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  • Title: Lecture: Three Epochs in the Religious Education of Man
    Matching lines:
    • which Initiation Wisdom worked upon man and awakened a religious
    • weaving and working through the cosmos. And inasmuch as man will
  • Title: Education: Lecture I: Science, Art, Religion and Morality
    Matching lines:
    • that they were impressed with our work and were following it with
    • first idea was the education of children whose parents were working
    • School arose as a general school for the workers' children. It was
    • summer holidays will inspire all our winter work. I cannot adequately
    • work deeply in our hearts, we are led to the most fundamental
    • spiritual powers were at work in his own creative activity enabling
  • Title: Education: Lecture II: Principles of Greek Education
    Matching lines:
    • a quality of soul. How the human being can work through speech, as a
    • who no longer handles the soul-nature in its bodily-working,
    • look at the Greek palæstra where the Gymnasts worked, we must
    • that when the blood circulation is functioning properly it works
    • harmonized in such a way that the separate parts should work together
    • against and overcome the forces working in opposition and to go
  • Title: Education: Lecture III: Greek Education and the Middle Ages
    Matching lines:
    • withdraws somewhat; it does not work so strongly from out of the
    • from pre-earthly life are still working in it. When the seventh year
    • educate thus, part of man's work on the earth fell to the lot of
    • by human effort, by work. Anyone who observes the spiritual
    • it is only when the faculties work unconsciously that they are right;
    • soul does not work in the same condition of security as is afforded
    • whole of life up to our time, it has worked itself cut of its natural
  • Title: Education: Lecture IV: The Connection of the Spirit with Bodily Organs
    Matching lines:
    • work and what they do with it. And the spirit in our present
    • had already worked into their philosophies. There indeed it is and
    • out from the organism of the child do not work again as physical
    • in the child's thinking, worked up to the seventh year upon the
    • organs. It worked in the physical organism, forced out the teeth,
    • the physical body, there is working in man a super-sensible body, if
    • the plant, in short, which works upwards, all this must be related to
    • now working in the etheric body as thought. When we perceive
    • assumes definite picture-form. We see how thought is working in the
    • spirit becomes teeth and works in the teeth. This indeed is what we
    • work within one must, to begin with, mould the teeth. The element of
    • fourteenth or fifteenth years, this astral body works through the
  • Title: Education: Lecture V: The Emancipation of the Will in the Human Organism
    Matching lines:
    • twenty-first year onwards, with every tread of the foot there works
    • work before. Man becomes a being complete in himself, one who has
    • paralysed the downward-working forces by forces which work from below
    • upwards, forces which have to become those of will, begin to work for
    • the first time. For all will works from below upwards; all thought
    • must see the will at work in the organs of movement, in the quite
    • corpse of a living thinking and when we understand that we must work
    • forces work and, arrested by the gums, pass over into speech. If at
    • phenomena. The word rumbled in the rumbling waves, worked in the
    • WORD. The WORD worked in Greek wrestling. The shadowy image of the
    • WORD in music worked in the Greek dances. The spirit worked into the
    • its fullness, as it worked and was understood in the age when
    • which is to show that one ought not to work through the
  • Title: Education: Lecture VI: Walking, Speaking, Thinking
    Matching lines:
    • not the case. Taste then works throughout the whole organism; the
    • stage where the spiritual works right down into the physical. For the
    • soul and spirit are always at work upon his bodily nature. We observe
    • spiritual becomes physical, and works directly into the bodily
    • that the teacher's work will come to include an understanding of the
    • work in the child. All that comes to him from his environment passes
    • and is perpetually at work as a kind of inner sculptor upon his own being.
    • who works upon his material with a fine and supple hand, a hand
    • flow upwards from the rhythmic system and work upon the structure of
    • All that the child cannot as yet understand works upon the brain like
    • element into our work and to apply it in the making of toys, for then we
    • Kindergarten such various forms of handiwork as have been ingeniously
    • all been ingeniously thought out. Kindergarten work ought rather to
    • Kindergartens, for they are so full of good intentions and the work
    • Kindergarten work should consist simply and solely of imitative
  • Title: Education: Lecture VII: The Rhythmic System, Sleeping and Waking, Imitation
    Matching lines:
    • remembered that up to the seventh year the child is working, as it
    • qualities, if we help the work of the sculptor within him up to the
    • upon the different forces at work. A most vital principle is here at
    • of the inner organic processes called up by the artistic work in the
    • is given only such physical exercises as his artistic work creates a need
    • growing human being a work of divine creation. There is no more
    • we must understand how the spirit works in matter and hence upon the
  • Title: Education: Lecture VIII: Reading, Writing and Nature Study
    Matching lines:
    • in nature, works quite differently upon the root from what a dry earth
    • sun, moon and earth. True, one cannot enter deeply into this working
    • to give an idea of the face of the earth by connecting the forces at work
    • worked out with true artistic feeling.
    • of educational work must be net merely to teach facts about the plants
  • Title: Education: Lecture IX: Arithmetic, Geometry, History
    Matching lines:
    • works upon the child's conceptual and imaginative faculties, anything that
    • work only upon the astral body and Ego-organization. What results
    • history or the being of man works on his organization of soul and
    • the subject-matter works upon the etheric and physical bodies or upon
    • the remarkable thing is that arithmetic and geometry work upon both
    • intellectual formulae that are usually considered the right groundwork.
    • thing. Briefly, by working in this way, we give the child an idea of
    • the working of the etheric body; if there is no such knowledge, all
    • work of the etheric body has continued through the night and the
    • but that is not a normal occurrence, one cannot work on such a
    • work will also be essentially enhanced and vivified if you similarly
    • importance in this branch of our educational work. And it is evident
    • in man, that is, the part which works on during sleep and which also
    • works subconsciously during the waking hours. For one is aware of a
    • etheric bodies of the child to work in a healthy way, realizing that
    • working in the subconscious regions while another is being
    • three or four weeks to rest within the soul and so work on in the
    • work. We must naturally reckon on being able to forget, for just
    • has no understanding for the working of cause and effect, a principle
    • said many times that education should work upon the being of man as a whole
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  • Title: Education: Lecture X: Physics, Chemistry, Handwork, Language, Religion
    Matching lines:
    • animals. In mineralogy, physics, and chemistry we can only work
    • work when the child has reached the fourteenth and fifteenth years. In the
    • is that they now work on the principle of teaching no grammar at all.
    • School was originally founded for the children of working-class
    • work is a moral deed, where he regards the lessons themselves as a
    • conditions permit to-day. In no sense do we work towards a
  • Title: Education: Lecture XI: Memory, Temperaments, Bodily Culture and Art
    Matching lines:
    • and Ego-organization are working in unison. The way in which the
    • child works out by imitation everything he unconsciously observes
    • say, we need not be afraid of working upon the memory afterwards. It
    • “Yes, but if you work on those lines the teachers will have to
    • work right down into the physical constitution of the liver, for the
    • in schools not to allow children who cannot keep up with the work in a
    • organism, and how movement of the fingers of the left hand works upon
    • on the will. The art of Eurhythmy, working as it does with normal
    • of work at the Waldorf School is achieving really splendid results. A
    • one can only work with what is there or can be brought out of the
    • Not until the moment when man realizes the world itself to be a work
    • must first be worked out in the ‘prose’ of life.

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