
    • is given only such physical exercises as his artistic work creates a need
    • inartistic forms of physical culture are contrary to all true education,
    • nature of man. For then they would realize that all physical
    • physical exercises fidget in soul during sleep, and in the morning,
    • flows from divine depths into the physical form our knowledge
    • table-turning, physical phenomena and so on. They must not be allowed
  • Title: Education: Lecture VIII: Reading, Writing and Nature Study
    Matching lines:
    • into the physical organism with health-giving power.
    • with a living, growing physical organism and this alone can lead to a
    • entire animal world. Taking our start from man's physical
  • Title: Education: Lecture IX: Arithmetic, Geometry, History
    Matching lines:
    • being has, in the first place, his physical body. It is revealed to
    • ordinary physical sense-perception. Besides this physical body,
    • super-sensible member of man's being never separates from the physical
    • organization remains with the physical body lying there in bed. When
    • man sleeps, the astral body and Ego-organization leave the physical
    • physical and etheric bodies which are affected when the child is taught
    • from these studies passes out of the physical and etheric bodies into
    • by the physical and etheric bodies during sleep, whereas the results
    • the subject-matter works upon the etheric and physical bodies or upon
    • of which I spoke yesterday affect the physical and etheric bodies. (I
    • which pass out of the physical and etheric bodies during sleep. But
    • the physical-etheric and the astral and Ego. As regards their role in
    • ourselves are then no longer within the physical and etheric bodies;
    • will wake in an etheric body, and a physical body also, inwardly and
    • for us to leave our physical and etheric bodies to themselves for a
    • physical life.
    • physical space, whereas to divide a unity into its members has an
    • continually active. Let us make it possible for the physical and
  • Title: Education: Lecture XI: Memory, Temperaments, Bodily Culture and Art
    Matching lines:
    • during this period of life physical body, etheric body, astral body
    • around him has the effect of stimulating, even in the physical body
    • life the memory makes claims on his physical body. Unless there is an
    • all-round development of the physical body the memory will be
    • his physical body.
    • the physical body and allow the memory to unfold in the right way.
    • soul and come to the aid of memory in the physical body. In
    • and spirit in intimate harmony with his physical body. In the Waldorf
    • work right down into the physical constitution of the liver, for the
    • outer life penetrates deeply into the physical organism of man.
    • liver is over-active, of melancholy, no matter what physical measures
    • giving the child physical exercises in which his own body, his whole
    • has a wonderfully vitalizing effect on the child's physical sight and

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