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The Concealed Aspects of Human Existence and the Christ Impulse

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

The Concealed Aspects of Human Existence and the Christ Impulse

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The sleep life as a reflection of conditions of existence in pre-earthly life and the life after death. First, a condition like a kind of vague existence, as if diffused in the ether world; the body becomes an outer object; a feeling of anxiety before the abyss and a longing for the Divine. Second stage: a splitting of the soul and a cosmic consciousness in place of the physical consciousness; the inner being of the person performs facsimiles of the planetary movements; the unity with the Christ affords the power to overcome the splitting of soul. The third stage of sleep includes the experience with the fixed stars. Then follows the living into the forces of the moon, which bring the human being back into his physical body.

After death we have a cosmic consciousness of those conditions which are reflected during sleep. As we work on earth with nature's forces, so we then work conjointly with the Beings of the Higher Hierarchies, and principally at the cosmic spirit-germ of our physical body. Description of the descent from the spiritual cosmos into the etheric cosmos towards the earth, through the region of the stellar forces. Knowledge about the high Sun Being in the school of the initiates of the first Christian centuries. The regaining of this cosmic knowledge on a new stage through modern initiation. Its permeation with the Christ Impulse.

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