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The Eternal in the Human Soul. Immortality and Freedom

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Sketch of Rudolf Steiner lecturing at the East-West Conference in Vienna.

The Eternal in the Human Soul. Immortality and Freedom

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  1. Goal and Being of Spiritual Research 24 January 1918

  1. The Human Being as Being of Soul and Spirit 7 February 1918

  1. Goethe as Father of Spiritual Research 21 February 1918

  1. Mind, Soul and Body of the Human Being 28 February 1918

  1. Nature and Her Riddles Considered Spiritual-Scientifically 7 March 1918

  1. History of Humanity and Its Riddles 14 March 1918

  1. The Revelations of the Unconscious l 21 March 1918

The Supersensible Human Being (3 talks)

  1. (1) Origin and Evolution of the Human and Animal Realms 15 April 1918

  1. (2) The Supersensible Human Being 18 April 1918

  1. (3) The Questions of Free Will and Immortality 20 April 1918

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