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  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 1: Spiritual Science and Language
    Matching lines:
    • cause for the inability of some people to construct for themselves a
    • whole people who speak a common language is in a certain way dependent on
    • people. And since a language is common to a people, the individual is
    • prevails among that people. He is thus subject to a certain tyranny, to the
    • any way, no matter what form it takes. How many people realise — which
    • and fewer people, who can hardly speak and write, will embark on literary
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 2: Laughing and Weeping
    Matching lines:
    • questions concerning the evolution of world and man, people generally are
    • lives with other people in an affectionate relationship: then it feels happy
    • of well-being; a certain balance is restored. You all know how people, when
    • compensation, in tears. You will know, too, how people who cannot weep find
    • laughter on all occasions. There are indeed certain people for whom it is
    • people will allow themselves a smile, feeling that they are superior to this
    • is sometimes possible to win people over by stirring in them the feelings of
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 3: What is Mysticism?
    Matching lines:
    • range of knowledge. And many people would probably agree with that opinion.
    • and a dim inkling, he will call it mystical or mysterious. When people are
    • peoples is so far removed from our conceptual thinking that it is hard to
    • gained can be imparted and assimilated by other people. Mystical knowledge
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 4: The Nature of Prayer
    Matching lines:
    • human beings, and thus it appears as a light so weak that most people never
    • laid hold of wide circles of people, we shall not find it surprising that
    • people who are far from understanding its depths. That is indeed the secret
    • with false asceticism and seclusion. These people wished to be perfect not in
    • people say — can prayer change anything, whatever we may ask for? The
    • of their souls, far-fetched as this may sound. Would that more people were
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 5: Sickness and Healing
    Matching lines:
    • It has probably become clear to those people who attended the
    • during this period. A large number of people were contemporaries of this
    • For when we look at people we can see that the human being can even shape his
    • heretics and fall prey to the inquisition. In the past people were burned or
    • fools and dreamers. People who today espouse in a different way the axiom
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 6: Positive and Negative Man
    Matching lines:
    • the superficial but popular descriptions of people as positive and negative.
    • from other people.
    • he can grow into a world which is as unknown to ordinary people as the world
    • If we look at people
    • he has gained. If we study how people go from stage to stage, we come to the
    • different effects on different people. Hence the spiritual-scientific
    • various people we encounter in ordinary life, for the soul does not go
    • earthly life, and especially to the impressions made on us by other people.
    • negative types are susceptible to the influence of other people, especially
    • other people and will often fail to appreciate their characteristic
    • insight into life when we consider people in terms of the positive and
    • that acts on a person when he is influenced by other people or when he
    • on other people than when they arise from the conscious exercise of normal
    • in other spheres of life, people are inclined to evade them; they find it
    • There are even people who are highly mistrustful of information about the
    • received by people from their surroundings. Here, too, we can gain important
    • the feelings of other people.
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 7: Error and Mental Disorder
    Matching lines:
    • that there are people who are unable to advance in their work because of
    • people are saying unkind things about him. If that person then adjusts his
    • similar wrong judgment in observing an avenue! Some people might consider all
    • further examples of still more striking cases concerning people whose
    • But such people should also admit the horrible dualism of the chemist
    • conversation between the two people occurs; and the necessity of being forced
    • clever people, so-called. Let us take a grotesque example.
    • about certain people might be applied to our present time.
    • modern spiritual science, but such people, too, are little understood in the
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 8: Human Conscience
    Matching lines:
    • ruling authorities. So people came to believe that any deed which injured
    • we must admit that it is going much too far to assert, as some people do,
    • be bad — many people might say — if we had to learn a lot about
    • today will be met with disbelief by many people. But a demand of the times is
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 9: The Mission of Art
    Matching lines:
    • so-called spiritual revelations that people accept so light-heartedly
    • believe it who are imagining things. For people in that remote past, the
    • consciousness came to an end for the Greek people, and only an echo of it
    • relatively late date. Over towards the West, among the peoples of Europe,
    • clairvoyant faculties were less widely present. In the latter peoples, a
    • there were people in whom the ego-feeling was particularly strong because
    • Asiatic peoples and the souls living in the parts of Europe we are concerned
    • peoples, in Italy and Sicily, a different faculty, arising from a
    • theatre, where people ate and drank and threw eggshells to mark their
    • public that these plays were first performed, although many people today
    • but for respectable people it would have been highly improper. Hence we can
    • truth as people today may lightly suppose. On the contrary, Goethe was right
  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Science and Speech
    Matching lines:
    • for the concept. This is why so many people are incapable of building
    • character of a whole people speaking a common language is in a
    • about the character of a people from the configuration of their
    • to a whole people, the individual is dependent on the community
    • Some people thought this question quite simple. They
    • be reawakened within us. To-day, people are satisfied with any form
    • that is given to what they want to say. How many people realise that
    • otherwise, so many people who can really hardly speak or write, would
    • not rush into literary activity. People have long ago lost the
  • Title: Lecture: Prayer
    Matching lines:
    • sorts of people, we shall not be surprised to find that
    • simple people have no real comprehension of their depth. This
    • their souls. Would that there were people who were convinced

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