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  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 1: Spiritual Science and Language
    Matching lines:
    • have done in these lectures, a comprehensive view of it can be gained. Today
    • against something else; rather like when the child hears the dog bark
    • to gain knowledge about the things of the outside world. The seven-membered
    • complex again. Then the ego was added. And only the work of the latter on the
    • bearer of human consciousness: the ability to gain knowledge of the outer
    • the same way that we will work again when we achieve a higher spiritual
    • motion again such that the word sounds by the original activity which
    • quite clearly that we have to create again in our soul an immediate
    • cannot be gained from words which are coined only with a view to the sense
    • way into the sound structure that our language too can again become a means
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 2: Laughing and Weeping
    Matching lines:
    • “Tears spring forth, the earth holds me again.”
    • of barrier against it so as to keep ourselves free from it. By turning our
    • away and the astral body contracts, it seeks to regain by this pressure on
    • make itself richer again. The tears are not merely an outflow; they are a
    • in order to gain strength after a deprivation. We have seen how it is the
    • Here, again, we have
    • years, and from this knowledge we gain the right attitude towards these
    • — the earth holds me again!”
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 3: What is Mysticism?
    Matching lines:
    • study the historical origin of the word, we shall gain a quite different idea
    • intellectual soul. When the ego then works further on what it has gained on
    • through this inward knowledge that we gain assurance of the imperishable
    • facts which are called in evidence against mysticism by its opponents. The
    • point, which might in a sense be considered an objection against mystical
    • gained can be imparted and assimilated by other people. Mystical knowledge
    • raised his soul to a further stage of development. And if he does this again
    • and again, he will finally attain to Imagination, which shows him that in the
    • from the outer world; and then we have gained the right to be a mystic. All
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 4: The Nature of Prayer
    Matching lines:
    • only to gain illuminating insights into the general laws of spiritual
    • by this or that spiritual movement, and to gain a true understanding of it
    • stream from the future say to us, again in terms of perceptive feeling? It
    • To give ourselves over to this divine wisdom means that we call up again and
    • again the thoughts, feelings and impulses that go with a recognition that
    • precisely through entering into the past that we can gain access to that
    • towards us. Failing this, in everything we come up against we meet a darkness
    • in our souls. And here we must again call attention to the prayers that have
    • God in his soul and refuses to take what he has gained out into the world
    • have inwardly gained.
    • warnings against this can never be given too often — that you cannot
    • an instrument with which to gain knowledge of God when he has it within his
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 5: Sickness and Healing
    Matching lines:
    • investigate deeply once again the meaning of human life as it develops in
    • the way it affects the astral body the human being gains knowledge of the
    • use its pleasure and pain, sympathy or antipathy to gain knowledge of the
    • again and unites him with the outside world. Thus we see on the one hand how
    • gains in knowledge of the outside world in waking life is taken up inwardly
    • We can gain an
    • again, sleeping on it again. If one is not able to immerse the experiences in
    • does not return to the dark lap of the earth in order to grow again the
    • again, initially still as repetition; but eventually they will have been
    • again at night the fabric of daytime experience. If he can manage this his
    • taken into the soul at night which returns again. Something is taken into the
    • morning we find them again unchanged from the evening. Here there is a clear
    • spiritual world each night through sleep from which we wake up again in the
    • inner human being can again live in the healed outer one.
    • through healing emerges again. We can also take it through the gate of death
    • world without the benefit of an outer body. The fruits which we gain as a
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 6: Positive and Negative Man
    Matching lines:
    • impressions cannot disturb. Again, his actions follow certain urges and
    • convinced that we have gained very little from our definitions and that to
    • correct his ideas if facts go against them, would become — perhaps in a
    • Again, a man of
    • gains a certain predominance over the sentient soul. We have called this
    • by the ego, so that it reflects the outer world and gains knowledge of it.
    • could never gain from the outer world alone.
    • beyond the normal level, and so we have gained a glimpse of the development
    • he has gained. If we study how people go from stage to stage, we come to the
    • We can gain deep
    • are no protection against them. We can even observe that when certain human
    • depths. Close observation shows again and again how a relatively stupid
    • received by people from their surroundings. Here, too, we can gain important
    • these facts with ideas gained from his education and his life up to date or
    • this theoretical knowledge gained by the systematic study of animals, plants
    • positive again, tragedy sets before us a Hero. We sympathise with his deeds,
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 7: Error and Mental Disorder
    Matching lines:
    • to have gained in these lectures. Particularly the person who increasingly
    • everything which we come up against as scientific facts, results and
    • from the current scientific point of view. As in other fields, we will again
    • the stimulus to gain a relevant understanding which can also flow into our
    • organ gains special prominence, for then resistance is encountered, but if
    • this we will be able to gain further insights. Insights into the reality of
    • and willing can strengthen us against the obstacles which arise from the
    • nurture it against the predominance of the outer human being. Spiritual
    • harmony, is itself a medicine against the predominance of the pathological
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 8: Human Conscience
    Matching lines:
    • kind which seem unimportant and yet can yield pleasant memories again and
    • again in later life.
    • good and what is bad; what man must do in order to gain his own approval and
    • judgment: “This you must do, for it would go against your conscience
    • do. We have to go more deeply into the matter if we are to gain enlightenment
    • itself to the inner eye of the seer: the eye which does not gain knowledge of
    • little power against them. In the intellectual soul the ego gains some
    • Spirit, and this made it possible for them to gain understanding of the event
    • there were no sun. As against this one-sided view of some philosophers that,
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 9: The Mission of Art
    Matching lines:
    • Goethe's soul was too richly endowed for him to gain from a conceptual
    • kingdoms, are raised to a new level and gain new strength in the human soul,
    • again and thus he wrote to his Weimar friends: “Everything arbitrary or
    • Again, in writing
    • knowledge gained by the intellect.
    • wife. The woman was Helen, wife of king Menelaus of Sparta. In order to gain
    • outrage, the Greeks armed themselves for war against the Trojans, whose
    • realm, where the gods and their powers are set against one another.”
    • Orestes, and we are shown that it gains the upper hand. The verdict goes
    • against Apollo, he is repudiated, and we see that his power over Orestes is
    • had gained knowledge of secrets connected with the emergence of the human
    • world once again? How does Dante lead us through its three stages, Inferno,
    • against intemperance and greed, and Dante shows how this shadow-side of the
    • the world of the senses. After Dante has shown how he guards against the
    • poet, Shakespeare. Here again we see a remarkable step forward in the sense
    • here, again, how the evolution of art proceeds. Having originated in the
    • Dante's soul and was again evident, later on, in the expansion of his
    • forth from itself again and finding its way to the spiritual
    • forth again and stands before man. That is how we should respond to the great
    • where man, after having descended into the depths, works his way up again
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  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Science and Speech
    Matching lines:
    • or caused by the impact of one object against another, and that he
    • expressed in some way when we ‘feel again’ its tone in
    • gaining mastery over its qualities and activities. If the Ego has
    • be called the physical vehicle of the consciousness soul. Again,
    • moulder of the system of veins and glands. The astral body, again,
    • the spirit of the air to set the air in movement again, by means of
    • become an independent entity, and this is now again transformed by
    • and insert an ‘ a ’ and again ‘ a ’, we
    • speech can again become an instrument for communicating the vision of
  • Title: Lecture: Prayer
    Matching lines:
    • only to gain an illuminating insight into the great laws of
    • thus measure our pasts against the present, we shall come to
    • which we have just been dealing, let us ask once again what
    • certainty and hope. This we have gained from our
    • submission out again into the world to illumination and true
    • we must refer again to the prayers that have originated in
    • objections that are so easily raised against it.
    • inner peace and intimacy and thence again to liberation from

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