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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VI: Easter: The Mystery of the Future
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    • influences of the old Nordic Gods and Beings are still perceptible in
    • North, where it is now preserved in the midst of the spirit-beings
    • connection with that of the Beings of the heavens. To-day we shall go
    • These encircling colours were the expressions of living beings —
    • of the inner, soul-qualities of these beings. And so when a man had
    • perception of the spiritual beings, around him — unlike to-day
    • Beings who never descend to physical incarnation, Beings whose names
    • of things; between him and this innermost core of being a boundary is
    • other, of living wholly within the physical body, and of being thereby
    • more deeply into the physical body — the outer sign being the
    • religions was a perceived reality to the majority of human beings in
    • beings, through Initiation, to witness what men in days of yore had
    • being may become spiritualised and once again have vision of the
    • face the greatest danger of being without a single inkling that there
    • the deepest sense with our innermost being and Whose example we follow
    • spiritualised, men will live consciously among spiritual Beings,
    • fulfilling their tasks in communion with these Beings. In a future by
    • without being recognised and known as such. Many a man to-day could
    • To know Christ means to know man as a spiritual being. To be filled
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VII: Spiritual Bells of Easter, I
    Matching lines:
    • man's being lies a fount of eternal, divine existence, a fount of
    • wait for long ages before being transported by the miraculous fire
    • Who is the spiritual Being Who then announced Himself to Moses in
    • Being Who appeared to Moses in the burning thorn-bush, and afterwards
    • fire-element of nature, in which He is manifest. The same Being Who
    • ages of antiquity, and His divine Being is revealed in many diverse
    • therefore, processes which take place within the human being must
    • In a very real sense, man is the only thinking being on the earth.
    • Thoughts are kindled in him in a way that applies to no other being
    • have thoughts arising within the human being. And the God seen and
    • mankind through its great Prototype, through the Being Who descended
    • human body — through the Christ Being?
    • during our earthly life that that which gives man his true being as
    • ‘I’. So they describe how the great spiritual Beings, the Avatars,
    • in need of help. They are Beings who for the purpose of their own
    • Therefore in all beings who bear the human countenance, Krishna lives
    • quickened in man's own inner being, in the blood. Thus the radiance
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VIII: Spiritual Bells of Easter, II
    Matching lines:
    • Being. But through the Mystery of Golgotha man was endowed with the
    • faculty to draw from his own innermost being the forces that
    • finally they would have found on the earth below only human beings so
    • of a human being.”
    • Christ Impulse, into whose innermost being the Christ Power draws, can
    • such a Being as the Christ in Jesus of Nazareth descends into earthly
    • members of his being, it was so difficult for him to overcome. All the
    • come into being? They came into being when through the inwoven
    • within them part of the being of Jesus of Nazareth. They knew that
    • human beings when their karma so permitted and they were sufficiently
    • that humanity gradually matures, so that there may be human beings who
    • Christ-‘I’ may be received into their being. To this end they must
    • core of their being that the certainty of life's eternity springs from
    • being. And so the Maitreya Buddha will find understanding on the earth
    • through being able to look back upon it in the Christ-light streaming
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture III: The Death of A God and Its Fruits In Humanity
    Matching lines:
    • of rays among the different peoples and groups of human beings on the
    • the new clairvoyance, come to know of sublime Beings who have risen
    • anthroposophist also knows that a Being who has risen from the rank of
    • investigators of religions, but they can make nothing of a Being such
    • as a Bodhisattva or a Buddha; the nature of such a Being is beyond
    • their comprehension; neither can they realise how such a Being
    • the true character of those Beings who have risen from the rank of
    • knowledge and understanding of these Beings.
    • but that another Being united with him. A great deal could be
    • Jesus of Nazareth a Being, Whom — if we are to give Him a name
    • Christ into himself? Had pupils gathered around this Being as they had
    • infinitely harder for a god than for an ordinary human being.
    • everything belonging to him, is verily not a human being. Lucifer and
    • his hosts are superhuman beings. Nor did Lucifer desire that
    • greatest riddle: birth and death.The fact that beings can die is the
    • consequence of what came into human beings through Lucifer, and if
    • to believe that the Being Whom you call Christ is subject to
    • denomination. No single human being, to begin with, recognised this
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture I: Easter: The Festival of Warning
    Matching lines:
    • Being afterwards entered. The Easter festival, on the other hand, is
    • event at Damascus, after he had experienced the very Being of the
    • and Being of the Christ. Paul had such a strong after-experience
    • teaching given by Paul concerning the Christ Being. To see this
    • thought of the present day, is far from being able to form the right
    • to draw forth an active experience from the depths of their own being
    • mistake some elemental being for the Christ. Therefore Paul exerted
    • taken place, namely, an entirely new impulse, an entirely new Being
    • animals and also man have come into being. And carrying the theory
    • burying, but annihilating everything that is now being made and done
    • being crucified upon the cross of its own materialism. But man must do
    • point is, among what sort of beings is he the highest? This pride
    • are the highest of all the beings of which you can form an idea. The
    • in a time when Christ Jesus is being crucified in a very special
    • sense. He is being put to death in the field of knowledge. And until
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture II: The Blood-relationship and The Christ-relationship
    Matching lines:
    • world in order to counter the rapid strides now being taken in the
    • of human beings realise that unless a wave of spiritual revival passes
    • being? He knew that his being was rooted in the world of the divine
    • wherever sense-objects, wherever human beings themselves are, on the
    • world reveals to me that objects and beings come from the gods, that
    • was conscious of the eternal nature of his own being, because he knew
    • knew: before our birth we were beings of spirit-and-soul; therefore
    • This being so, it was necessary that man's consciousness of his nature
    • mere vision of the physical human being living on earth. In olden
    • human being here on earth through the senses may perish and
    • immediately perceptible in this physical frame, a being who belongs to
    • to be lost. The power to speak to men of a being of spirit-and-soul
    • prone to look to the innate qualities of his own being for
    • being bearers of the now sanctified blood, they still wanted
    • way to the divine and spiritual through the simple fact of being
    • in his physical being, man is only an image of the divine and
    • Leninism are the spades with which the grave of Christianity is being
    • a cult, there the grave of Christianity is being prepared. Those who
    • material processes in the human being — such people are lending
    • being, men hate the spirit, yes, actually hate the spirit. This
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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture IV: Spirit Triumphant
    Matching lines:
    • being of man comes into the world whence his material, bodily
    • beings we are connected with the spiritual and super-sensible.
    • Obviously, therefore, the birth of a human being in its full
    • begin with — when it is realised that the immortal, eternal being
    • of man, the spiritual and super-sensible essence of being that cannot
    • not reached anything like its full power, but was only slowly being
    • being of man by the decree of an Ecumenical Council.
    • incumbent upon man to experience the resurrection of his own being in
    • Christ as a super-sensible, super-earthly Being Who entered
    • — of the real nature of the Being of Christ.
    • the true Being of Christ. Western humanity has drawn Christ down to
    • can seek in our inmost being, because when we truly seek Him, He at
    • Not to recognise that dying is also implicit in the fact of being
    • sheath I have been born, my real being is both unborn and
    • deathless.” — In his own eternal being man must unite with
    • death as a Divine-Spiritual Being, He did not suffer pain; to declare
    • triumphant from the inmost being. The sight of pain was meant to
    • the future well-being of mankind.
    • penetrate the metabolic processes of man's being. But since the
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture V: The Teachings of The Risen Christ
    Matching lines:
    • it — they were able to commune with Beings of a higher cosmic
    • you know something of these Beings of the higher Hierarchies. In his
    • ordinary consciousness to-day man knows little of these Beings, for
    • into contact with a Being of the higher Hierarchies in those ancient
    • intercourse had quite a different character. What these Beings
    • existence were communicated by these Beings, secrets which flowed into
    • existence is connected with divine worlds. Super-earthly Beings
    • proceeding from these Beings contained an abundance of wisdom which in
    • case with the human being.
    • world. He knew that his own essential being had entered into a
    • immortal, eternal being lives in me,’ the transformation taking place
    • Beings of the higher Hierarchies who were the divine Teachers of
    • human beings on the earth. The death of an animal and the
    • human being. And in the divine worlds where dwelt the first great
    • of the facts of dying and being-born.
    • Now to these divine Teachers belongs the host of beings connected
    • the human being. In order that there might gradually be imparted to
    • Being we call the Christ to enter the realm of earthly life, the
    • the other Beings of the divine Hierarchies connected with the earth.
    • divine Being resolved to pass through human destiny on the earth in
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