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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VI: Easter: The Mystery of the Future
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    • intimation that here, at this place in his body, something is lacking,
    • when a man wakes in the morning he comes down with his astral body and
    • world around him. He plunges with his astral body down into his brain,
    • astral body draw out of the physical and etheric bodies, and sleep
    • and astral body have passed out of them and all the impressions of the
    • when his Ego and astral body were outside his physical and etheric
    • past? The reason is that the connection between the physical body and
    • the etheric body was different. The connection existing to-day did not
    • gradual interlocking of the physical body and etheric body.
    • In earlier times, when the etheric body was still partly outside
    • the physical body, this projecting part of the etheric body was able
    • to receive impressions from the astral body, and it was these
    • Not until the etheric body had sunk right down into the physical body
    • body, the priests conducting the Initiation induced a partial
    • loosening of the etheric body, in consequence of which the physical
    • body lay for three and a half days in a trancelike sleep, in a kind of
    • paralytic condition. The astral body was then able to imprint into the
    • loosened etheric body experiences which had once come to Atlantean man
    • etheric body partially out of the physical body and guided the
    • impressions issuing from the astral body into this released etheric
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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VII: Spiritual Bells of Easter, I
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    • mountain and hid himself in a cave. After his death his body did not
    • of the hidden place where the incorruptible body of the great Initiate
    • and touch with his right hand the incorruptible body of the
    • heaven and in this fire the incorruptible body of Kashiapa, the
    • corruption have no effect upon the purified body of Kashiapa. Thus
    • when the great Initiate comes and touches this body with his hand, it
    • three days? Why does the incorruptible body of the Eastern Initiate
    • The God Who appeared later on in a human body and Who fulfilled the
    • spiritual heights into a human body in order to fulfil the Mystery of
    • astral body and our Ego. The physical expression of the Ego, the ‘I,’
    • is the blood; the physical expression of the astral body is the life
    • there were no interplay between Ego and astral body, coming to
    • in the body of Jesus of Nazareth. In that He thought as a man in a
    • human body, He became the great Prototype of the future evolution of
    • human body — through the Christ Being?
    • to-day, that man consists of four members — physical body,
    • etheric body, astral body and the Ego, the ‘I,’ — and that he can
    • ‘I’, he himself transforms the astral body into Spirit-Self (Manas),
    • the etheric body into Life-Spirit (Budhi) and spiritualises the
    • physical body into Spirit-Man (Atman). Little by little this physical
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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VIII: Spiritual Bells of Easter, II
    Matching lines:
    • consciousness, and his body remained immune from decay, hidden from
    • coming down from the universe will transport the uncorrupted body of
    • Buddha to appear and perform his deed on the uncorrupted body of
    • Palestine, incarnated in a human body in order that His power might
    • human, for not only did He bring heavenly forces into an earthly body,
    • but He spiritualised this earthly body to such a degree that now, out
    •     “prevailing on the earth will cause the body of Kashiapa
    • to the etheric body and the astral body of Jesus of Nazareth. Through
    • astral body and etheric body of Jesus of Nazareth have been present
    • physical existence is clothed with an etheric body and an astral body.
    • of the etheric body and astral body of Jesus of Nazareth, a very
    • allowed it, a replica of the etheric body or of the astral body of
    • himself in an etheric body, a replica of the etheric body of Jesus of
    • Nazareth was woven into his own etheric body. This individuality bore
    • his own astral body and ego, but into his etheric body was woven a
    • replica of the etheric body of Jesus of Nazareth.
    • astral body that he was subject to all the doubt, all the vacillation
    • body began to operate, he came upon the forces woven into his etheric
    • body from the replica of the etheric body of Jesus of Nazareth. And
    • whose etheric bodies a replica of the etheric body of Jesus of Nazareth
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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture III: The Death of A God and Its Fruits In Humanity
    Matching lines:
    • “world-body,” as we may call it.
    • “world-body.” Looking back only a little into the historical
    • past, the idea of a world-body peopled by a humanity forming one whole
    • globe in a few hours — and nobody would doubt the justification
    • it will become increasingly material and our earth-body more and more
    • understand with greater clarity that no body can subsist without a
    • soul. Just as material culture encompasses the whole body of the
    • Bodhisattva to that of Buddha need not appear again on earth in a body
    • in a body of flesh.
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture I: Easter: The Festival of Warning
    Matching lines:
    • development of the body continued until an advanced age of life; it is
    • of soul and of body up to the fiftieth year of life, in Persian and
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture II: The Blood-relationship and The Christ-relationship
    Matching lines:
    • end in the 19th century and the fact is that the body of
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture IV: Spirit Triumphant
    Matching lines:
    • clothed in the human physical body. From the very beginning of
    • physical existence the working of the spirit within the physical body
    • actually leads this physical body towards death. The thought of death
    • signs of suffering in the human body, the more perfect the skill with
    • consisting only of body and soul, the soul merely having certain
    • consists of body and soul only — this same humanity demanded, for
    • everything that can befall the physical body. Men needed, first, the
    • ourselves the victory of the Spirit over the body. As history
    • body, in the purple robe and wearing the crown of thorns. The sight of
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture V: The Teachings of The Risen Christ
    Matching lines:
    • physical body; and because he could say with certain knowledge, ‘An
    • had reached the point where they felt life outside the physical body
    • incarnate in an earthly body and with His own divine soul pass through
    • spirit-body, like the early teachers of primeval humanity,
    •  “The human body,” He taught, “has gradually become
    • the Christ Who until the Mystery of Golgotha lived in a physical body,
    • body, that is to say in the dispersion of the elements of the body
    • the body between birth and death in such a way that the soul would be
    • single human body, so will all human souls be able to free themselves

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