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  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • Astronomy, has been built up. I am not at the moment speaking
    • knowledge of astronomy but it would be of no use to speak of
    • value them highly, speaking of these things in such trivial
    • me, so to speak, in pounds, shillings and pence? No one is
    • movement again by the male forces which are, so to speak,
    • universe. It is like a blind man talking about color to speak
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • of these lectures. I shall speak further about it in
    • new ellipses, so to speak
    • mathematical astronomy we speak of the daily rotation of the
    • Speaking of
    • the daily course, we speak in the astronomical sense
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • were, so to speak, to the most vivid interplay with the solar
    • — this we can recognize in man, properly speaking, only
    • which can no longer be deceptive, for it speaks to us of real
    • we have been speaking embraces about 28 days, as you
    • place him, into the whole Cosmos. We leave off speaking of
    • Sun and Moon. We speak of Sun and Moon as of something
    • life reveals itself. Whether it be (and we will speak of
    • not speak of isolated heavenly bodies of the planets; they
    • have to come back to what it means to speak of ‘time
    • squared’ But you can realize that to speak of time to
    • the second power is to speak or something of an inward
    • midst of the living Mathematics. Of this we shall speak more
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • evolutions in the neighborhood of each other, so to speak,
    • arithmetical analysis. (We shall speak more of this in the
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • what may look like a symbolical way of speaking, by the
    • is, so to speak, within the domain of the human being's own
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • where, so to speak, the relation of man to the world takes on
    • human life, of which we have been speaking, happened midway
    • scientific truth, so to speak. To anyone who looks more
    • Ice Age — the de-polarization, so to speak — is
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • make another incidental remark, Scientists nowadays speak of
    • now, but it was so a little while ago.) They began to speak
    • itself. Of these things we shall speak again tomorrow.
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • glacial epoch, or which — to speak in anthroposophical
    • speak from the empirical aspect of external Science.) During
    • speak, the inner night of the head, the brighter ones the
    • too makes manifest what we were speaking of yesterday as
    • Year by year a new world of plants springs, so to speak, from
    • revolution enables the planetary system, so to speak, to stay
    • always speak of gravitational forces, the peculiar position
    • the scientists to speak of forces of repulsion from the Sun
    • speaks at all of a connection between the Cosmos and what
    • which the physicists generally speak in rather hypothetical
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • come, it must certainly come, otherwise simply in speaking of
    • What he is speaking about seems to be one and the same thing;
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • which, roughly speaking — if we leave out of account
    • understood like that. (I shall speak more in detail later on;
    • mathematically speaking, in all its points. At every point
    • say, a loop of Venus — trivially speaking we also have
    • (and we will speak about this next time) that we need: In the
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • stars upon it, and so on. We speak of the ‘Apparent
    • what the head-man ascertains, so to speak. We base it on the
    • to speak. You need only recall how it is with objects: The
    • which you, so to speak, are sharing-in with your own inner
    • to speak of such an open Lemniscate in human nature? It is
    • there is of speaking to doctors of medicine from a
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • vanish, nestling away, so to speak, in the internal formative
    • when, in a manner speaking, the sphere-forming process comes
    • into evidence. Mars, Jupiter and Saturn (not to speak of
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XIII
    Matching lines:
    • Not without reason do I bring this in today, after speaking
    • his followers, — relatively speaking at least. Draw the
    • beneath the heart in man. Rather than speak of the head,
    • presented to himself the facts of which we have been speaking
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XIV
    Matching lines:
    • movement. He then who wants to speak with care, who wants to
    • We speak of gravitational force proceeding from a heavenly
    • processes of which we speak relate to embryo-development.)
    • may say, no less so, but negatively speaking. So then we have
    • being made then, so to speak, for the Sun's light to ray down
    • it is Full Moon, — when the Sun's light, so to speak
    • speaking, into the Earth — drawn by the earthly, as it
    • movement, speaking of Sun and Moon and Earth.
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XV
    Matching lines:
    • speak of a turning-inside-out in the way we have been doing,
    • preliminary work in this direction when speaking of the
    • speaking of the circle as a curve, all of whose points are at
    • Speaking of
    • I have, so to speak, filled-in in thought — in the idea
    • out, so to speak; this is the inverted circle or the inverted
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XVI
    Matching lines:
    • what is carried forward, so to speak. Implanted in the whole
    • so to speak, real chemical or physical significance, for
    • the former metabolic process takes its course, so to speak,
    • only speak of what presents itself externally, failing to see
    • produced enough and to spare of empirical data. (I speak here
    • scientists are apt to speak of explosions or analogous
    • it. It hinges-in, so to speak. We feel more at one with outer
    • go inward and, so to speak, gradually lose themselves towards
    • and order into the empirical results. Speaking more
    • this we shall speak more tomorrow. Here I should only like to
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XVII
    Matching lines:
    • in the organic deposition of carbon, is so to speak
    • cosmic neighbourhood, so to speak, of the path of Earth and
    • different perspective so to speak, as mentioned a few days
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XVIII
    Matching lines:
    • human being moves in a manner speaking, from above downward
    • — the time I indicated when speaking of the coming
    • justifiable to speak of a simple polarity of poles. We should
    • speak in quite another way. Namely, wherever anode and
    • it belongs to an entire system. Only by speaking in this way
    • the idea from which I took my start some days ago, speaking
    • speaking to a Professor of Physics about Goethe's Theory of
    • we will speak again from other points of view, of certain

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