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  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 1
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    • diseased liver, or if it finds in the physical and the etheric body
    • What do I mean by that? It brings together all the activities of the
    • in the brain everything flows together, the hepatic activity flows
    • together with the other activities; so that the head is the great
    • takes place together with the intestinal activity, in the rest of the
    • everything flows together, it is all synthesized.
    • this flowing together — accompanied as it is by a continual
    • together; a diseased organ still works into the life of soul —
    • most important we should take pains to discern whether in a
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 2
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    • borne by cosmic ether, from which child receives them in building his
    • own ether body. This living thinking forms the brain which becomes
    • reverence for cosmic ether. Child's etheric permeates body with
    • develop his astral to influence child's etheric. Need for good
    • etheric world, from which, as you know, our own etheric body is
    • etheric body of man comes from the cosmic ether, which is all around
    • us in every direction. Now it is this cosmic ether, my dear friends,
    • that is the bearer of the thoughts. The cosmic ether, which is common
    • Earth. There, in the cosmic ether, are contained all the living
    • thoughts there are; and never are they received from the cosmic ether
    • descends and forms his ether body. Within this ether body, within
    • thoughts which we take from the universal cosmic ether build up in
    • the thoughts of the surrounding ether to be reflected in them; and
    • surrounding ether, and throw them back into our consciousness. This
    • reflection of the thoughts that live in the cosmic ether.
    • once that you are something altogether different from that reflected
    • the cosmic ether a distorted, an illogical or a deranged thought. Yet
    • ether; how, then, does a deranged or senseless thought come about?
    • in the cosmic ether in their full validity and truth.
    • relation to this cosmic ether. We shall never do so unless we, as
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  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 3
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    • etheric forces (buoyancy). It connects fully with Earth, Water and
    • senses). This light is etheric. Mechanism of the eye correctly
    • have been speaking of the connection between etheric body, physical
    • We explained yesterday how the etheric body can be abnormally formed
    • thought-system of the World Ether, and we went on to show how this
    • altogether. When once we understand how to make the transition from
    • organisation or a real astral body. The existence even of the etheric
    • of the organic and etheric. I will not stress names but when some
    • ether body because they are afraid of it. But the very thing that is
    • first, the connection between physical body and etheric body. This
    • they are within the physical and etheric bodies. An accurate
    • membered into the physical and etheric bodies is indispensable if we
    • into his physical body and etheric body, combining with them in very
    • and here the etheric body, then, at the time of awaking, the
    • the ether body. But this is not all. For here we meet with a fact of
    • organisation returns, it does not lay hold merely of the etheric body
    • moment, we will leave the etheric body out of the picture), and the
    • is the same with the etheric body. The etheric body too is inserted
    • its weight, but has buoyancy. In this buoyancy we live. Our ether
    • slip into our ether body, then our ego is within the buoyancy, not
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  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 4
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    • in regard to physical body, ether body, astral body and ego
    • you have an organ with its ether body within it. For each single
    • physical body and ether body on the one hand and astral body and ego
    • give rise to an altogether different substance. We can, for example,
    • a similar way, physical body and ether body stand in a certain
    • for us is to make sure whether all the cases that are today reckoned
    • the word is understood, or whether we do not rather need to have
    • whilst in the etheric body, the ego organisation and astral body are
    • with the light, with the chemical ether and with the universal
    • life-ether. If now we may borrow from the physical realm a word which
    • watch carefully to see whether the inner soreness of soul, that is
    • three or four days. This will enable you to discover whether you have
    • right out, together with the astral outflow — an enhanced
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 5
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    • purple, the etheric organisation yellow, and lastly, the
    • the astral organisation, there the etheric organisation,
    • (purple), then the etheric (yellow), and then the physical (white).
    • while he drives the astral organisation farther in, the etheric still
    • outwards (purple); then, farther out, the etheric organisation
    • organisation, into which plays also the etheric organisation, whilst
    • unfinished, left open. Then we can have the etheric organisation
    • ether organisation (yellow) and the physical organisation (white).
    • (purple); farther in, the ether organisation (yellow); and finally —
    • outside, showing form and shape, are the physical body and the ether
    • becomes etheric; and finally, inside the bones, it becomes physical.
    • say whether it is going from without inwards or from within outwards.
    • body — nor of ether body; he does not know what it is that is
    • eye for whether a child is rich or poor in sulphur. We shall, I hope,
    • be able to speak together of many different forms of soul
    • hair, I shall not take the trouble to investigate whether he be rich
    • right thing for abnormal children, if we bring them together in
    • can of course, at any rate to begin with, take them all together.
    • etheric-physical organisation do not fit well together, do not
    • the stimulation is not passed on to the ether body, least of all to
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  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 6
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    • basis for our discussion together, the case of a boy who will
    • the front) as we remarked, the head is pressed together. In all
    • metabolism-and-limbs system. The working together of the two systems
    • skull have been pressed together by a blow from outside, there will,
    • well together. We have thus to do here with a hardening of the
    • only a question of whether he produces the thoughts at the right
    • occasion, or again of whether he produces too many thoughts, or too
    • few. The thoughts themselves are reflections of the external ether.
    • the world ether, they are contained in the thought constitution of
    • the world ether.
    • the ether body and physical body. But the construction of his own
    • the physical body and ether body. We must come to their help. And for
    • into the physical and ether bodies — and, in fact, also on the
    • ether and physical bodies, arsenic baths will be your obvious remedy.
    • together, we shall make progress with a boy of this kind.
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 7
    Matching lines:
    • speaking to it, talking with it and altogether treating it as a real
    • loosens itself from the physical and etheric — it may be still
    • body becomes to any extent independent of the physical and ether
    • etheric and physical bodies.
    • be noticeable. Taken altogether, the boy is backward. In the first
    • physical organism. For it is the ether body that is active now, and
    • the boy's ether body has adapted itself extraordinarily closely to
    • for doubt whether the information given us is correct — for we
    • is altogether behind-hand in his development. As you will see for
    • do not know whether all of you were present at the lectures where I
    • the connection of ether body with astral body. The exercises that
    • to induce a harmonious co-operation of astral and ether bodies.
    • may well be, when it is a serious one — into the etheric
    • difficulty in diving down into the ether and physical bodies. A
    • ether body and physical body. When you have the child standing before
    • whether he makes rapid progress or not. We shall give him Eurythmy
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 8
    Matching lines:
    • the physical and the ether body. The child hit out around him with
    • in the very moment when we are going to speak together about this
    • themselves will place the things together for our perception; and
    • altogether conscious lying; for he does not himself know exactly what
    • two facts stood there together, side by side.
    • with this little girl. One day the children were left alone together
    • dreams — in particular, whether the dreams occur just after
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 9
    Matching lines:
    • baths to help astral harmonise with physical and etheric. Mustard and
    • living socially together. Now, in the case of an illness such as
    • against the failing, it generally escapes notice altogether. At this
    • altogether, has a head of the same size as that of a big, tall
    • on his lips, as though he were rubbing his lips together and tasting
    • made first on a small scale. Altogether, a most interesting
    • itself into the ether and physical bodies in a harmonious manner. To
    • relationships of astral body, ether body and physical body. Then, to
    • Altogether, the breaking of some habit or trait of character in a
    • going on within him, symptoms of the behaviour of ether body, astral
    • Ether body
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 10
    Matching lines:
    • very outset his ether body and his physical body offer resistance;
    • ether and physical bodies set up a powerful resistance. What should
    • Curative Eurythmy! — can be of the very greatest help. Whether
    • between astral body and ether body. And harmony between astral body
    • and ether body is precisely what is lacking in a boy of this type.
    • enter into the etheric body, we must have recourse rather to the
    • plant, are to be used when the physical body and etheric body refuse
    • organisation, but to a special resistance put up by the ether body.
    • particularly weak. The physical body and the ether body reacted to
    • see whether the organs of mastication are beginning to come more
    • of fairly forcing the eyes to betake themselves out of the etheric
    • its “grotto”, the etheric body of the eye left
    • whether there were not in the case of these children who are albinos,
    • little group of us who were taking part together in these first
    • particularly enquired whether there had not been some weakness or
    • made in the lecture. He then asked whether the people of the
    • they are inclined to be dark. Lastly, he enquired whether the
    • thither are due to oscillation between ether body and astral body.
  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 11
    Matching lines:
    • etheric in region of bladder. Defective astral lies behind both
    • is connected with an excess of etheric powers of growth in the region
    • organism is clear evidence of the fact that the ether body is not
    • body, the ether body does not function properly, with the result that
    • proper organic relation between physical body and ether body; astral
    • body and ego have begun to enter into the physical and ether body,
    • the lower organisation — ether body and physical body.
    • do not know whether the experiment has yet been made of testing the
    • etheric. With S, the aim is to bring the astral body into powerful
    • will need however to watch whether the impressions you bring to him
    • to take hold also of the ether body.
    • together. First, you must provide a dispersing influence that works
    • need to find something which will have, while working together with
    • something gentle and noble about him. And that goes together with the
    • cosmic constellations whether she has noticed anything special in
    • rather from the etheric principle, we divide him, as you know, into
    • physical body, etheric body, sentient body, which last we then bring
    • themselves to us as forming together a single, relatively independent
    • whole; taken all together, they compose man. But now, the way in
    • which the members are put together to compose man, differs in each
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  • Title: Lecture: Curative Education: Lecture 12
    Matching lines:
    • only etheric and physical content. Plant becomes more spiritual in
    • we have really been endeavouring to do in our talks together here is
    • upon all these malformations together, to arrive at an apperception
    • together, and we must not assume — as people generally do today
    • only the physical and etheric organisation. Hence the harmful effect
    • the root has a strongly physical and etheric relation to the
    • suppose the ether body of a certain human being is too soft and
    • Then we have the etheric body, which has undergone three stages of
    • Whether
    • depend upon whether we have in our soul the inner peace and quiet
    • indication as to whether or not he is in a fair way to make progress
    • activities do work together in the right way. Just as in the physical
    • organism heart and kidneys must work together if the organism as a
    • whole is to have unity, so must the Constituents work together for

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