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  • Title: The Festivals and their Meaning: II Easter: Contents
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    • Easter: the Festival of Warning. The Event at
    • The Event of Golgotha. The Brotherhood of
  • Title: The Festivals and their Meaning: II Easter: Foreword
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    • event of the Christian religion. It was the pivotal event of the whole
    • it, even in the materialistic triumphs of science.
    • never for him merely the commemoration of the great historical events
    • or truths of the Christian revelation. They are in themselves, each
    • year, spiritual events, carrying a significance that grows and deepens
    • with the developing phases of human evolution. Especially is this true
    • will perforce be strange, at times startling and even provoking. But
    • we know, but by what we can receive in revelation. Those who read
    • the unexpected lighting of dark places by the freshly-revealed
  • Title: The Festivals and their Meaning: II Easter: Opening Remarks
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    • has ever been said that was not the
    • purest result of Anthroposophy as it developed ... Whoever
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VI: Easter: The Mystery of the Future
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    • the forms in which, in the cultural development of our day, we quite
    • wherever the gaze turns one can glimpse the contenances of those
    • in the story. Eleven leaves of this Silver Codex were stolen by an
    • conscience that he sent the eleven leaves back again to Uppsala, where
    • the significance of this ‘Twilight’ of the Gods was everywhere made
    • Spiritual Hierarchies. Those lectures, however, will have been a help,
    • consciousness, even the alternating states of waking consciousness by
    • suffering, pleasure, pain — everything that composes man's inner
    • outlines of objects, and also the tones resounding from them, revealed
    • Beings who never descend to physical incarnation, Beings whose names
    • gradually developed. The impressions received by man during the night
    • itself, can be indicated by saying that among the peoples everywhere,
    • proclaimed, in revelations often fragmentary and broken, realities
    • develop until the later phases of the Atlantean epoch. Before that
    • Nevertheless, in the earliest periods of the Post-Atlantean epoch
    • civilisations, indeed even in ancient Egypt, whose etheric bodies were
    • not yet so firmly anchored in the physical body as to prevent them
    • times, even these vestiges disappeared and it was less and less
    • possible for Initiation to be achieved in the same way as before. It
    • sunk so deeply into the physical body that he has lost even belief! In
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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VII: Spiritual Bells of Easter, I
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    • able, in the heart even of one who is seeking death, to vanquish the
    • Mysteries. Wherever the peoples of the earth celebrated the festival
    • everywhere the feeling — indeed the conviction — that life
    • in the spirit can be victorious over death in matter. But whatever was
    • The progress of human evolution, however, has brought it about that
    • knowledge into ever-widening circles. To-day we will look back into
    • these wise men we shall everywhere find the foundation for an
    • overcoming of death, achieved in such a way that the earth's forces of
    • the Christian account of Easter, achieve victory over death after
    • legends as profound as this one. We must remain in reverent awe at a
    • appeared visibly in the events in Palestine held sway through all the
    • ages of antiquity, and His divine Being is revealed in many diverse
    • am.” But even if this were not known, the fact that
    • find the outer process corresponding to every inner process. To
    • of the nervous system. Thoughts would never flash through the soul if
    • macrocosmic event corresponding to the process by which the fire of
    • development need not come down into a human body, for their own human
    • as the great Ideal to which the innermost essence of man develops from
    • — this is the redemption that is achieved by what now lives
    • made his body incorruptible, even Kashiapa with his supreme
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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VIII: Spiritual Bells of Easter, II
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    • The Event of Golgotha. The Brotherhood of the
    • The Event of Golgotha; The Brotherhood of the Holy Grail; The Spiritualized Fire,
    • was capable, even in the remotest degree, of preserving what he had
    • Kashiapa. Will these two events come about? Will the Maitreya Buddha
    • In the previous lecture we saw how in our epoch the Godhead reveals
    • the consequences of this event and what it signifies for
    • on Sinai, an outer sign of the Divine Power was revealed to Moses; but
    • through the Christ Event this fire was spiritualised. Now, since the
    • is spiritualised. And ever since the Christ Impulse awakened the eyes
    • Christ revealed Himself from the spiritualised fire. Matter
    • Now what were the consequences of this event for the whole
    • of the Event of Golgotha for mankind? How deeply did it penetrate into
    • from six hundred years before the event of Golgotha to six hundred
    • is not born in a manger among simple shepherds. The emphasis, however,
    • A.D. One particular event stands out: in the
    • taught. Six hundred years after the Event of Golgotha the
    • nothingness of life. Men who lived six hundred years after the Event
    • into blessedness. Six hundred years after the Event of Golgotha the
    • man driven into the physical world by the thirst for existence. Never
    • was there a greater reversal in the whole course of human
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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture III: The Death of A God and Its Fruits In Humanity
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    • development of mankind, we shall find that in the comparatively recent
    • several Folk-Spirits, the Old Indian civilisation, the Old Persian
    • and everywhere else? It is all a means of providing humanity with food
    • and clothing, as well as with ever-increasing luxury goods. During the
    • people. And just as identical methods are employed wherever railways
    • something that is sacred to individual souls everywhere, namely, how
    • not be underrated, for it has splendid achievements to its credit. But
    • truth you must believe what I believe’ ... and the Buddhist rejoins by
    • that of Christianity through the methods leading to the development of
    • can be as full of reverence as that of a Buddhist, In spiritual
    • and believe what you understand and believe. No one who has come to
    • spiritual science from the ground of Christianity would ever dream, as
    • who is a great Founder of religion has achieved the complete
    • Teacher. But to believe that the same is true of Christianity
    • until the end of the seventh epoch. The ancient Indian epoch was
    • epoch. When we survey evolution, even in its external aspect, the
    • Post-Atlantean epoch through an Event at a level far transcending the
    • Event. The Romans were no followers of Christ — the Jews still
    • that this is not so. For were those who until the Event of Golgotha
    • not even understood Him. Even Paul, the one who after the Mystery of
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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture I: Easter: The Festival of Warning
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    • The Event at Damascus and the new Knowledge of the Spirit
    • Ever since the early days of Christianity it has been the custom to
    • intended to remind us of an event whose significance lies, not merely
    • event in the evolution of Christianity was the appearance of the
    • himself, by external observation, of the events in Palestine
    • world left Paul unconvinced; when these events in Palestine had come
    • event at Damascus, after he had experienced the very Being of the
    • was thus well equipped to judge of the nature of the event that befell
    • all that he experienced inwardly. But even so, when he speaks of the
    • event of Damascus we can discern that he speaks as one who through
    • this event attained knowledge of cosmic happenings lying behind the
    • When, even externally, we compare the life of Paul with the earthly
    • in the development of the human soul in the several epochs. I have
    • remained capable of organic physical development until an advanced
    • age, The parallelism between the development of the soul and the
    • development of the body continued until an advanced age of life; it is
    • times, however, men experienced a parallelism between the development
    • parallelism only up to the twenty-seventh year and it is not easy to
    • detect even for so long as that. Now the Christ Impulse entered into
    • death is not an event that can be grasped by any thinking concerned
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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture II: The Blood-relationship and The Christ-relationship
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    • be expected, for it is the line of natural development. And then, once
    • who are immediately satisfied whenever some acute crisis is followed
    • Even in their feelings men could promote the right attitude by
    • times, they perceived the divine and spiritual in everything. And this
    • life, as immediate reality. As time went on, however, this vision of
    • wherever sense-objects, wherever human beings themselves are, on the
    • Golgotha. In ancient times a man could say: Everything I see in the
    • world reveals to me that objects and beings come from the gods, that
    • racial Divinities, the Jewish people believed their God to be the God
    • be revealed in its essence and purity if the possibility of
    • revelation of the spirit-and-soul to men in the material world. This
    • good will the Event of Golgotha had done away with this dependence,
    • transformation, to allow the soul to develop, to be reborn in Christ,
    • — and even then a remained the custom to relate the divine and
    • century even this glimpse of the divine and spiritual was lost and man
    • tradition, was linked with the revelation of Golgotha. But the
    • able of themselves to reach any true understanding of the Event of
    • connection was lost even with tradition, in the end it was to
    • abandoned. But even a genuine understanding of documents came to an
    • 19th century the dire need arose to discover the Event of
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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture IV: Spirit Triumphant
    Matching lines:
    • significance can never be explained by a science based entirely upon
    • of human experience. In the course of the development of Western
    • everywhere directed to the words of the Gospel: “He Whom ye seek
    • the concept of the State that was developing in the West. In
    • but nevertheless perceptibly. And under this influence there appeared
    • with which art portrayed the sufferings of the Redeemer. Nevertheless
    • were largely combined. Even in days when men were not yet so arid, so
    • everything that can befall the physical body. Men needed, first, the
    • What has to be recognised to-day is that even the greatest
    • achievements in a certain domain are something that humanity must now
    • Mystery of Birth, the Christmas Mystery once revealed in such glory,
    • those sentimentalities which revelled in hymns and songs about the
    • a Christianity developing more and more in the direction of
    • intellectualism that certain of its representatives to-day even go as
    • Death. A characteristic symptom is that with the development of modern
    • nevertheless into the stream of earthly evolution — that is the
    • human evolution at that time something that is forever inexplicable by
    • even within man — remains unaffected by the physical and
    • its own level, drawn Him down as the helpless Child, and as one
    • which was an echo from an Eastern wisdom even more profound than
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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture V: The Teachings of The Risen Christ
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    • of earth, revealing themselves in such a way that through them men
    • received what we may call the primal wisdom. The revelations
    • Whatever vision, whatever perceptive knowledge they possessed was
    • never spoke of the two fundamental boundaries of man's earthly life;
    • they never spoke of birth and death.
    • everything that was communicated to the human race in those ancient
    • course of earth-evolution. The animal consciousness of to-day, even
    • that of the higher animals, must never be compared with human
    • consciousness, even as it was in those ages of primitive antiquity.
    • the animal to-day. This lies at a level below the human, whereas the
    • above the present level of the human, in spite of having certain
    • animal-like organisation — was at a higher level than the animal;
    • to-day, he was unconcerned with the approach of death. It never
    • primeval man was clearly aware of what was still his nature even after
    • Even in dreams the transition from the sleeping to the waking state
    • time of the Mystery of Golgotha approached. Even among the Greeks it
    • to be a shadow-existence, and regarded death as an event fraught with
    • Golgotha. They might have been able, through the Mysteries, to reveal
    • of death would not have been presented to man through the revelations
    • of this divine wisdom, not even within the Mysteries; and in their
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