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The Festivals and Their Meaning

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

The Festivals and Their Meaning

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Foreword by A. P. Shepherd
I   Easter: the Festival of Warning. The Event at
Damascus and the new Knowledge of the Spirit
Dornach, 2nd April, 1920
II   The Blood-relationship and the Christ-relationship
Dornach, 3rd April, 1920
III   The Death of a God and its Fruits in Humanity
Düsseldorf, 5th May, 1912
IV   Spirit Triumphant
Dornach, 27th March, 1921
V   The Teachings of the Risen Christ
The Hague, 13th April, 1922
VI   Easter: the Mystery of the Future
Berlin, 13th April, 1908
VII   Spiritual Bells of Easter. I
The Macrocosmic and the Microcosmic Fire.
The Spiritualisation of the Breath and of the
Cologne, 10th April, 1909
VIII   Spiritual Bells of Easter. II
The Event of Golgotha. The Brotherhood of
the Holy Grail. The spiritualised Fire
Cologne, l1th April, 1909

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