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  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture I
    Matching lines:
    • from the way we think today. It is even extraordinarily
    • way of thinking has become completely foreign to modern man.
    • mechanical way. Men think of these phenomena in terms of
    • “more childlike,” and then thinking that in
    • in mathematics and mechanics men think they
    • think how remote the simplest mathematical ideas are to
    • think of as the smallest particle, moves in such and such a
    • Thus we must think of the cell
    • express myself abstractly to begin with, think of the sphere
    • are the things about which we must think,
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • passage.) Goethe says there: People think of natural
    • of thinking how ‘wonderfully advanced’ we are
    • certainty through a purely mathematical approach? Only think
    • Let us think
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture III
    Matching lines:
    • angles. Only quite unadvanced thinkers still maintain that
    • who find this way of thinking of the celestial phenomena
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • granted. Those who are wont to think in this way will say,
    • come to think of it, this ‘regula philosophandi’
    • great thinkers at the opening of the modern age —
    • of their authors were included. Inasmuch as a thinker was
    • thinkers — approached the comets and meteoric swarms
    • astronomical thinking. Also in biological and especially in
    • if you think the idea through to the end, then precisely as
    • Precisely by following my thinking through to the very last,
    • development, to think of the planetary system mathematically
    • shown by the course of scientific development. Think of such
    • Think the
    • something underlying our whole way of thinking in this realm,
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • Think of the
    • imagine that we can do so by thinking of the Sun as moving in
    • thinking whereby we should first study what is within, say,
    • with your thinking and ideation and bring a certain order and
    • another order into it out of our own inner being. We think
    • to think about the starry Heavens. Not only have the men of
    • Think what
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • approximate. We have to think of the period about the middle
    • Think what it means in the whole evolution of human
    • alternation of day and night. Think how long this alternation
    • Think now of
    • very nearly to the last Ice Age. Thinking it through to a
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • greater than that of sound. But anyone who thinks in keeping
    • mental pictures and our life of dreams. Think of our waking
    • such. (Remember always that I am thinking of these processes
    • Now think
    • reality in their thinking. They think you can rely upon an
    • have to learn to think with the reality, — not to
    • appeal to your own intuition, trusting you to think it out
    • Now think
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • think it out consistently. We get the picture of a planetary
    • way of thinking quite another picture will be applied to the
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • Having ourselves and going the idea is beginning to think the
    • process through, we must go on thinking in such a way that
    • peculiar. We have, in fact, to think of a circle which is not
    • think of a circle which is curved towards the
    • sphere of reality something which obliges us to think
    • you can train yourselves methodologically to think the
    • qualitative in a similar way as you think the
    • straight line; or to think of the boundary of infinite space,
    • already mentioned it. It invites us really to think-through
    • same process when you think of the two branches of that
    • between a man thinking mathematically and the empirical
    • any way seeing the reality. Just think what happens when
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • polarity. Take the tubular bone and think of this centre-line
    • If you now think of what envelops the human skull, you have
    • We live far more in this polarity than we are wont to think.
    • think of this relationship more concretely than in the form
    • Thinking this
    • — we should have to think of a polar point in the centre
    • So that in thinking of the
    • have to think of it in the following way: The pole of this
    • think of the whole celestial sphere as being mirrored in the
    • perfectly feasible. But what do we obtain by it? Just think,
    • If you think
    • first place, the manner of thinking of mechanics and
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XI
    Matching lines:
    • beholds is mere appearance. I hardly think any competent
    • mathematics and geometry as such, by thinking of the
    • several movements of individual human beings. Think on the
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XII
    Matching lines:
    • has constants in its equation, we must think variables. The
    • moving Lemniscate with perceptive insight. Also we think how
    • will be most active and influential. Thinking along these
    • the remainder of the planet's path. Think of a Lemniscate
    • at the human form and figure and think of its relation to the
    • the Sun's path. HOW then shall we think of the other path
    • think what I am telling you so very revolutionary as against
    • not so far afield as you might think. Suppose that in the
    • be formed and builded in the plant. Think of what in the
    • should you think as follows: In the plant-forming process I
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XIII
    Matching lines:
    • In the main, he thinks in this way: Let this be the Earth
    • thinking about cosmic space and the contents of cosmic space,
    • thinking about the cosmic system? It is difficult to describe
    • to represent the orbits of the planets; he would really think
    • kind of reasoning by which it is maintained, I think you will
    • epicycles. To their way of thinking on the other hand the
    • these ancient thinkers? He bothers not, but if he did, he
    • my dear Friends, I think you should read and mark the inmost
    • himself: “I think thus and thus about the world. I have
    • namely in Galileo and others, whose mathematical thinking is
    • think it madness.
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XIV
    Matching lines:
    • and by dint of thinking, calculating and geometrising, figure
    • you think of an analogy, — that of the human or animal
    • 'gravitation' as we call it. We only think there is a mutual
    • think of the whole configuration of cosmic space —
    • We need not think of any extra force of attraction. All we
    • need think is that this Moon-sphere, permeating the Earth, is
    • effects of heavenly phenomena. Think then of this: Here we
    • are wont to take it simply and think it so convenient of
    • is, as it were, made real before its time. Now think how it
    • Now think the
    • Now think of this effect in oft-repeated rhythm, repeated
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XV
    Matching lines:
    • of thinking, the phenomena themselves are such that we find
    • way. We only have to think most thoroughly along the lines
    • opposite poles in man's organization. But we must not think
    • think of them as if these movements were accessible to a
    • we can no longer be thinking of ordinary space. Ordinary
    • thinking of the human form and figure I need the
    • turnings-inside-out, in thinking of the movements of heavenly
    • try to get a picture of the kind of think involved. We did
    • In thinking
    • than three dimensional space affords. Thinking in this way,
    • to thinking it as a pure form of thought. For to begin with,
    • Think
    • think only two dimensions instead of three, but that is not
    • space at all. Nor must I think of it as a "fourth dimension"
    • in the conventional sense. No, I must think of it as being,
    • thinking, we cannot possibly relate it to anything that could
    • must go through the same procedure in your thinking as I did
    • space. But if we want to think of centres for the path of
    • think still farther, my dear friends; there is a another
    • the case. Think of what is within this peculiar circle
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  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XVI
    Matching lines:
    • only looks to us plainly Euclidean. We think it nicely there,
    • kinds: those that work radially and those which we must think
    • sense, for in fact nothing is inherited, but we must think of
    • We think once more of the alternation of sleeping and waking.
    • conditions. The point is that when thinking in this way they
    • geometrical thinking and now the outer reality accords with
    • ourselves to think of a real line as though it had two ends.
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XVII
    Matching lines:
    • future if some of you are thinking further along the lines we
    • that of plant growth, that it is not permissible to think of
    • find our way alright if we think thus: The plant grows
    • physically visible growth, but we must think of something
    • You cannot think of it in any other way. Nay, to imagine it
    • thrusts and movements, and we think therefore of processes
    • is the underlying principle. Think of it in this way, and you
    • reduced to a single force. Think it through thoroughly and
    • think of the Sun in the centre and the Planets around it
    • And if one thinks according to this dualism, one cannot doubt
    • way one thinks when failing to build a bridge between the
  • Title: Astronomy Course: Lecture XVIII
    Matching lines:
    • attenuated. As to the Earth, we think of air around it. Air is
    • is the explanation, Now think of it as I explained
    • of in your thinking. In no other way will you reach an
    • mathematical ideas, why should you not think of a certain
    • parenthesis I may add the following: No matter how you think
    • upwards from below, the plant we have to think of in the
    • the Sun and Earth we think of them as tending from the Earth
    • towards the Sun, we must needs think of what grows in the
    • are wont to think of a planetary body. The planetary body (I
    • the whole way of scientific thinking and research. It would
    • must do justice to the tasks of our time. Think only of the
    • different place. We hardly begin to think of this phenomenon,
    • begin to see how the coin is to be treated when we think as
    • thinking; he must somehow be able to get away from these old
    • think of it as being put into space just arbitrarily here or

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