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  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 1
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    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • life of soul of every human being lurks a quality, or tendency, that
    • to some slight degree, in the majority of human beings. We shall have
    • the “being ill” really means. And in this connection I
    • made.] the physical body of the human being, as it confronts
    • soul of any human being, is that we have in mind something that is
    • normal in the sense of being average. There is no other criterion
    • actually before us in the human being?
    • the body which is being built up from the sequence of generations in
    • us think first of the human being in his three systems: nervous
    • being. When we speak of hepatic activity — and we ought really
    • of will in the human being, just as the synthesizing activity lies at
    • now let us think of a human being who has arrived at the stage of
    • being “grown-up”. What has happened to him while he has
    • the body a human being has who has passed through the change of
    • body. And what have we then? A completely new body comes into being;
    • descended. The human being has his body of inherited substance until
    • the personal body of the human being — develops by degrees.
    • the seventh and fourteenth years every human being passes through a
    • the fourteenth year, if the human being were to go on into later life
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  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 2
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    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • are in this superficial soul-life, without being able to lead on to
    • patient's being unable to pass from intention to deed, had to be
    • gradually in the human being, as he progresses in his development,
    • investigate, with anthroposophical understanding, the being of man,
    • anthroposophical lectures, telling you how the human being
    • being secreted and then falling away. The matter that has fallen
    • thinking but with the life in them being perpetually killed all the
    • How can it ever arise? The answer is, through the mirror not being in
    • system, which the human being constructed for himself from the real
    • being is descending from pre-earthly existence, there are of course,
    • ether; but these right thoughts have to be received by the being who
    • with all its livingness will be in the human being, will depend upon
    • how the human being — as he arrives from pre-earthly existence,
    • can actually happen that a human being, owing to his karma, arrives
    • being of man is influenced by the next higher member (from whatever
    • treatment of abnormal human beings is concerned, the law is a
    • the time; and so, being unable to make use of the physical body, he
    • connections into which this insane human being comes. We shall have
    • the point of being able to observe what happens, first in the moment
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 3
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    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • as a result of its not being in right correspondence with the
    • being wakes up, his astral body and ego organisation go straight over
    • and the physical body being heavy, being subject to the gravity of
    • when I, as an awake human being, stand upright, then for my
    • to the fact that we human beings, as we go about on the earth, are
    • connection with each one of them and, in the normal human being, is
    • being that the processes of equilibrium (in water) and the
    • achieved, has to be brought to fulfilment, while the human being is
    • own being, immerse himself at the same time in the earthly-cosmic
    • being has no possibility of making direct connection, by means of
    • it were, making it impossible for the human being to find contact
    • human organism that when the human being wakes up, he is not able to
    • come forth again. What the human being should be able to do,
    • say, it will do so if the human being wakes up. The unfortunate thing
    • the human being wakes up. But how? He wakes up, without gaining
    • passes over into pathological unconsciousness. The human being wakes
    • surface of some organ, astral body and ego organisation are being
    • being that we must work. And it will be a question of finding the way
    • have been speaking more fully of the way in which the human being
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  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 4
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    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • child. Alternation of depression and sense of well-being. Teacher
    • being. (I say “so-called”, because the expression “normal
    • human being” is a purely conventional one, founded on the
    • belief that there is a fixed boundary dividing human beings into
    • this again can be individual for the particular human being
    • later. When a human being is affected with this condition in
    • how it hurts! The reason for your being so sensitive is that at that
    • hyper-sensitive response to the world around him. A human being in
    • human being, and will sometimes take then the strangest paths in the
    • interior of the human being, making its appearance not at all quickly
    • feeling of well-being. So we have in this way alternating conditions
    • is being corrected for him by what you are doing. Naturally the child
    • there is at last this summons to the individual human being; he must
    • case, is to let himself be guided by the being in the child. It is
    • human beings. One must not do that — not in our time! We should
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • to yourselves a being (see circles above, in the middle) organised in
    • You will have thus a being who shows his ego organisation outside,
    • We have now before us two beings that are the direct polar opposite
    • of one another. Look at them carefully. As you see, the second being
    • these conditions being given, a change can come about. The
    • configuration of the being I have sketched here (on the left) may be
    • And now we will add on to it below, the other being (figure in
    • modification in their form, being moulded and turned in various ways.
    • second being changed into the head of man, and our first changed into
    • opposite beings — mediated by the middle part of our organism,
    • consequence of the albumen being too rich in sulphur, the impressions
    • quite apathetic, but at the same time show signs also of being
    • apathetic, then, through your being able to behold him, something
    • considering irregularities which can occur in the human being when
    • the human being as a whole, ego organisation, astral organisation and
    • thoughts; the child, in fact, shows indications of being
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • This works upon the whole of the rest of the human being. For, as you
    • well-formed human being, where the lower part of the head is in
    • the demand for nourishment being so slight in this front part of the
    • a human being who is deficient in carbonic acid the limb system will
    • connected everything in the human being that has fundamentally to do
    • to be attentive to the world around us, depends on our being able to
    • as heroes. As soon as a human being can look up, even if only in
    • undertake in the way of education. For it is not a matter of being
    • being therapeutically: by medicines taken internally, by injections,
    • strength during that period, being at the end of it more powerful
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 7
    Matching lines:
    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • conversations with it just as one does with one's fellow beings,
    • being. And then I must tell you of another idiosyncrasy. The boy will
    • an objective elemental being from the world outside. Subject and
    • was so, then it was owing to the child's being too small; the child
    • stage. And then try to enter into the being and character of R, which
    • the right. When, the attack being over, the astral body is wanting to
    • coming into being — for they are finished and complete at seven
    • it cannot make its way in; it keeps diving down, and then being
    • being. Here then will be our point of attack, as it were, in the
    • extraordinarily difficult to deal with, the reason being that you
    • before you, as I said, a kind of demonic being. An absolutely real
    • super-sensible being is present in this boy. What you had sitting
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 8
    Matching lines:
    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • immediately on his being let go, as it were, from the embryo
    • being so extraordinarily strongly developed, the ego organisation
    • in the human being, that alone is given opportunity to grow.
    • has happened, the details of the event not being shone upon by the
    • of course who made him fetch the scissors. Being a polite and
    • continued to give the appearance of being normal. By the time she was
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 9
    Matching lines:
    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • excitability. Man has developed as far as the ego, but beings of
    • belongs to human beings in the world. In this connection, you must
    • simply characteristic qualities. There are good beings and there are
    • bad beings. As little as you can say of a lion that he ought, or
    • solely within the organisation of man and where human beings are
    • whole human being, you must remember, is nerves-and senses system.
    • grown to be thirty years old. He would then be an adult human being.
    • child of the habit of being so excited. For she is still always
    • the very moment when something is being told her of a kind that
    • somehow being broken down. Instead of evincing excitement, she will
    • mean? For when we divide the human being into
    • not a true and full picture of the situation. Human beings, we say,
    • beings with whom we humans have to do, come only as far as the ego
    • necessarily brought into contact with beings who attain to the
    • spirit-self, beings who are further on in evolution than man. If we
    • to have life, then we must appeal not only to the human beings who
    • are congregated there in our school, but also to spiritual beings who
    • are more highly developed than man, spiritual beings who show quite
    • class of such beings, namely, the beings to whom we give the name of
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  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 10
    Matching lines:
    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • being is in his case lacking. Once, however, he can be brought to
    • will be sure of being treated in the way that is right and necessary
    • fail to attend to them — the reason being that in the moment
    • you want to be able to speak to some fellow human being from out of
    • being able to say something to him out of intuitive vision, what do
    • the human being! You remember the drawing I made for you, of the
    • you now in this simple figure for meditation. In the human being it
    • organism in itself, sitting up there on the top of the human being,
    • being that all that part which belongs to the organs of mastication
    • comparatively independently, being built into the organism from
    • human beings. There was however somewhere in the antecedents —
    • being cannot attract iron at all, or only with difficulty? What
    • constellations must be present to cause the human being to be
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 11
    Matching lines:
    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • properly at home in the organism — the reason being that its
    • impressions are left lying in the part of the human being that
    • the human being. We divide him into certain members. In accordance
    • with that memberment which arranges the whole nature and being of man
    • single human being. One person will have a little more power and
    • the Moon is sufficiently strong for the human being descending to
    • while being at the same time, as we have seen, almost in opposition
    • present in the mutual disposition of the members of the human being.
    • being given in this course. If it should prove that anyone is not
    • satisfied with what is being given in this course of lectures and
    • enable one to look right into the whole being of the child. For we
    • that the human beings themselves are constantly affording us new and
    • organisation comes into being out of the head organisation. Continue
    • the human being when the disintegrating principle inserts itself,
    • course always very much the air of being a strict Pope — he
    • is not long, but remarkable for being personal and at the same time
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 12
    Matching lines:
    • education and the relationships of the four bodies of the human being,
    • Man today understands human being less than Goethe understood the
    • his study, for example, of the human being), as Goethe was in his
    • with beings who live in the spirit. More and more does our
    • being between the Ahrimanic and the Luciferic. And then, having a
    • Education heals the so-called normal human being, and healing is a
    • specialised form of education for the so-called abnormal human being.
    • the human being have, in reality, to do with the spiritual in him,
    • right feeling towards what is in a human being's environment and
    • it is in our day to “behold” a human being as he really
    • to see man in his true being. For it is a fact that in the course of
    • that a human being, instead of having the organisation that properly
    • human being is ill.
    • being if one can say: he “takes after” the lion, or the
    • eagle, or the ox; or again, he gives evidence of being wrenched away
    • suppose the ether body of a certain human being is too soft and
    • only two. These three members of man's being do not fall within the
    • one world and live for the time being completely within the other
    • can heal the typical human being, and enable him to take his place
    • Curative Eurythmy is being given, the one who is giving it must on no

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