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Awakening to Community

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

Awakening to Community

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Lecture I     Stuttgart, January 23, 1923

Words of grief. A challenge to search our consciences. The need to develop an awareness of responsibility.

Lecture II     Stuttgart, January 30, 1923

Forming judgments on a sound basis of fact. The twofold re-casting of spiritual scientific judgments.

Lecture III     Stuttgart, February 6, 1923

New thinking, new willing. The three phases of anthroposophical work.

Lecture IV     Stuttgart, February 13, 1923

The development of the Anthroposophical Society. The soul-drama of the anthroposophist.

Lecture V     Dornach, February 22, 1923

The renewal of art, science and religion, mankind's three great ideals.

Lecture VI     Stuttgart, February 27, 1923

Anthroposophical community building. First lecture at the meeting of delegates.

Lecture VII     Stuttgart, February 28, 1923

Anthroposophical community building. Second lecture at the meeting of delegates.

Lecture VIII     Dornach, March 2, 1923

Report on the delegates' meetings in Stuttgart. The inner reality of a community and the unity it creates.

Lecture IX     Dornach, March 3, 1923

Building community with speech and cultus. The awakening of the consciousness soul through a connection with one's fellow men.

Lecture X     Dornach, March 4, 1923

Causes of the lack of a brotherly spirit in spiritual societies. Origins of enhanced egoism. The necessity of overcoming sectarianism.

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