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  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 1: Spiritual Science and Language
    Matching lines:
    • language was active in mankind then one can understand — as different
    • things which we have considered today, we can also now understand how a
    • understand the spiritual creativity in the origin of language. That is one of
    • something which is of significance on a practical level. If we understand how
    • of this who says: I will understand what the ether body is if in the first
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 2: Laughing and Weeping
    Matching lines:
    • understanding of world history, tradition adds that on account of this smile
    • being, we have also to understand
    • if we are to understand laughing and weeping.
    • understanding or not understanding whatever is involved.
    • especially in tune with its environment if it has been trying to understand
    • cannot understand; suppose it tries in vain to find a right relationship to
    • understand, because it seems not worthwhile for our ego to penetrate into its
    • force of knowledge and understanding. In such a case we have to set up a sort
    • happening around us because we do not want to apply our understanding to it
    • therefore, that anything we are not intending to understand will cause an
    • weeping. Hence you will find it easy to understand that in a certain sense
    • understands these things rightly will agree with the German poet who says
    • understanding the essential nature of a being or a thing. Individual
    • to the facts which matter most in coming to understand man in his
    • religious records with the humility that such a deep and true understanding
    • our understanding of the records is greatly enhanced. We feel that they must
    • call for understanding but only for playing a sort of game. Directly we feel
    • mind may make us unwilling or unable to understand what is going on. Laughter
    • because he cannot understand him. If an undeveloped human being fails to find
    • and proper, he may think he need not try to understand the other person and
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  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 3: What is Mysticism?
    Matching lines:
    • deeper understanding of what lies behind the surface of things through that
    • however earnestly one may try to understand and enter into what is said. The
    • understand his personal background and so come to see why he speaks as he
    • of understanding it is often to compare it with some related
    • this path. The example most helpful for an understanding of Imagination, or
    • us to understand the real aim and intention of spiritual-scientific research.
    • understand it truly. Then we shall see that mysticism, because it has the
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 4: The Nature of Prayer
    Matching lines:
    • we understand how Angelus Silesius was enabled through this same devotion not
    • by this or that spiritual movement, and to gain a true understanding of it
    • character of prayer. Let us avoid misunderstanding. We are not extolling
    • far. If we understand this, we shall find in every prayer a force that leads
    • who understand prayer in its true nature. And the inward light comes to those
    • who understand the prayer of humbleness towards the future.
    • people who are far from understanding its depths. That is indeed the secret
    • can be effective even if it is not understood. We can come to understand it
    • understand a prayer if it is to have its true effect is simply not true. Who
    • understands the wisdom of a flower, yet we can all take pleasure in it?
    • that is enough, for anyone who understands it will certainly see through many
    • understand the whole life of man, an understanding is necessary of the force
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 5: Sickness and Healing
    Matching lines:
    • Understanding Sickness and Death”
    • Today I want to deal with significantly deeper questions in the understanding
    • to the instrument of the brain, we can understand this physical body of the
    • An understanding of
    • today so that no one can understand how anything else could ever have been
    • easier to understand when spiritual science says that life presents different
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 6: Positive and Negative Man
    Matching lines:
    • various incarnations, we can readily understand that in one earthly life a
    • from subconscious obscurity. So we can understand how it happens in life that
    • individual understanding, and because it renounces everything that
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 7: Error and Mental Disorder
    Matching lines:
    • the stimulus to gain a relevant understanding which can also flow into our
    • understand the most important events in human life. Those, who for reasons of
    • we can understand a wide field of mental disorder only if we grope not merely
    • If we understand
    • conflict between outer and inner human being, then we can also understand
    • the present there is little understanding for what is meant by developing the
    • and yet it is important for an understanding of the present. Thus spiritual
    • objectivity which is necessary to understand the truths of spiritual science
    • understand spiritual science and reasoned understanding of spiritual science
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 8: Human Conscience
    Matching lines:
    • hard to understand, but he would find nothing of which he could say beyond
    • activity of the ego developed by gradual stages, and we shall understand how
    • understand that the seer, looking back over the course of human evolution,
    • understandable that as spiritual science indicates — the ego, before
    • Spirit, and this made it possible for them to gain understanding of the event
    • in our inward life. Only by understanding the divine humanity of Christ Jesus
    • were men enabled to understand that the voice of God could be heard within
    • necessary for understanding this were present in the stream of thought that
    • that external understanding for the Divinity of Christ Jesus was born in the
    • preparing the way for understanding the Christ. Hence the victorious advance
  • Title: Metaporphoses/Soul Two: Lecture 9: The Mission of Art
    Matching lines:
    • will understand that we have time to consider only the highest achievements
    • only a little understanding of Homer to realise that for him this higher
    • And if we are to understand this impersonal element in early Western poetry,
    • may reproach Dante for being a didactic poet. Anyone who understands Dante
    • personality into a world. We cannot properly understand or appreciate
    • subject of all sorts of fanciful speculation, but if we are to understand
    • out from itself and understand other souls only if it develops its own
    • only through the eyes of external science, he would come to understand it
    • past, through the present, into the future. And so with deep understanding we
  • Title: Lecture: Spiritual Science and Speech
    Matching lines:
    • It is certainly possible to understand something of the
    • said that we should not understand our own inner life of soul and
    • latter processes are connected with the Ego. We can now understand
    • keystone for the understanding of this is our knowledge that it was
    • symbolising activity. Hence we can understand that although the
    • In order, therefore, to understand the essential nature
    • at work in humanity, we shall understand that however different the
    • understand how to study the spirit of so marvelously constructed a
    • can understand the mysteries of speech; the artistic sense alone can
    • alone can understand the artist; artists of speech alone can
    • understand the creative Spiritual element in the origin of speech.
    • itself. When we understand how speech has proceeded from an inner,
    • will always be bound up with a development of an inner understanding
  • Title: Lecture: Prayer
    Matching lines:
    • the special life of the soul. For this, we must understand both
    • they passed beyond it, or to understand what an Angelus
    • be difficult for us to get a true understanding of it. If we
    • some preliminary understanding of prayer we might say that,
    • understand how it can unfold a basic attitude and feeling in
    • prayer. Let us avoid misunderstanding. We are not praising
    • which all those speak who can understand prayer in its true
    • understanding the secrets. This can be understood when we
    • it an objection to say that we must understand a prayer if it
    • understands the wisdom of a flower? Yet, we can take pleasure
    • understanding its wisdom as it is in the case of the flower.
    • inner prayer and complete surrender to what it understands to
    • discussion might be. Thus, to understand that a community
    • understanding of it, we shall rise above many of the possible
    • we shall never understand the life of man in its entirety

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