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  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 1
    Matching lines:
    • Understanding of normal children helps with abnormal and vice versa.
    • Right way to regard symptoms. Abnormal commonly regarded as
    • suffering from some illness or abnormality, can also be discerned in
    • would commonly be called abnormal. It may be no more than a slight
    • psychiatry today limits itself to describing abnormal phenomena of
    • manifestations, may be normal or it may be abnormal. But now the only
    • abnormality of the child's life of soul, or indeed of the life of
    • them an abnormality. At present there is really no other criterion.
    • they have in this way ascertained the existence of “abnormality”,
    • are thereby helping to get rid of the abnormality, while all the time
    • maturity. Suppose that now some abnormality shows itself in the life
    • of the human being. We shall then manifestly have an abnormality of
    • has passed his twenty-first year, an abnormality appears in the liver
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 2
    Matching lines:
    • psychology, of all kinds of mental abnormalities, and has written big
    • wide field of abnormalities in the life of soul, and afterwards at a
    • criminal psychology, in which he spoke about abnormality in the life
    • inevitably lead when it begins to investigate the field of abnormal
    • example, of an abnormality of soul, which showed itself in the
    • sought in some subtle abnormality of the liver, and that the
    • treatment of abnormal human beings is concerned, the law is a
    • kind of rhythm is set up, an abnormal rhythm. At one moment the ego
    • becoming sensational — the particular abnormalities will become
    • deeply and inwardly interesting to us. Suppose an abnormality gets
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • mechanism and go out from it to surrounding world. In abnormal
    • which this connection may manifest in the so-called abnormal child.
    • We explained yesterday how the etheric body can be abnormally formed
    • when abnormal conditions are present? It can quite well happen that
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • normal and abnormal.) This relationship is, within limits, a variable
    • we have abnormality, a state of illness; in some organ astral body
    • complex of symptoms. If we have learned to know an abnormality for
    • nature of the abnormality shows itself to us quite plainly in the
    • within the organism, to imitate, under abnormal circumstances, the
    • before you the form of abnormal soul-life of which I have been
    • plans will be frustrated. A form of teaching for abnormal children
    • basis you can also work out what you must do for abnormal children.
    • to educate abnormal children will never have finished learning. Each
    • however be fully awake to the fact that when an abnormal symptom
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • to see how certain abnormalities in the life of the soul which we can
    • peculiar to that period, the abnormality remaining as yet quite
    • in regard to abnormalities that belong to childhood, we must also
    • those who have to educate abnormal children would learn to have an
    • abnormalities, but you ought really to come to the point where
    • therefore, abnormal symptoms are present, I shall have to look for
    • abnormalities of soul and spirit can be followed right into the
    • seriously if you want to educate abnormal children — only think
    • right thing for abnormal children, if we bring them together in
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • thought at all of abnormality. When six months old, he lay once for a
    • noticed that there was anything abnormal. Only in course of time,
    • when he had grown quite a bit, could the abnormality, which was
    • the time when I was engaged in teaching, an abnormal boy of eleven
    • abnormality. The choice of his parents has clearly had its bearing on
    • particularly in dealing with children who are abnormal.
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 8
    Matching lines:
    • not been at all abnormal; he is just like any other child. He takes
    • abnormalities of this kind throw great light upon the life of man as
    • child started breathing with the lungs did abnormality begin. The
    • yet consider the head abnormal at a time when it must already have
    • abnormality of soul begins, you see, in the mother, and as one would
    • abnormality. For what you have observed in this child is an extreme
    • would not be able to notice anything abnormal about the child, and
    • abnormal. She learned also to talk at the right time. Development
    • you see, is already an abnormality, in the fact that this weakness in
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 9
    Matching lines:
    • treatment of abnormal children has necessarily to be pursued —
    • namely, in relation to particular examples. Abnormality manifests in
    • abnormality of this kind is very difficult to contend with. For at
    • in dealing with abnormal children it is absolutely essential that
    • forgotten when we are considering cases that are not abnormal. The
    • child we saw yesterday is abnormal. The inordinate sensitiveness and
    • abnormality, he had grown accustomed to it. After all, he lived, you
    • abnormal child. Our chief concern must be to see that the astral body
    • realising that the abnormalities of soul are symptoms of what is
    • recommend anyone who is setting out to educate abnormal children, to
    • necessary in the case of the abnormal child. We must on no account
    • dealings with abnormal children, make it a rule to be watchful of how
    • fourteen whom we have received into our care as abnormal, we need not
    • abnormal children an absolute need, a need that springs from the
    • inherent nature of the abnormality itself.
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 10
    Matching lines:
    • who are abnormal, healthy instincts are yet always present. And with
    • especially just those developments that come with abnormal
    • a girl concerning whom I told you that a kind of abnormality must
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 11
    Matching lines:
    • wherever an abnormality expresses itself in laziness and inertia,
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 12
    Matching lines:
    • approach the so-called abnormal child. It will have been clear to you
    • from our discussions that, if you want to educate an abnormal child
    • part content merely to specify the abnormality and not trouble
    • either grow to excess, becoming abnormally large, or may insert
    • itself into the plant in an abnormal manner, sometimes even going so
    • that where we have abnormalities in man, it is the spirituality in
    • him which is finding expression in these abnormalities.
    • older time saw that there is something definitely abnormal about a
    • specialised form of education for the so-called abnormal human being.
    • all the abnormal phenomena that can then show themselves in a nursing
    • are having to do with abnormal children.
    • deepen this pedagogy and adapt it to the abnormality of the

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