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  • Title: Agriculture Course: Lecture 2
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    • Properly speaking, any manures or the like which you bring into the
    • elements, at most, inasmuch as there is formation of humus, or manure
    • these animals taken together will give just the amount of manure
    • proportion of admixture in the manure will also be correct. This is
    • their organic processes they bring forth just the amount of manure
    • correct. If we are obliged to import any manure from outside the
    • healthy inasmuch as it provides its own manure from its own stock.
    • relation between the manure, for example, which this animal provides,
    • The animal which eats the plant will in its turn provide manure, out
    • provide the very manure which is most suited for the soil on which
  • Title: Agriculture Course: Lecture 4
    Matching lines:
    • phrase: “Manure contains the necessary foodstuffs for the plants.”
    • the nature of manured earth, or of earth treated in some similar way.
    • To manure the earth is to make it alive, so that the plant may not be
    • to the manure, especially to the task of working with the manure. It
    • If you use mineral, purely mineral substances as manure, you will never
    • element of the earth. With mineral manures you can influence
    • stand under the influence of mineral manures will have a kind of growth
    • kind of manure. I mean the compost, which is sometimes even
    • are contained in it — though not so intensely as in manure or
    • in liquid manure, yet in a more stable form. The ethereal and astral
    • obtain quite a definite result. When you manure the soil with this compost,
    • words, we shall do well to manure our meadows and pastures
    • is used as ordinary farm-yard-manure. What is farm-yard-manure?
    • manure. In reality they are only indicators of the fact that
    • the manure itself is in such and such a condition. As indicators of
    • if we suppose that the manure can be fundamentally improved by inoculation
    • manure, such as we have available. We stuff it into the horn of a cow,
    • too sandy). You see, by burying the horn with its filling of manure,
    • poured into the inner hollow of the horn. And the manure inside the
    • up in this manure. Thus in the content of the horn we get a highly concentrated,
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  • Title: Agriculture Course: Lecture 5
    Matching lines:
    • yesterday for the improvement of manure was intended, of course, simply
    • how it is continued into the excretion-products of life in the manure.
    • much time describing how you should prepare manure — whether from
    • stable manure, liquid manure or compost. In this respect — for
    • the due preparation of manure and liquid manure — much has already
    • manure substance whose inner value is so deeply connected with all that
    • of substance in the manure. They reckon first and foremost on all that
    • the bacteria do for the manure. Brilliant, highly logical experiments
    • excretion-products as manure. We must regard the minute living entities
    • well in modern times to treat the manure in various ways with inorganic
    • fact be clear on this: So long as we try to ennoble or improve the manure
    • earthy element itself. To endow the mass of manure, or the liquid manure,
    • that is available as manure, provided always we remain within the sphere
    • in the Earth, we must till the soil and manure it properly. Heaven does
    • impoverishing it, and that is why we have to manure it. But the compensation
    • through the manure may presently become inadequate — and this
    • our manure not only as I indicated yesterday; we should also subject
    • then assist the working of the manure itself. We add these forces, so
    • as to assist the working of the manure, which, apart front these homoeopathic
    • too, we must still try to give the manure the right living property.
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  • Title: Agriculture Course: Lecture 6
    Matching lines:
    • as liquid manure over the fields, wherever we need it — wherever
    • when you transform it as described, into a kind of liquid manure, and
  • Title: Agriculture Course: Lecture 8
    Matching lines:
    • spreads out through the brain is a highly advanced heap of manure! Grotesque
    • as much as possible of the belly-manure is transformed into brain-manure,
    • less. Therefore, in the animal, more remains behind in the belly-manure
    • — and this is what we use for manuring. In animal manure, more
    • animal and human manure are altogether different things. Animal manure
    • to yourselves how we manure the plant. We bring the manure from outside
    • with the manure, the Ego-potentiality of the plant develops.
    • manure not from your own farm animals, but get rid of the animals and
    • order the manure-content from Chile. Then you are playing fast and loose
    • right kind of animals, so as to get enough manure and the right kind
    • the earth. There the manure permeates it, as we have Seen, with a nascent
    • feels happiest if it receives manure as far as possible in the original
    • or other organism — manure which has not had much time to get
    • assimilated in Nature — wild manure, so to speak. Take any kind
    • of refuse and throw it together as a disorderly manure- or compost-heap,
    • to get anything from outside. Above all, it rejects any manure that
  • Title: Lecture: Factors of Karma, Deficiencies in Psychoanalysis
    Matching lines:
    • finds a certain manure, with which the field was manured. He says,
    • Now I know the manure, and out of this the corn will presently
    • spring forth. But the corn does not grow from the manure,
    • albeit the manure is necessary. The point is, what is
  • Title: Karma of Vocation: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • analyzing the soil he finds a certain manure with which it has
    • been fertilized. So he says, “Now I know the manure from which
    • means grow from the manure, in spite of the fact that it must
  • Title: At the Gates: Lecture VIII: Good and Evil. Individual Karmic Questions.
    Matching lines:
    • reach the heights of holiness. A field has to be treated with manure and
    • the manure has to ferment in the soil; similarly, humanity needs the
    • manure of evil in order to attain to the highest holiness. And herein lies
  • Title: World Economy: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • by the creation of better manures and the like. Now in every such case
  • Title: World Economy: Lecture IX
    Matching lines:
    • manure they get from the animals. For this is the very best manure;
    • manure a farmer can have. Thus from the standpoint of his accounts he
    • gets the manure thrown in as a free gift and in this way, in the long
  • Title: Kingdom of Childhood: Lecture 3
    Matching lines:
    • it, then you will see how necessary it is to manure the earth in
    • must be treated, and of how it must be manured, made living by the
    • manure that is put into it. The child can only gain an understanding
    • living by means of manure. It is impossible that they should
    • agriculture. He will know that the farmer manures the ground because
  • Title: Human Values in Education: Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • give them the right kind of manure. We must give the earth the
    • Spiritual Science. This will enable us to make use of manure in
    • lifeless we must help it by making the right use of manure. For
  • Title: Lecture II: Nutrition and Health
    Matching lines:
    • right manure is what comes out of the horses' stalls, out of the
    • cow-barn and so on; the right manure is what comes off the farm itself.
    • what substances are in the manure and then taking them out of the
    • manure. One must see clearly that cow manure does not come out of a
    • inside the cow. And for this reason cow manure is the stuff that not
    • the farmlands are properly manured.
  • Title: Evolution, Earth, Man: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • that the right manure is what comes out of the horses' stalls, out of
    • the cow barn and so on; the right manure is what comes off the farm
    • finding out what substances are in the manure and then taking them
    • present in cow manure. One must see clearly that cow manure does not
    • scientific laboratory inside the cow. And for this reason cow manure
    • lively, healthy color when the farmlands are properly manured.
  • Title: Evolution, Earth, Man: Lecture X
    Matching lines:
    • For there, through manure and the substances added as fertilizers,
    • to apply the proper manure by instinct. But nowadays in large-scale
  • Title: Nine Lectures on Bees: Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • artificial manures, even the flowers sicken as the result of
  • Title: Anthro Medical Therapy: Lecture VII
    Matching lines:
    • could surround it with fields and manure these fields with
    • can use it as a kind of manure, thereby intensifying its
  • Title: Agriculture Course (1938): Lecture II
    Matching lines:
    • Anything brought in from outside, such as manure and the like,
    • matter whether cow-manure is taken from the neighbouring farm
    • manure has been introduced. The idea that the soil not only
    • manure for the farm to restore to it what has been discharged
    • mixture of manures. This is because the animals eat the
    • processes they produce as much manure as is needed to be
    • say that manure of any kind introduced from outside can only be
    • the manure yielded by its own animals. This of course
    • between the manure produced by the animal and the needs of the
    • cosmic forces, and an animal eats it, then the manure which
  • Title: Agriculture Course (1938): Lecture IV
    Matching lines:
    • how little they understand of the significance of manure in the
    • manure contains the nourishment for the plant.” I
    • fundamental understanding of a soil which is manured or
    • with manure. This necessity, however, arises least of all in
    • work connected with manure and manuring. The job may seem to be
    • used for manure, it never reaches the earth element, but at
    • mineral manures an effect in the watery part of the earth, but
    • of any sort of mineral manure will exhibit a type of growth
    • unassuming and often despised kind of manure, viz. compost.
    • solid or liquid animal manure, but they are more stable, more
    • do well to manure our meadows and pasture lands with this
    • increasing the effectiveness of ordinary stable manure. What is
    • ordinary stable manure really? It is foodstuff which the animal
    • virtues in the manure. But they are only indications of
    • the condition of the manure. If we think that by inoculating
    • the manure with these bacteria we shall radically improve its
    • us put manure just as it comes to hand into a cow-horn,
    • filling of manure, we preserve in the horn that function which
    • surrounding soil, and the manure contained in the horn
    • winter. All these living forces are preserved in the manure and
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  • Title: Agriculture Course (1938): Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • indications given yesterday as to the treatment of manure by
    • method of improving manure. Manuring as such remains, and we
    • shall speak today of the way in which manure has to be applied
    • the living realm as appear in the form of manure should also
    • — embracing life work on in the manure was also bound to
    • the different ways of preparing manure — whether
    • from stable manure, from liquid manure or from compost —
    • and that is why the manure must be prepared in such a way as to
    • substances in the manure. Great stress is laid upon the
    • activity of the bacteria in the manure. Experiments have been
    • used as manure, the tiny living beings which appear through the
    • processes at work in the manure substance can only really be
    • which the manure substance is passing through? and therefore
    • treating manure with all manner of inorganic compounds or
    • manure by adding minerals, we vivify only the watery part of
    • in manure, either solid or liquid — indeed anything
    • worked upon and manured in the right way. These elements are
    • manured. This compensation by way of manure may, and in many
    • the plants need. By continued, unthinking use of manure,
    • surrounding universe, we must work on our manure, not only as I
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  • Title: Agriculture Course (1938): Lecture VI
    Matching lines:
    • (horse-tail), diluting it and using it as a liquid manure on
    • been transformed into liquid manure, and we shall realise how
  • Title: Agriculture Course (1938): Lecture VIII
    Matching lines:
    • animal which we can use for manuring. In animal manure, there
    • develops below in the root through contact with the manure.
    • ego-potentiality in the manure they produce, and this
    • instead of using the manure supplied by the animals
    • obtain manure from Chili, we are in a sense doing harm to
    • appropriate manures. And one must also see to it that the
    • and through the manure it becomes permeated with
    • tomato feels happiest in the vicinity of manure which retains
    • the form it had when it separated from the animal. Manure
  • Title: Health and Illness I: Lecture VII: Spiritual-Scientific Foundations for a True Physiology
    Matching lines:
    • across a field that has just been fertilized with manure is
    • solid man and the fluid man do not notice the manure, but the
    • enough, the urge to fly away. When the manure's stinking odour
    • becomes permeated with the manure odour, with the evaporations
    • “The odour of the manure repulses me,” I would
  • Title: Health and Illness I: Lecture VIII: Concerning the Soul Life in the Breathing Process
    Matching lines:
    • the plant in manure, these little beings feel well in the
  • Title: Health and Illness II: Lecture V: The Effect of Nicotine; Vegetarian and Meat Diets; On Taking Absinthe; Twin Births
    Matching lines:
    • it means using manure buckets to put one's body back in order;
  • Title: Man/World of Stars: Lecture V: Human Faculties and Their Connections with Elemental Beings
    Matching lines:
    • have an analogy in Nature when you carry manure to the fields
    • in Nature except that the dung, the manure, is also perceptible
    • grow unless it is manured, as little can beauty blossom on the
    • Earth unless the Gods manure the Earth with ugliness. That is
    • horrified that people use manure, insisting that it would be
    • is like a man who would prefer to do away with manure on the
  • Title: Lecture V: WHITSUN: The Festival of united Soul-Endeavour
    Matching lines:
    • products. Thus for example, manure is a waste product, and in
  • Title: Cosmic Workings: Lecture V
    Matching lines:
    • flowerpot with some earth in it: we put it in as a kind of manure. In
    • the manure. Now we take two plants, as similar as possible, put one
    • in the pot with the copper manured earth, and the other in the pot
    • without the copper manure. And the remarkable thing is: if the copper
  • Title: Lecture: On Chaos and Cosmos
    Matching lines:
    • New Year's crop springs from the ploughed land, after manure
    • has been put into it — manure which lends the land fertility
    • case? What was the manure, to begin with? The manure, too, was
    • were excreted again. Now the manure mingles with the soil; it is a
    • return of beings into Chaos. Chaos is working in manure, in all that
  • Title: On the Mystery Plays: Lecture III: Symbolism and Phantasy in Relation to the Mystery Drama, The Soul's Probation
    Matching lines:
    • plowing his field, putting on manure, digging it in, going

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