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Curative Eurythmy

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.



This is the first publication in English of this important series of lectures by Rudolf Steiner on curative eurythmy. They are primarily intended for the practising eurythmist concerned with the therapeutic and curative properties to be found in the various exercises explained, but they also serve the layman in showing the intricacies of rhythmic interplay between our physiological selves and the formative forces in the world about us. Language and the dynamism that is contained in individual vowels and consonants is revealed to show their relationship with our own being in both soul qualities, and in the means by which they can be transmuted into silent eurythmic movement. In such movements the performer is able to reach directly into the formative and etheric life forces themselves. These exercises have been termed by Steiner, ‘inner gymnastics’, and contain enormous potential for our psychological and physiological well-being. They offer a tremendous challenge to the existing medicine of today, offering a healing process that is concerned with both mind and soul as well as body.

Cover by Derek Ritterband Studios

Rudolf Steiner Press London

ISBN 0 85440 398 1

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