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  • Title: Michelangelo
    Matching lines:
    • beings continue their existence in successive earth lives, and that
    • be convinced of the reality of man's repeated lives on earth by
    • repeated earth lives, the more we study reality as a whole. I hope to
    • light of this conception of repeated earth lives we shall soon come
    • them within this earth existence of ours so that they live as real
    • monument and see in it the direct picture on earth of the course and
    • of the world to its highest point in the coming of Christ to earth
    • the forces of the Sibyls come actually from the forces of the earth
    • spirit of earth, the Prophets by the cosmic spirit which lives not in
    • up with the elemental forces of the earth which have gripped her soul
    • about the fate of the human soul in its earthly body, what they
    • of earthly art, is vain; how criminal
    • feeling that it enters only once into earthly evolution and cannot carry
    • of earthly art, is vain; how criminal
    • of so unique an individual as he was, and that the earth can never lose
    • understand the doctrine of repeated earth lives any more than his
    • of life is to be found when we observe repeated earth lives and transfer
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture I: The Spiritual World and Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • seminal grain that has been put in the earth. What the human
    • because you stand as an earthly human being in the usual life
    • beyond his earthly body. He feels submerged in an abyss. Hence,
    • repeated lives on earth, the fact that the complete human life
    • consists of repeated earth-lives between which lives are in
    • enlarged memory at former lives on earth or at his last life on
    • earth. This is nothing else than his transformed wishes that
    • former life on earth that it is not a transformed wish or
    • earth, as it is possible and even natural if the
    • life on earth appear.
    • former life on earth. It can also be that one notices: in the
    • former lives on earth to effect in the present one. What one
    • there does not correspond to the wishes in the earthly
    • We take an example. In the earth-life, you
    • not want in the life on earth you get to know that you have
    • wished it before your life on earth. Since you can attain
    • about former lives on earth, which are also found, otherwise,
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture II: Theosophy and Antisophy
    Matching lines:
    • to the repeated lives on earth in the last talk. The human
    • earth. Spiritual science extends the memory about which I have
    • spoken last time. It goes beyond the present earth existence to
    • accordance with the former lives on earth. Because all
    • on earth. Thus, we live if we arrive at the marked turning
    • respect, the life on earth is the development of
    • of it within the life on earth that he has educated himself to
    • life on earth is the awake self-consciousness that is normally
    • earth. One does not say with it that he is not allowed as
    • Because of this task on earth, the human
    • this to live his earth existence suitably. He appreciates
    • spiritual home onto earth, they look at life to return to this
    • theosophy is not hostile to earth. If the human being
    • earth and you heaven intermingle in the wild tumult, and you
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture III: Spiritual Science and Denomination
    Matching lines:
    • Thus, we survey the earth, and in the
    • earth. The fact that we are this or that particular human being
    • the most different areas of the earth, from the different
    • that a miraculous organism is poured out over the earth in the
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture IV: On Death
    Matching lines:
    • angel descended from heavenlies onto earth and wanted to say
    • body to fit into the elements of earth and to disintegrate. One
    • body that we build for the next life on earth if we have gone
    • earth. That is as certain as a sprout evolves into a new plant.
    • their reality that they go along in our next life on earth and
    • that if we behold in something of our previous life on earth,
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture V: The Meaning of Immortality of the Human Soul
    Matching lines:
    • humanity on earth as education. One can dismiss easily this
    • repeatedly on earth. If one imagines that the soul which lives
    • the earth in the sense of Lessing. What humanity experiences on
    • earth is the “soul” of the earth and everything
    • “physical body” of the earth which once falls off
    • the single human soul at death. Then, however, the earth, after
    • existence and of the whole earth evolution arises from this
    • real life on earth proceeds because the realities of the human
    • life on earth is there to prepare the experience in the
    • on earth with these forces.
    • have if it prepares for a new life on earth going through the
    • lives on earth, cannot transform these forces. Nevertheless, he
    • spiritually only when they approach a new life on earth. You
    • birth, causing the preconditions of a new life on earth. In
    • earth. If you have experienced your life on earth once again
    • earth.
    • the consecutive lives on earth would be more and more perfect.
    • almost all souls on earth; however, it is exceptionally
    • line up in the course of the earth-lives, and what are they
    • yourself more intellectual for the next life on earth if you
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  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture VI: The Evil
    Matching lines:
    • earth depending on what it has experienced in former lives. It
    • earth, for example.
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture VII: The Moral Basis of Human Life
    Matching lines:
    • the repeated lives on earth. The life on earth that we
    • experience now is built on consecutive former lives on earth,
    • and always after a life on earth, a life in a spiritual
    • existence follows; and from our present life on earth, we look
    • into the following lives on earth, that which belongs to the
    • of the karma in the next life on earth. Someone who ascends to
    • earth, you shall love. Thus, it is with the other phenomena of
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture VIII: Voltaire
    Matching lines:
    • and the modern spiritual science in repeated lives on earth.
    • earth which arise to my enlightened mind; the lowlife is in
    • such a way that the silliest heaven and the silliest earth is
  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture IX: Between Death and Rebirth of the Human Being
    Matching lines:
    • feeling looks back at the past life on earth for years. The
    • become in the life on earth what it is; but it has gone away.
    • last life on earth back, you experience that you have let
    • life on earth in yourself, like an inner soul force. This gives
    • previous life on earth, you experience that in the deepest
    • earth is at the same time that force which must be spent and
    • the world of the life on earth is something that must find its
    • appear from our preceding life on earth. Therefore, an outside
    • to it. We face our experiences on earth as an outside world for
    • earth-lives compared with the new consciousness. Now the time
    • life on earth. From this second experience, that compared with
    • the old life on earth and the knowledge that one can only find
    • to a new life on earth,
    • instinctive drive for a new life on earth originates. It cannot
    • be judged according to the last life on earth. At the specified
    • can only find on the detour of a new earth-life where it finds
    • the sight of the past earth-life.
    • living together in former earth-lives. This is the first
    • experience after our life on earth that we want to live
    • together in a new life on earth with the souls with which we
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  • Title: Spiritual Science/Treasure for Life: Lecture X: Homunculus
    Matching lines:
    • on earth to another which experiences an existence in a purely
    • earth. I tried to show this in the last talk. Spiritual science
    • new birth, enters a new earth-life with forces developed in
    • descends to a new embodiment on earth, must wrap itself during
    • death, and causes during the life on earth that the soul
    • earthworms. Goethe presents such a spirit in Wagner, a figure
    • earthworms.
    • earthly existence. The sirens say:
    • Hail to Earth's mysterious
    • the earth should perish. All agree; the day, the hour
    • Homunculus leaves the earth sphere. He can race along with his
    • earth with his huge stethoscope, and he speaks with a gigantic
    • approaches the earth once again, he discovers the corpse of
    • Hail to Earth's mysterious
  • Title: Evil and Spiritual Science
    Matching lines:
    • what it has experienced in previous earthly lives, in order to
    • that we wander across the earth, are walking away a cadaver.

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