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  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VI: Easter: The Mystery of the Future
    Matching lines:
    • times came to men in these conditions of existence. Men were aware of
    • same depths of world-existence that are disclosed to-day through
    • the etheric body was different. The connection existing to-day did not
    • all belief in the very existence of those worlds. There you have the
    • a very large number of people, belief in the existence of a spiritual
    • his own existence and that of the three kingdoms of nature, but also
    • in order to believe in the existence of roses or lilies, rocks or
    • existence of spiritual worlds, made for the sake of men who could no
    • experiencing existence through his physical senses, in order, finally,
    • physical existence has lost all belief in, all consciousness of, the
    • phase of human existence. Relentlessly the etheric body emerges from
    • existence of a spiritual world. He neither recognises nor knows
    • realisation of the existence of the spiritual world shall be preserved
    • merely proclaim the existence of higher worlds, nor be mere religion,
    • Their reality will have already paled long before man's existence on
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VII: Spiritual Bells of Easter, I
    Matching lines:
    • who has reached the bourn of earthly existence; and he shows us how
    • from material life, from the constriction of an existence fettered to
    • man's being lies a fount of eternal, divine existence, a fount of
    • cosmic existence. To this inner fount we can penetrate at all times
    • fountain-head of spiritual existence, glowed with infinite blessing
    • mankind, would come, and reaching the supreme height of existence to
    • existence.
    • resurrection, of a transportation from earthly existence, an
    • through material existence it is truth and reality when, looking
    • rise to higher stages of existence when, through the activity of his
    • earthly existence man received the Breath of Life, and all ancient
    • aside the physical sheaths and rise into a spiritual existence.
    • God Vishnu descended into earthly existence. One of the embodiments of
    • recognising the secrets of existence can find the way to the secrets
    • existence, but to live with all that gleams in the stars, shines in
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture VIII: Spiritual Bells of Easter, II
    Matching lines:
    • existence, will go to the cave where rests the corpse of Kashiapa.
    • earth-existence, we shall be able to find the flaming fire into which
    • man's whole nature and existence?
    • existence it has entered through birth. The Buddha feels: birth is
    • existence bears him into the earthly world-illness is suffering. The
    • thirst for existence, learned that they must strive to free themselves
    • from earthly, physical existence, to pass beyond earthly incarnations,
    • and that only the elimination of the thirst for existence can lead to
    • the certainty that existence is not suffering, but leads across death
    • man driven into the physical world by the thirst for existence. Never
    • evolution or cosmic existence than the Event of Golgotha. Therefore
    • existence, this marks the beginning of a mysterious and supremely
    • physical existence is clothed with an etheric body and an astral body.
    • has always existed. It is said that its originator took the chalice
    • But because the Christ penetrated so deeply into earth-existence
    • existed in the past is rescued, purified, sustained: just as one day,
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture III: The Death of A God and Its Fruits In Humanity
    Matching lines:
    • existence, separated from one another by mountains, seas or
    • Needless to say, such civilisations still exist. We speak, and
    • good reason why no proof exists, for this is an Event which lies
    • If we ponder deeply about earthly existence, we find as its
    • you would say that the Buddha can return to earthly existence!’
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture I: Easter: The Festival of Warning
    Matching lines:
    • has taken hold of mankind. That is the real reason for the existence
    • belong together; they cannot possibly exist side by side. And the
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture II: The Blood-relationship and The Christ-relationship
    Matching lines:
    • their existence is not enclosed within the limits of earthly life. Man
    • existence before birth lay at the very root of the old Pagan creeds.
    • our existence is not limited to earthly life. We have the assurance of
    • is brought into existence by the world-order, he receives his blood.
    • If the blood is itself the guarantee of the existence of the
    • carry into material existence the conviction of the super-sensible, the
    • into earthly existence at birth; it summons them to undergo a
    • — that and that alone can give meaning to present existence.
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture IV: Spirit Triumphant
    Matching lines:
    • a certain way, embraces the whole riddle of human existence.
    • points to the one pole of our existence, where as physical-material
    • observation of material existence.
    • physical existence the working of the spirit within the physical body
    • sleeps through his mortal existence. In early Christianity, man is
    • be no evil but something that had no real existence. But this feeling,
    • inseparable from material existence.
    • and insight into the spiritual connections of existence, for that you
    • respect of earthly existence, have pointed explicitly to the time in
    • the cosmic time piece, just as for the affairs of physical existence
  • Title: Festivals/Easter: Lecture V: The Teachings of The Risen Christ
    Matching lines:
    • existence: the stream which preceded the Mystery of Golgotha and the
    • existence.
    • existence were communicated by these Beings, secrets which flowed into
    • existence is connected with divine worlds. Super-earthly Beings
    • with birth and death because its existence is wholly passed in the
    • existence, a transition from individual to group-soul existence. The
    • drastic incisions in human existence. Men still had clear vision of
    • removed during their sojourn on earth from an existence of
    • to be a shadow-existence, and regarded death as an event fraught with
    • transformation, metamorphosis from one state of existence into
    • whole human existence, and they could have learnt nothing of the
    • existence, as are the lot of man.
    • mankind. A tradition exists, the Gospels exists, the whole New
    • Testament exists, and modern humanity approaches the Mystery of
    • structure and in it no longer has a separate existence. In the
    • societies existing at the present time contain formulae which, for
    • from the earth and go forward to a new cosmic existence. Christ is
    • thus intimately united with earth-existence. But the union can be

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